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" Five more minutes," I mumbled into the my pillow. There was a little creature jumping and giggling . More jumping. I groaned rolling over to see a pair of big round brown eyes staring at me. "Why are you up so early Izzy?"

"We have to gooooo ,I 'm going have schoool," Izzy started jumping again. I groaned putting my a pillow over my head. "I'm dress and you promised we would go to the diner," Izzy whined pulling at my pillow. I groaned again getting up and looking at the clock.

"Okay give me fifteen minutes and we can go," I groaned getting up I shivered bolting towards the closet. "why is so cold in here," I grabbed my clothes and bolted towards the bathroom. "soo cold," I started chanting. "Izzy get your coat and boots on," I yelled pulling my hair up in a ponytail it was a lost cause.

"Already done," Izzy said from the door. I ran down the steps trying not to trip. I grabbed my coat and pulled on my sneakers.

"Okay got everything?" Izzy nodded . I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. We walked to the car and got in. I looked at the clock, it was an hour earlier than the clock that was in my room. "Isabelle Swan did you change my l clock in my room," I turned to look down at my daughter. She giggled and looked down at her lap. I groaned again. There was no point in going back inside now. Pulling out of the drive way I drove down the street of the small town to the local diner. Forks was a quiet town that really had only one street I stopped in front of the diner praying that it would be open. "need coffee,"

I took Izzy out of her car seat as we walked to the door. It was locked. "nooo," I sighed leaning against the door. "Need coffee," I groaned walking on to the street the diner was a two story building that use to be a hardware store. I picked up a rock and threw it to the top window. A scowling face appeared in the window. I pointed to the door and tried to make a pouting face. He shook his head and disappeared. Walking back to Izzy who was sitting on the steps I sighed. "This is why we don't get up early," The door from the diner flew open.

"What are you two doing up so early?" a musical voice said from behind us. Both Izzy and I jumped up from the curb. He sighed letting us in the diner.

"thank you thank you thank you," I said. We sat at the counter. "Izzy decided that we needed to get up early for her first day of school," He nodded as he started moving around in the kitchen.

"What do you want to eat squirt?" He asked Izzy, she giggled.

"French toast and coffee," he shook his head.

"You're corrupting this child," He turned to me. He turned back to my daughter, "I'm not giving you coffee what about chocolate milk?" Izzy nodded as he walked off.

"Oh come on Edward I would never give her coffee so young, me on the other hand I need coffee now," I was practically begging. He shook his head pouring me a cup.

"You have a problem," He said.

"You are my savior!!" I smiled gulping down the hot liquid. He shook his head, getting us breakfast. My cell phone rang, as Edward's head shot out of the kitchen pointing towards the no cell phone sign. I stuck out my tongue at him flipping open my cell phone in front of him. "hello?" Edward continued to glare at me.

'Bella?.. You're up early' Alice laughed from the other side of the phone. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah someone decided that we needed to get up early," I turned to look at Izzy who was drinking her milk. All I could hear was laughter in the back ground. I felt arms come around my waist as I was pulled off the stool and was carried towards the door. "I got to go I am being carried away," I shut my phone as Edward put me down.

"You know my rules Bella," He scowled at me, not removing his arms from my waist. The door from the diner opened as Emmet walked in staring at both of us smirking. We broke apart as I walked back to the counter blushing a deep red.

Emmet came over and sat on the other side of us, chuckling. " So first day of school squirt," He gave Izzy a noogie. "You excited?"

"yes deputy Emmet," She giggled. Edward set down a plate of food in front of both of us. "thank you!"

I looked down at my plate which was the same as Izzy.

"So excited that she decided to switch my alarm clock an hour earlier then we were suppose to get up," I downed the rest of my coffee scooting it closer to Edward again. Emmet let out a laugh.

"That's my girl," He smiled down at Izzy. The diner was filling up and Edward was busy taking orders from everyone else. I sighed I needed more coffee. I got off my stool again and snuck behind the counter and grabbed the coffee pot.

"Hey out from behind there!" Edward snapped from across the diner. I didn't listen to him pouring myself another cup.

"You want more?" I asked Emmet he nodded shaking with laughter knowing what was going to happen next. Edward came up behind me and grabbed the coffee pot.

"You are a junky," He said pushing me towards my stool. I stuck out my tongue again at him. Emmet just kept on snickering at us.

"Mommy I'm done can we go now?" Izzy asked pushing her plate away. I looked at my watch.

"we still have like forty five minutes till we have to even be there," I said eating a bit of the French toast that was in front of me.

"But we have to get there early!!!" Izzy said she pouted her lip, and batted her lashes. I crumbled at the site.

"Fine," Izzy squealed as she hopped off her chair and ran over to Emmet hugging his leg.

"Bye!!" She smiled up to him, he grinned back as he picked her up without any problem and gave her a big hug.

" See ya squirt good luck in school, if any boys try to kiss you tell me and I will come down there and show them who is boss," She giggled nodding her head as she was placed on the ground. She ran over to Edward who was talking to a customer as she hugged his leg as well. He looked down and picked her up. My heart started racing fast. It was the perfect scene in front of me. I couldn't help but smile. Edward turned to meet my gaze as I turned away blushing again. Putting money on the counter next to our plates.

"Come on Izzy you wanted to get there early," Izzy came over to me and grabbed my hand. "See ya Emmet say hi to Rose for me," He nodded. As I turned around to see Edward holding the door open for us. "thanks for opening the diner up early."

"Anything for Izzy," He gave his crooked smile, that made my heart jump into my throat. I nodded as we walked out of the diner.