Total Drama SUPERJAIL!

By Technomaru

Final Chapter: The Werewolves of Camp Wawanakwa

Note: I DEFINATELY do not own Total Drama Island nor SUPERJAIL!

I dedicate this fanfic to my fans, but mostly to NagaharaYani.

Notice: I apologize for the lack of update but I realized that Total Drama is in it's third season "Total Drama World Tour" and Superjail HAS been green lit for a second season but the scripts have not been written and it might take longer due to the creators working on "Ugly Americans".

Because of this I have writers block so I decide to end this fanfic and make it a crack-fic (with all the blood, violence, carnage, gore, and the involvent of the Total Drama characters, of course it is a crack-fic) I decided to end the fanfic with a twist as well as a character from the third season makes a appearance.

So this is indeed the final chapter unless you fans want me to write more and give me ideas on how to do it (It worked with Futurama) so enjoy fans!

Ezekiel was out looking for moose back in his homeland but then all of a sudden he bumps into a strange looking moose... IT WAS JACKKNIFE WEARING MOOSE ANTLERS! Jackknife grumbles something and pulls out a picture of Heather and Ezekiel then says, "Dude, like I have no idea where that jerk is, just what do you want with her Eh?" Jackknife then makes more excited grunting sounds.

But then a Caribou that runs by gets slashed up by Jailbot and then Jackknife panics and then he breaks a bottle of beer and holds the jagged edge towards Ezekiel's neck. Jackknife fires a laser beam at the bottle and grabs Jackknife and beats him to a pulp. Then for some unknown reason Jailbot grabs Ezekiel as well and Soon they fly over a strange horizon and the song "Coming Home" by the Cheeseburgers is playing in the background as they enter a cloud shaped like the Warden through it's "mouth".

Ezekiel falls into a chute and it lands in a cell.

The cast are still shivering in their cells after another night of horror in Superjail. Then Jailbot shows up and a television screen in HD appears on it's body. The Warden's image appears and says to the "prisoners", "Good morning everyone! Today is our talent show contest, so be prepared everyone! Oh and I decided to recruit the "home school kid!"

Everyone is disappointed that Ezekiel landed on the same cell as Bridget.


The Warden has the Screaming Bunnies go first to entertain the audience of prisoners in the talent show.

Chris goes first and says to the audience, "Ok, my act will be called, "pleading for my life... PLEASE OH PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS SUPER LOONEY CRAZY WACKO PSYCHOPATHIC VICIOUS JAIL!"

Then Trent performs the song "Coming Home" by the Cheeseburgers in his own way. The Warden applads and Trent kisses Gwen and says to her, "I figured he's like it, good luck in the show!"

Gwen draws a picture and it shows a donkey that resembles the Warden. The Warden responds by saying, "Say that sounds like a good idea, I should call Doctor and splice my genes with that with a donkey and create a supply of donkeys to do some work in Superjail...Owen you're next!"

Owen manages to drink a entire bottle of cola and belch the ABCs in one belch.

Heather performs ballet. Before Heather is about to read from Gwen's diary again, Jackknife tries to reach out and fondle her but Jailbot arrives and restrains Jackknife, electricuting him.

Soon the others had their turn and the Killer Wolves team is about to participate.

But before the Killer Wolves' are about to perform in the talent show, the Twins somehow contaminated the Killer Wolves' supply of Root Beer.

Twin 1: Like I said... this show needs audience participation!

Twin 2: Things will get a bit hairy for the team...

Both: Instant lycanthoropy Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But when Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Geoff, and Harold got into the root beer, they suddenly grow fur and fangs. Harold then says, "Gosh, I feel like that dude from "Twilight"... and the inmates must be vampires..."

Harold then howls and so does Bridgette. Soon the four wolves then jump out of the curtains and they tear the inmates apart with their fangs. Soon the prison is in lockdown and therefore Alice has no way of breaking in to stop the carnage.

Jackknife then sees Heather being chased by DJ the werewolf. Jackknife growls and then kicks DJ away and grabs Heather as they make their getaway. Heather then says, "I know know who you are but thank you for saving me, is there a way I can reward you?"

Jackknife drools and then unzips his pants. Heather then quickly kicks him in the "ding ding" and soon she finds herself outside of Superjail grounds and is automatically ejected from Superjail... and Jackknife's pants is caught on the rocket's tail.

Ezekiel is running for his life but then his shirt is ripped off and he crashes into a container of sparkle dust. Then Duncan the werewolf sees Ezekiel's bare chest is sparkling in the lights and shouts, "VAMPIRE!" Then Duncan pounces on Ezekiel but before he can do anything, Jailbot flies up to him and hits him with a newspaper until he runs off.

DJ just pounces on Chris and mauls him to death as if it's no big thing.

Geoff and Bridgette then look at eachother in a lovingly way. Gwen, Trent, and Lindsay see this and they go, "Awww..." But then the three see the two doing something that makes Lindsay say, "Hey that reminds me of the time on "Animal Planet" where the two wolves were mat..." Gwen covers Lindsay's mouth and she and Trent go "Ewww..."

Soon a figure in a purple suit with a yellow undershirt, a traditional red bow tie, gray gloves, a purple top hat, and wide yellow sunglasses shows up and fires darts at DJ, Bridgette, Geoff, Duncan, and Harold, turning them back to normal.

Bridgette comes to and feels queasy as she says to Geoff, "Eww... I just ate some inmates! Just Ewww!"

Then the figure who is dressed like the Warden is seen holding the Warden's decapitated head.

Gwen then says, "Oh no... how can this be?"

The figure is really Cody dressed as the Warden!

Warden Cody then says, "I went mad after I couldn't participate in this game... so I broke in and had the Warden killed and now I inherit Superjail... you will be mine and this jail will run like clockwork...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! oh and I'm the winner of the $15,000,000,000,000,000 and 69 cents prize so there!"

And soon it turns out to be a horrible nightmare as "Obsessive Uber-fan" Sierra wakes up screaming.

Sierra then clutches on her custom made Cody plushie and thinks to herself, "My sweet Cody couldn't possibly do this, and there is no way the next season of "Total Drama" can take place there! I need to stop reading Total Drama "crack-fics". Oh well I need some sleep to see my sweetie on the set of "Total Drama World Tour"

And so Sierra falls asleep... however later that night, Jailbot appears in her window with a creepy LCD smile on his face.