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12 Days of Kigo

"12 Destructo Drummers Drumming"

"MWAHAHAHA! Merry Christmas Kim Possible!"

Kim scowled at Draken as the blue skinned man, currently dressed as Santa Claus, cackled maniacally as he walked away, leaving her and Ron alone in a deep pit alone with a pack of rabid dogs.

"Ehehe, gooood doggies," Ron said nervously as they were backed into a corner, the pack of snarling dogs closing in on them.

"Ron, do you still have that naco that you were saving for later?" Kim asked while eyeing one of the closer dogs, watching as it foamed at the mouth.

Ron paled. "B-but KP! It's a super-duper-grande naco! The last one! As in no longer on the menu! As in-"

"Ron!" Kim growled, shooting a dangerous glare at the blond.

With a defeated sigh, Ron quickly took off his backpack and pulled out the wrapped naco, only hesitating a second before handing it to the redhead.

Kim quickly unwrapped the naco and threw it to the other end. The dogs watched it sail through the air and gave chase.

"Quick, we can get out using the gate they came through!" Kim commanded as she sprinted to the barred entrance, Ron on her heals. The blond couldn't help but stare with regret in his eyes at the naco being feasted on by the rabid dogs.

The teen hero pulled out her lipstick laser and carved away the bars. The two ran through the dark hallways, keeping an eye out for a way back to the upper section of the lair.

Of all months for crimes to be on a record high. Only 12 days till Christmas and I haven't gotten in one day of shopping!

Kim frowned at the thought, and made a mental note to hurt Draken just a little more than usual this time. Kim glanced out of one of the passing windows and had to suppress a sigh. It was past midnight, technically meaning there were only 11 days till Christmas.

"KP, look!" Ron shouted while pointing at a set of stairs ahead of them.

The two heroes dashed up the stairs with determination and arrived back into the main section of the lair.

Kim pulled out her Kimmunicator to look at the map of the lair that Wade had uploaded earlier.

"Draken should be over here," Kim mumbled to herself as she trotted down the industrial looking hallway. Kim's eye twitched when she heard Draken's insane laughter up ahead.

Shego yawned loudly as lounged in her chair, lazily filing her nails as Draken continued to rant.

"With Possible finally out of the way, there's nobody left who will be able to stop my Detructo Drummers of Doom! Bwahaha!"
The plasma wielding woman snickered to herself as she glanced at the supposed 'Drummers of Doom'. Within the cavernous room, there were a dozen robotic drummers, each one standing 9 feet tall. They looked like harmless, overgrown toys. That was untill one noticed the large gatling laser gun sticking out the front of their drums.

"Except Hench Co.," Shego said dryly shooting Draken a bored look while unwrapping a green and black striped candy cane.

"Bwahaha-.....huh?" Draken looked blankly at his sidekick.

With a long, drawn out sigh, Shego grabbed a pink slip that was sitting on the console in front of her and cleared her throat loudly before reading what was on it.

"We are sorry to inform you that the universal, all-one, multipurpose robotic army control device was lost in the mail. Another is currently being sent to you. Because of the holidays, the package shall arrive in one weeks Time. Have Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!" Shego finished with false cheer.

Draken gaped at Shego before falling to his knees. He his shoulders shook as he glared up at the ceiling, anger blazing in his eyes.

"Damn you Jack Hench!" he screamed, shaking his fists in the air.

"What happened to that holiday cheer you were showing just a few minutes ago?" Kim called out as her and Ron leaped through the open door, assuming their fighting stances.

About time! Shego thought excitedly as she leapt to her feet. She snagged the green Santa hat off the console and shoved it on her head. She smirked at the challenging smile on Kim's face.

"Ho, ho, ho," Shego drawled out before sticking the candy cane in her mouth and lighting up her hands.

"Get Draken, Ron!" Kim yelled out as she charged the smirking thief, feeling the usual adrenaline she got from fighting Shego flow through her veins.

Ron turned to the frowning scientist and crossed his arms while puffing out his chest.

"Why don't you just give up, Draken. You know you've lost already."

Draken opened his mouth before a confused look crossed his face.

".....what was your name again?" Ron instantly deflated while Draken pulled out a hidden laser pistol.

Ron yelped as he dodged the first shot. Draken cackled as he chased the blond through the rows of drummers, blasting them into smoldering pieces and knocking them over in the process.

"Why aren't you dressed for the holidays? Hell, even I at least wore a Santa hat for the occasion," Shego grunted out, suckling on her candy cane while ducking under a round house kick and rolling away.

"I had a Santa hat! Somebody just happened to have fried it last week!" Kim bit out as she leaped through the air, preparing to stomp Shego as she came out of her role.

