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"I have a favor to ask of you," Alice said, we were sitting in the inn's kitchen. I winced, putting down my cup of coffee waiting for what she needed.


"Well you see I finally asked Jasper out to dinner," Alice explained to me.

"Yay I'm so happy for you,"

"Yeah well see," she started almost afraid to finish "he has a cousin coming in this weekend last minute,"

"Well that sucks maybe another weekend,"

"Well that could of worked… but I was thinking you could come on a double date with us?"

"A double date?" I winced. "You already said yes didn't you?" Alice looked down to find something to chop. I couldn't use the excuse that I was with Edward, because I had not told Alice the whole truth after that morning. I groaned again there was no way of getting out of this. "I guess… but Jasper better be like the one!" She squealed and brought me into a bone crushing hug.

"You are the best!"

"I know," I finished up my coffee knowing that my break was almost up. "So this weekend?"

"Yeah, you didn't have any plans?" Alice sounded hopeful.

"No… I just have to get someone to watch Izzie,"

"Emmett?" I made a face. Right then my phone rang. I picked it up.


"Hey Bella," Mike said from the other side of the phone.

"Hey Mike,"

"Listen I am sorry for what happened at the party,"

"Don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have yelled at you,"

"So anyways," Mike brushed off the topic like it was nothing. "Christmas is coming up and I am in your neck of the woods this weekend and I was wondering if I can hang out with Izzie?"

"Of course… Mike you do realize you don't have to ask to hang out with your own daughter right? This actually works out really well."

"Yeah it's just weird if I don't… So I will be by your house this weekend early Saturday morning,"

"Sounds great,"

"And I will return her on Sunday morning?"

"Yes," I nodded Alice was staring at me. "Okay I will see you Saturday," I closed my phone. "Okay I got someone to watch Izzie now," Alice started to jump up and down.

"Bella can I please help you get ready?" I groaned.

"Fine this one time only," Alice was practically jumping off the walls.

"Oh I have the perfect dress for you wear," I groaned getting off the stool.

"Like I said Jasper better be the one, cause I am not doing this again," I walked off to finish up my work. What had I just gotten myself into.


The weekend seemed to snuck up on me I didn't want it too. The dreaded double date was coming up. Saturday came and Mike picked up Izzie earlier. I kissed her goodbye as she reluctantly went with him. Alice came over earlier and helped me get ready. Cause I was going to need it. She held out my blue dress that was so beautiful. It was blue with a square neckline, that cut off us above my knees. Luckily the shoes that she brought me weren't very high just small kitten heals. We were finally finished getting ready as I looked at the clock. Around two hours had past. Alice was getting even more nervous as the time went on.

"What if he doesn't like my dress or… maybe," I cut her off.

"Alice breath, everything is going to be fine,"

"I know it's just," She breathed. "Bella I think he's the one and I cannot mess this up," She practically was shaking me. I had never seen Alice this nervous over a simple date. Wasn't the roles suppose to be reversed. The door bell rang before we could get in another word. Alice let out a squeak as I looked at her. "Right breath," She took another good breath of air as we both walked to the door. I opened it up and Jasper and another man stood there.

"Hey Jasper," I smiled.

"Hey Bella," He said he seemed as nervous as Alice. "Yo..u look beautiful Alice,"

"Thanks," Alice squeaked. We got our jackets and walked out of the house. Alice and I were walked towards Jaspers car. I could hear Demteri talking to Jasper behind us.

"I can't believe you set me up with her," He grumbled.

"Shut up… Bella is very sweet," Jasper hissed. I could tell this was going to be a long night.


Jasper, Alice, Demetri and I walked into the diner after the restaurant was a bust. Jasper and Alice were already at a table talking. Demetri made a face at the diner as I walked over to the counter. "Where are we?" He asked

"Oh you are at Masen's," I said. Edward came out of the back "Oh thank god we need cheeseburgers stat!" He chuckled coming over to me. I looked over at Jasper who seemed to be arguing with Demetri. Then he walked out. "Well there goes my date," I sat down on one of the stools.

"You were on a date?" Edward looked crushed.

"It was a favor for Alice," I sighed. "I had a crappy time, nothing like when we go out," I smirked. Edward looked a little better.

"So three cheeseburgers?" I nodded.

"I'll eat mine here though send the other two over to the love birds," I nodded towards Alice and Jasper.

"Okay are you saying I have to watch you eat alone after your date walked out on you?"

"I won't be alone, you are here,"

"I have a diner to run," He said, I looked around the almost empty diner.

