Total Drama SUPERJAIL!

By Winter Knight

Chapter 1: Let's go to Jail

Note: I DEFINATELY do not own Total Drama Island nor SUPERJAIL!

I dedicate this fanfic to my fans, but mostly to NagaharaYani.

Btw I got threatened by some guys on Youtube if I did this but... FUDGE 'EM!

Update: the said guys' video involving TDI and Superjail is down...AWESOME!


One day, Jackknife goes to "one of those stores" and steals a boxset of "Girls Gone Wild part 69 but then Jailbot grabs him from underground and flies away, however Jackknife notices Jailbot is also carrying a teenaged asian girl in a red top and shorts. Jackknife drools and makes strange sounds as he looks at her cleavage and then the girl slaps him with her free hand and says, "Knock it off you perv!" Soon they fly over a strange horizon and the song "Coming Home" by the Cheeseburgers is playing in the background as they enter a cloud shaped like the Warden through it's "mouth".

Jailbot then drops Jackknife into the slot where inmates go while Heather is dumped into a dark room she discovers that isn't the only one trapped in this filthy bathroom, She sees Gwen, Trent, Izzy, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen, Bridgette, Beth, DJ, Duncan, Eva, Geoff, Harold, and Tyler also there. They have no idea why a flying robot brought them them but Heather then says, "I bet Chris is up to this, Chris come out of here wherever you are!"

She sees Chris Mclean and Chef Hatchet also captured and Chris then says to Heather, "No I'm not, this isn't cool, just where are we and why are we here?

They see a TV monitor and it suddenly turns on and they see what looks like "Billy" but in a purple suit with a yellow undershirt, a traditional red bow tie, gray gloves, a purple top hat, and wide yellow sunglasses. The puppet then says to them, "Hello campers... Let's play a game!" Everyone seems nervous then Eva shouts, "WHAT KIND OF GAME IS IT YOU SICK WEIRDO?" The puppet then responds, "A game called... TOTAL...DRAMA...SUPERJAIL!"

The puppet master is revealed to be a man with a gap tooth, wearing a purple suit with a yellow undershirt, a traditional red bow tie, gray gloves, a purple top hat, and wide yellow sunglasses. The strange looking man then says, "Well hello there! You're in Superjail, I'm the Warden and you're all my "criminals"!"

Lindsay then says, "Mr. Willy Wonka, why did you send us to this dirty bathroom instead of your chocolate factory?" Warden frowns and says, "Yeah I get that alot.... Well anyway I'm a fan of your show Mr. Mclean but...I thought to make your show more interesting and my Superjail more fantastic...BY HOSTING YOUR SHOW ON MY JAIL!" So I will act as host and you and your friend will be campers!

Chris has cannot believe what he is hearing and then Duncan asks, "Ok you Willy Wonka wannabe...what exactly is "Superjail" and how is it different from "Juvie"?" Warden frowns again and says, "Never mention "Juvie" or "real prison" around me! Then Jared, the Warden's assistant blurbs out, "They never work do they sir?" Warden then tells the campers, "When my Father the prison mogul left me his entire legacy, I swore to perfect the art of incarceration, but the world isn't ready for my methods... so I went outside the system and created SUPERJAIL!" Beth looks outside and sees a happy looking rainbow prison and says, "So is this some chocolate factory or a prison that seems eerily cheerful?"

The Warden then says, "Not quite, often something happens and it ends with the bloodshed of my prisoners, there's one now!" And the campers see horrible scenes of bloodshed in the cafeteria and only Eva, Owen, and Lashawna vomit after seeing that and Chef Hatchet then says, "Man this is bringing back memories..."

Warden notices Beth and he says, "You don't belong here so I'm voting you off imediately!" Jailbot then places Beth in a rocket and shoots her out of Superjail, unaware that Jackknife just hitched a ride on the rocket to freedom. The Warden continues, "Yes this is the best prison complex in all of Dimension 5612, so strange is normal here and normal is strange here oh isn't it lovely? Heather then tells Izzy, "You know all those times I thought you were crazy...I apologize, I just met crazy!"

The Warden then jumps out of the TV and says, "Now it's time to divide the teams and to identify who's in what team, I have special prison uniforms for you all...let's see... the first team is:

Screaming Bunnies (in bunny suits)

Chris Mclean








And here's the second team...

Killer Wolves (In Wolf suits)

Chef Hatchet








Alice the guard shows up and pulls out boxes of wolf suits and bunny suits and says to the campers in a deep voice, "Ok, Ladies, here are the uniforms, put them on and go to your assigned cells... except for you "Chef", Mommy needs some soup!" Chef Hatchet seems extremely nervous by Alice's advances.

The Warden then says, "Oh and whoever is left standing in the game will win $15,000,000,000,000,000 and 69 cents" However if any of you somehow leave the grounds you are voted off automatically. Jared is shocked and says, "But Sir we can't afford prize money that huge!" Warden then says, "Well I need to give the campers their money's worth of suffering and the dangers of what happens in Superjail...also we'll be multi-multi-multi-multi-millionares once this show becomes a smash hit....The game starts...NOW!"

Bridgette then says, "I do not like where this is going, isn't there like a ladies prison?" Alice then growls at Brigette and says, "Yes, It's called "Ultraprison" and I don't want to talk about it!" DJ seems frightened by this and says, "I'm so terrified but anything for the prize money!" Owen is so scared of the idea of prison that he farts...and Heather is right behind him.

Duncan then pulls out a picture of Courtney and says, "I've survived Juvie but will I survive this "Superjail"?... I'm glad you're not here... This place isn't meant for you."

Chris Mclean then says to the other campers, "You know guys, I think I somehow deserve this for all the things I did back in Camp Wawanakwa." Harold then says, "Oh you think? Idiot!"

Unaware by everyone, the Twins view all this happening and one of the twins says to the other, "Looks like this show... needs audience participation." Then they laugh sinisterly.