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12 Days of Kigo

"Epilogue: Just the Begining"

The roaring sound of the massive crowd in the high school gymnasium hit Betty Director and Will Du, both dressed in civilian clothes, full force as soon as they entered through the swinging double doors.

Glancing around, the Global Justice operatives took note of the massive banners congratulating the soon to be graduating students of Middletown High school, with said students standing on the stage, talking excitedly amongst themselves as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

The two agents idly walked over to a dark corner in the back of the gym, their suspicious gazes roaming over the crowd of people in the gymnasium.

They instantly picked out the other disguised agents dispersed throughout the area, all of them wearing grim faces as the examined the area. Betty couldn't blame them.

According to their intel, due to recent developments concerning a certain teenage hero and a plasma wielding woman, many of the super villains either decided it would be in their best interests to form alliances or to just give up crime in general in order to preserve their health. Global Justice had caught wind that a pair of villains were plotting something for Kim Possible's graduation. Thus, precautions were made.

So far, everything was going to plan. Wade was assisting the Global Justice surveillance team by monitoring the various security cameras and sensors placed throughout the school. Agents were in prime positions to respond to just about any threat possible. The local SWAT team was waiting in unmarked vans in the parking lot, ready for action.

Everything was going smoothly. Well, almost everything...

Betty took note of a particular group of people, which were composed of Kim's and Shego's family. Her eye twitched in irritation when she noticed there was one particualar person missing from the group.

"Do you see Shego anywhere, Will?" Betty said quiet enough so that only Will would hear.

Will, who was also studiously studying the occupants in the large area, shook his head slightly.

"Wasn't she suppose to be...?"

"Yeah," Betty bit out in frustration, her gaze traveling to the Possible family. " She's suppose to be sitting with Kim's family."

Will couldn't help the ghost of a smile the crossed his face.

"Well, if you haven't noticed, Kimberly isn't on the stage, so..."

Betty groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"I distinctly remember telling Shego no fooling around while-"

"There's your problem. Between Kim and Shego...," Will trailed off knowingly, briefly shooting a glance at Betty.

Betty blinked before sighing in agreement, rubbing her temples gently.

"Right. Talked to the wrong person," Betty agreed, muttering under her breath about over hormonal teenagers and weak willed women who caved in too easily to said over hormonal teenagers.

"Well, you know how those two are," Will murmured quietly.

Betty just grunted, her eye twitching again when she looked at Shego's empty seat and then up at the lone empty space among the excited students on stage.

"Thanks for coming, I'm sure Kimmie appreciates the support," Anne said, turning to the woman sitting behind her.

"It was our pleasure," Liz said, smiling at the redhead. Sitting behind the Possible family was the Go family.

"Besides, I wouldn't dare miss my daughter in law's graduation."

Anne quirked an eyebrow, an amused smile on her face, "Daughter in law?"

"Oops, slip of the tongue. I meant the fine young woman who just happens to be seeing my daughter," Liz said apologetically, but judging by the look on her face, she was anything but apologetic.

"Daughter in law my butt," James grumbled, shooting a small glare at his wife and then at Liz. "I don't even want to hear that word until after Kim is out of college, understand?"

"Yes, dear," Anne said soothingly, calmingly rubbing his arm. She glanced at Liz and snorted as she tried to stifle her laughter when Liz mouthed 'yeah right' at her.

James huffed, turning away from the two giggling woman.

Shortly after Christmas, New Years, Vlanetines day ...Spring Break.....

Well, after a bit of time, Kim and the rest of her family had sat James down to explain to him why he would no longer have to worry about Kim coming home with a new boyfriend. Kim was hoping her father would u the pieces together fiigure it out on his own like everyone else seemed to. So far, Kim had avoided having to actually sit someone down and explain herself. She felt there was no need to, really. She was who she was.

Kim was till confused how her father didn't figure it out, considering she spent most of her free time, weekends, holidays, etc. all over at Shego's apartment and the fact that she was always latched onto the older woman when they were togther. Not to mention that her mother made it quite obvious who she was dating with her suggestive remarks and embarassing comments. Even the tweebs casually made embarassing remarks in front of James about the times they caught her and Shego making out.

Yet, either by choice or just by simple ignorance, James didn't put two and two together, and just assumed that Kim and Shego were very good friends. To say he was in shock when the family broke the news to him was an understatement. Despite the fact that he had sulked for several weeks at being the last one to know and then angrily refused to acnknowledge Shego's existence for several more weeks, he eventually came around and accepted Shego's position in Kim's life....after having a private conversation with her about his high ranking friends in the FBI, proto-type rockets, and blackholes that were positioned near their galaxy.

"I said I'd let Shego date Kim. But boy or no boy, if she thinks I'm going to let her do anything more than hold her hand and kiss my Kimmie-cub's cheek anytime soon, she's got another thing coming," James said firmly, not noticing the two wives glancing at each other before dissolving into loud giggles.

"Might want to rethink that, unless you want to go bald early," Frank muttered from behind James, busy reading through the program detailing the itinerary for the graduation.