Shego just managed to cross her arms in defense as Kim came crashing down, feet first, causing her to bite down hard on the candy cane. She felt the candy cane break in half and choked as a large piece was lodged in her throat.

Kim kicked off of Shego's arm and landed in her fighting stance, a smirk on her face. It was instantly wiped away when she saw Shego fall to her knees, clutching at her throat. She felt her heart stop when she saw Shego's eyes watering up, letting out loud gagging noises. Kim quickly took notice of the broken candy cane lying in front of Shego.

"Oh my god, Shego!"

Kim rushed to kneel behind Shego and assumed the proper heilmich position.

"Hang on!" Kim cried out as she gave a powerful squeeze.

Shego lurched forward as she coughed out the saliva covered piece of candy.

Kim's arms remained loosely around Shego's torso as she fell against the older woman's back breathing out a sigh of relief.

The two remained that way for a few moments as Shego took in big gulps of air.

"T-thanks, Kim," Shego breathed out, rubbing her throat gingerly.

The older woman felt Kim tense up.

"You called me Kim," Shego heard her whisper.


"You called me Kim and thanked me! In the same sentence!" Kim shouted happily while squeezing her arms around Shego, giving the startled woman a mighty hug.

"W-What the hell!?" Shego sputtered as she scrambled to her feet and away from the beaming redhead.

"Say it again!" Kim almost squealed as she quickly rose up and bounced on her feet excitedly.

Shego felt a twitch begin to develop in her right eye.

"Now, wait a damn minute-"

"Say it again! Say it again!" Kim chanted childishly, a wide smile on her face, flushed from excitement and the cold weather.

"No!" Shego said firmly, crossing her arms and glaring at the very annoyed look on Kim's face. Her glare faltered as she saw the annoyed look disappear as a sly smile appeared on the redheads face.

Well, guess its time to take a page out of the tweebs book.

Kim planted her feat, stood tall, and slowly took in a deep breath, causing her face to turn a darker shade of red. A look of horror crossed Shego's face. She recognized that stance from her childhood. The Wegos were particularly found of it.

Shego could recognize a tantrum from hell a mile away.

While stomping her feet and thrashing her arms, Kim let lose.


"ALRIGHT! FUCK! THANKS KIM! THANK YOU THANK YOU THHAANNNKK YYYOOUU!!"" Shego screamed, veins bulging on her neck and her fists clenched so tightly her nails almost broke through her gloves.

Shego breathed heavily, frustration rolling off of her in waves. She froze when she realized that the sounds of the scuffle between Draken and Ron had stopped. She slapped a hand over her eyes and groaned.


Ron and Draken were standing amongst the smoking rubble that once was the Destructo Drummers of Doom, gaping wordlessly at the plasma wielding thief.

Kim was beaming like she had just one the worlds greatest award.

"Now, was that so hard?" Kim sang out, as she hopped over to the muttering woman and plucked the green Santa hat off her head and pulled it over her own.

I'm probably never going to live this down, Shego groused internally as she slid her hand down her face, shooting Kim a murderous look.

Yet she couldn't maintain it seeing Kim's face splitting smile.

There was something so disarming about that damn smile.

Shego let out a long, body sagging sigh.

"Are we going to fight or what?" Shego ground out, clenching and unclenching her fists, fighting down the humiliation and embarrassment she felt trying to overtake her.

Kim chuckled while lightly shaking her head, walking over to the still gaping Ron.

"Come on Ron, looks like these two wont be causing anyone any problems for now."

Ron nodded his head mutely, unable to divert his dumbfounded look from Shego, whose skin had flushed a dark green, her unique version of a blush.

Shego sniffed, looking away from the two heroes while crossing her arms petulantly.

"Oh, and Shego?"

Shego scowled darkly while turning towards Kim's cheery voice.

"What the hell do you-"

Shego froze when just for a split second she felt incredibly soft lips quickly press against her cheek.

Kim backed away speedily, a smirk on her face.

"Thanks for replacing my Santa hat! Merry Christmas!" she yelled over her shoulder, pulling Ron along with her as the two quickly sprinted for the exit.

Shego quickly felt the top of her head and sputtered before any words could make it out of her mouth.

"Wait! Dammit Possible! Get back here!" She screamed, bolting after the sprinting duo, her hands ablaze in crackling plasma.

Draken stood alone in the suddenly quiet lair, alone with his destroyed Destructo Drummers of Doom.

His lips trembled as a sniff escaped, slowly taking of his drooping Santa Claus hat.

"Why doesn't Shego ever say thank you to me?" he whined loudly, ringing the hat pathetically.

Kim's laughter and Shego's profanities could be heard echoing through the cavernous lair.

to be continued.....

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