12:55 am

The brisk and crisp air of December whipped by as Fighton and Bloo flew in the sleigh,about to hit their first house."Bring it down a bit..."Fighton yelled. Bloo used the reign to slowly bring the reindeer and sleigh down,non too gently, the side of the sleigh hit the roof,causing a large chunk of tiles to fall to the ground.

"Eh,their insurance will probably cover it."Bloo says,bored.

Fighton looked at the sack of toys."How do we know which ones go in which house?"

"Just take a guess. The spirit of Christmas will guide you!!"

Fighton pulled out a random toy,and chucked it down the chimney."Only about 2 billion more to go....."He mumbles to himself,hopping back into the sleigh.

Flying over multiple houses,Fighton just threw toy after toy,miraculously all of them going down chimney's.

3:00 am

An hour later,they were Tibecudor."It's amazing how fast we're going!"Fighton yells over the wind,still tossing toys down."CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!!!"Bloo yells.

"You drank that 'special' eggnog from the last house,didn't you?"Fighton asks.

"Hmm?Uh...y-yes.....I swear to drunk I'm not drunk.....Oh look......I see colors...."

3:55 am

They were overhead the brightest city in the world now,Las thre down toy after toy,not really knowing where they would land."Oops....I think I just hit a truck....and it crashed into other cars....I think somebody just fell off a building......"Fighton cringed.

"What happens in Vegas.....STAYS IN VEGAS!!"

6:02 am

It was almost sunrise,and they had successfully traversed the world."Last stop......."Fighton mumbles to himself,tossing a Toy fire truck down the chimney. They arrived at Foster's Roof,and landed. No damage this time. Bloo woozily got out,spinning around."Merry Christmas to all......and to all a Happy Hanukkah!"

They walked down to the kitchen,to find Santa still unconscious."Santa........"Fighton said,shaking Santa a little. Then he gave him a powerful slap to the face."What,what?!"

He jerked upwards,looking frazzled.

"Hi Santa."

6:40 am

After explaining everything,Santa gave a hearty Ho Ho Ho."It's a wonderful things you boys did. Although,I would have finished an hour earlier than you."

At that,Santa stood up and gave them a little wink,and dissapeared in a swirl of wind."Weirdest Christmas ever."Fighton said to himself,going into the Foyer. All the friends were up and about,opening their presents.

Mr. Herriman jumped about,his nervous twitch was brought to a serious extreme,as his entire body was twitching violently now."Spirits....robots...."He mumbled.

Bloo ran around,looking for his pulled his presents. He pulled his stocking off of the chimney,and looked inside."COAL....AGAIN?!Fat man....REVENGE!!"He yelled,running around even faster.

Mac entered the moment that began,and walked over to Fighton."Did I miss anything...?"

"It's a long story."