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"I highly doubt she will agree to anything torturous. I wouldn't even be surprised if I couldn't talk her into going with you." Like I couldn't just lay on the charm and 'dazzle' her, as she calls it. I do feel bad about doing this to Bella but between the decrepit state of her shoes and Alice's outburst I would have to. I don't think anyone wants to see Alice that upset again, it's just not natural.

I saw Alice do that space out thing, she must be trying to see them shopping.

Alice snaps out of it and playfully glares at me and says to me silently, "We all know the affect you have on Bella and if you want her to do something bad enough she'll give in, and anyway you just saw the vision. She will go."

"I know but I can't guarantee she will have any fun."

Alice retorts smugly, "Any time with me is guaranteed to be fun, Edward."

"Right Alice." I didn't want to continue with this conversation any longer, it's quite tiring to argue with Alice. Which is especially odd since I don't sleep.

"Now, one for the parents. Although you consider Bella your child, she is not. She is still Charlie's daughter. Rule sixteen. You cannot ground her. You cannot inflict a curfew on her. You cannot punish her in any way, for any reason. You especially cannot tell her that she will not be allowed to go home to Charlie until she eats her peas. That's not punishment to her and it won't work."

Emse snickers and tells me, "We were just trying to make her feel more like family."

"Right and Charlie told us that we could." Carlisle adds.

"No," I correct. "Charlie told you that while he was in Tacoma that week you could punish her if she got into trouble. That was months ago and I highly doubt he would approve of you threatening to keep Bella hostage for not eating her vegetables."

"Alright, alright. Okay. You have us there." Carlisle says grinning sheepishly. "But when she is our child this rule is no longer valid, understood?"

"What are you taking about 'when'?" Jacob growls and starts rising to his feet. I could see him start trembling. "There is no way I'm going to allow there to be a 'when'! If any of you leeches so much as nips at Bella there will be hell to pay!"

Crap! Carlisle had said too much in front of Jacob. I had to figure a way out of this.

"All my father was referring to was when she is left in our care again by Charlie, like when he goes out of town, that's all." I could see Jacob relax a little.
"Right," Rosalie chimes in. "Jeez Fido, don't get too excited. You might get all wound up and start chasing your tail. Again." She snickers.

Thank you Rose. I could always count on her to distract Jacob.

"Hey, I just want to make sure the treaty is enforced. And the tail chasing only happened that one time so shove it Barbie."

Emmet let out a low growl at Jacob and Jacob started to tense up again. Jasper sent out some of his goodtime feelings and I took that as my cue to distract everyone and move on.

"Well then moving on. We have ALL done this at least once, excluding you, Esme. I only did it once and have vowed to never scare Bella like that again. Rule number seventeen. We all love driving fast and know we won't crash, but Bella doesn't have the same confidence. So from now on, when we are driving Bella around we cannot take our hands off the steering wheel to shield our faces and start screaming about how we are going to crash."

Carlisle starts laughing uncontrollably and stutters, "B-but y-y-you have n-not s-s-s-see-seen h-h-how.."


I look, with disbelief, to Esme who has just backhanded Carlisle halfway through the wall. Oh wow, she looks angry.

"Carlisle Cullen," Esme shouts. "I have never heard of you doing anything so mean to anyone in my life! And how dare you pick Bella to torture!?"

Carlisle climbs out of the rubble of what's left of his chair and the drywall. "I'm sorry Edward, Esme. I'll never do it again.I didn't think it was that big of a deal cause afterwards she always laughs."

"Well Carlisle," Esme hisses "maybe that's the problem, you didn't think. Wait…Always?! How many times have you done that? No, never mind I don't want to know. I've never heard of anything so irresponsible in my whole life! I can't believe… I just… I'm so pissed at you!"

Esme storms off into the kitchen. We were all sitting there with our mouths hanging open not sure of what just happened.

Alice-'Didn't see that one coming. Note to self-Never piss off Esme.'

Rose-'Did that just happen?'

Jacob-'No frickin way, Esme swore!'

Jasper-'If I couldn't feel her anger and everyone else's disbelief I wouldn't believe my eyes.'

Carlisle-'I guess I'll be spending my night in my office doing research.'

"Ooooo, Dad's in trouble." Whispers Emmett.

Rosalie punches Emmett in the arm and he grimaces, "Sorry" Emmett mutters.

"I guess it's a good thing I saved that one for last, huh?"

"You're finally done?" Rosalie asks in her usual snide tone.

"As soon as I finish passing these out I am, yes."

"Sweet! I'm so outta here." Jacob remarks as he walks out the door.

I couldn't wait to leave either. My Bella would be in her soundest sleep of the night by the time I got there and I would be just in time to hear her start talking in her sleep. I hope none of this gets back to her. She would be so embarrassed if she knew I had to set rules to keep her safe from my family. I should have definitely made a rule about it. Oh well, we'll see if any of this even works before I worry about her finding out. I hope I made some kind of an impact, well other than the mess Esme made with Carlisle. I do love my family but they are just too much sometimes.

Everyone except Carlisle had left. He just stood between the 'Carlisle in a chair' shaped hole in the wall and the table with the saddest look on his face. I couldn't help but feel somewhat responsible for their fight. Speaking of fights…

"So, pixie dust, huh?" I hear Alice ask Rosalie in the other room.

"That's right," Rosalie replies, not so pleasantly. "You're too nice for your own good, Alice."

"Well at least I'm not a bitch to everyone on this planet, Rosalie."

I heard Rose growl and I knew I had to get out of here. I wanted no part of that, for it would only end up with both of them sobbing invisible tears and Esme even madder from them breaking half the house fighting.

I leapt out the open window behind me and took off running through the forest. In no time I would be next to My Bella, which is the only place I will ever want to be.

The End