"Oh yeah like you have so much work right at this moment," I looked back at Alice and Jasper. Their heads were so close together as they continued to talk. They looked so cute together I couldn't help but smile. A big cup of coffee was placed in front of me. "So what are you doing after you close tonight?"

"I don't know, going to sleep,"

"Ooo… party animal," I grinned.

"So who's watching Izzie tonight?"

"Mike," Edward looked up at me.


"Yeah her father, he wanted to spend some time with her before Christmas. So he has her for the night," I sighed taking a sip of my coffee. "It's going to be so weird being in that big empty house all my myself. You know there is no wolf girl to protect me from the monsters under my bed," Edward chuckled.

"You have monsters under your bed?"

"Of course cause they can't be under Izzie's bed,"

"What kind of monsters?"

"Oh you know werewolves, ghouls,"

"They all fit under that bed of yours?" He leaned closer to me. "What about vampires?"

"Oh I am sure Carlisle wouldn't hurt a fly, " I joked. Edward chuckled again as he walked to the back and grabbed the food. He gave two burgers to Alice and Jasper and then one to me.

"Hmm.. what about if I protect you tonight? I wouldn't want you to be scared of the werewolves," I smiled looking down at my burger.

"My hero,"

"I know," Edward smirked.

"Oh look who has a big head now," I finished up my burger and started eating some fries.

"How can you eat those all the time?"

"Easy," I took a fry and ate it. "You should live on the edge a bit and eat one," I shoved a fry into his unsuspecting mouth. He made a face. He walked into the back to what I suspected to spit out the fry. He came back with a big glass of water and downed half of it.

"That was like five years taken off my life," I laughed clutching my side. Alice and Jasper looked over to us. Alice gave me a suspicious look as they started talking again.

"How can I make it up to you?" I asked. Edward smirked pulling an apple out from behind his hand.

"Eat this," I made a face and took it.

"Can you at least cut it up in slices?" I held it back to him. He rolled his eyes and took it back. "Ooo.. and put brown sugar on it!" I yelled so he could hear me from the back.

"No!" He yelled back.

"Please!," He came back with the plate of sliced apples.

"That would defeat the purpose." I poked at the slices, and ate one.

"Happy?" He nodded. Jasper and Alice were getting up as they finished, Jasper went to the counter to pay.

"On the house," Edward said.

"Thanks Edward." They both said together,

"Bella do you need a ride home?" Alice asked.

"I can walk… I still have to finish eating," I held up another apple slice.

"Okay I will see you tomorrow,"

"Have fun," I yelled as they left the diner. I looked around I was the only one left in there. "Are you sure you won't put sugar on these?" Edward shook his head cleaning up the rest of the diner. I grumbled finishing up the apple slices. "You better be proud of me," I showed her the empty plate.

"Oh I am, want your reward?" Edward came up from behind me wrapping his arms pulling me off the stool. I turned around in his arms staring at him. He groaned looking at me. "you look absolutely stunning tonight,"

"Why thank you Mr. Masen," I grinned wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Why don't I close up early and I can show you how to properly finish a date unlike that idiot you called your date,"

"Ooo.. does it involve sugar cause I think I deserve sugar after I ate that apple," Edward chuckled as he shook his head and went behind the counter.


Edward and I stumbled backwards trying to avoid any furniture. With us distracted by other things we finally found the couch. Edward's shirt was hanging open as I ran my hands down his solid chest. It almost seemed like he was growling as he attacked my lips again. The phone shrilled through the house Edward looked up. "Leave it," I muttered, pulling him closer. After several rings it stopped and then my cell phone started going off. "for the love of," Edward chuckled letting me off the couch. I stumbled towards were I threw my purse and grabbed my phone. "What?" I snapped.

"Bella?" Mike voice strained from the other side of the phone.

"Hi Mike is everything okay?"

"Umm.. not quiet," My stomach leaped up to my throat as all the color drained out of my face.

"Wha.. what do you mean?" I barely got out, Edward came over beside me with a questioning look.

"Bella I am so sorry, there was an accident," he said. "I'm at the hospital right now,"

"Which hospital," I thought my heart was going to stop. I felt Edwards arm wrap around me pulling me back to reality.

"Forks community Hospital,"

"I will be right there," I snapped my phone shut. It took a few moments to figure out everything out.

"Bella, Bella?" Edward brought me back to what was happening.

"I have to go," I looked around I didn't have my car how was I suppose to get there.

"Go where?" Edward asked worried. He grabbed his jacket and started doing up his shirt. "What happened Bella?"

"There was an accident, Mikes at the hospital with Izzie," I grabbed my coat.

"I'll drive you," He said he came over to me again placing his arm around me guiding me to his car.

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