"Hmm, if Kimberly marries Shego and becomes a part of the family, then maybe Team Go and Team Possible..." Hego trailed off, rubbing his chin as he looked thoughtfully at nothing.

Mego groaned as he glanced at his brother.

"Hego, seriously, if Shego catches wind that you're even thinking about-"

"I mean, we can rename the team, like Team Go-Possible, or Hego's Heroes or the League of Awesome Defenders," Hego rambled, completely ignoring Mego. "Hmm, I'll have to draft up a plan. New costumes. A new tower..." Hego's face lit up as he snapped his fingers. "It'll be the perfect wedding gift! I'll move all their belongings into a new tower on the eve of their wedding and take care of the paper work to make it their permanent address. Then I'll surprise them with it on the day of their wedding! We'll be the greatest crime fighting family in history!"

Mego blinked before turning away, his lips twitching. "Now that's going to be one hell of a wedding, literally," Mego mumbled, chuckling as he imagined how his fiery sister would react.

"Oh, and I'll have to have Kimberly's name changed so she matches with us," Hego pondered, scratching his head in thought. "Kim...Kimberly..Possible ..Pogo? Hmm, Kigo? Kigo...Kigo!" Hego smiled proudly as he sat up straight in his chair, looking like he had just solved the world's greatest riddle.

"Dude, if you drop all of that on them at once on their wedding day...." Mego zoned out as a goofy smile crossed his face as he imagined the chaos that would ensue that would make World War II look like a water fight. "I'll, uh, be sure to start dropping hints to Shego that she should tie Kim down asap before someone else snatches her up."

"I knew I could count you, Mego," Hego said graciously, clapping his smirking brother on the shoulder.

The Wegos blinked as they stared at Jim and Tim, who were seated in front of them.

"Whoa, what happened to the two of you?" one of the Wego's asked.

Jim and Tim ignored the question as the sat glumly in their seats, wishing they were invisible.

They were both bald and both were sporting healing black eyes.

"Yeah, what happened? Get bullied at school or something?" the other Wego asked, wondering how the twins suffered such a humiliating punishment.

Jim and Tim glanced at each other and sighed simultaneously.

"Sis and Shego."

"Watching over us when our parents were out of town."

"They thought we were asleep."

"They decided to fool around..."

"...in the living room."

"Our surveillance cameras caught them in the act."

"...we were auctioning the tape on ebay."

"....they found out."

"Sis. Fist" Jim said, pointing at his black eye.

"Shego. Plasma," Time said pointing at his bald head.

The Wegos winced, not having experienced the combined wrath of both women yet, but sympathizing with the twins nonetheless.

"At least that's all they did. Could have been worst," one of the Wego's offered.

A deafening silence engulfed them.

"...That's all they did, right?" the other Wego asked hesitantly.

"...We don't want to talk about it," Jim said quietly, staring at the floor with haunted eyes as he hugged himself.


"He said we didn't want to talk about it!" Tim hissed as she spun around, an almost crazed look in his eyes, a slight tremble in his body.

The Wegos jerked back in their seats, gaping at the obviously traumatized boys. They quickly nodded at Tim.

Tim relaxed a little, hesitating before turning around.

"Didn't mean to snap..we just..." Tim trailed off as he turned around and slumped in his seat, staring up at the ceiling with glazed over eyes.

The Wegos glanced at Jim, who was trembling as he hugged himself, staring wide eyed at the floor, muttering incoherently to himself as he rocked back and forth.

They glanced at Tim, who twitched periodically as he stared upward with unseeing eyes, as if he was relieving a previous memory.

The Wegos glanced at each other and shivered, silently making a pact to avoid pissing off Kim and Shego at all costs.

"By the way," James said while turning around to look at the empty seat next to Liz. "I haven't seen Shego or Kimmie since we sat down. Did Global Justice call them out to another mission or something?"

"Well, last I heard from Shego she was going to give Kim the tassel that she forgot to bring. So, I'm assuming..." Liz smirked as she trailed off, the look on her face almost a carbon copy of Shego's usual mischievous smile.

James frowned in confusion, waiting for Liz to elaborate.

"I'm sure they just got distracted and will be back soon," Frank assured, sighing when Liz and Anne giggled and when Mego quietly sang a porno tune. "I doubt they would be doing anything that would make them miss Kim's graduation."

"I wouldn't be so sure," Liz murmured, bumping shoulder's with her husband. Frank just sighed again, and engrossed himself in his program, trying to ignore the way Anne and Liz would glance at each other and laugh.

"Director and Du just walked in," Drakken mumbled to himself turning back around in his seat and focusing his gaze on the crowded stage. Seated next to him was Motor Ed. The two of them were wearing disguises and trying to be inconspicuous as possible.

"Dude, cyclopes chick is totally rocking those jeans hardcore, seriously," Ed said wickedly,turned around in his seat and tipping his sunglasses down his nose to get a better look at the curvy G.J. agent.

"Turn around you fool!" Drakken hissed loudly, jabbing his elbow in Ed's side.

Ed sighed as he turned around, throwing one more appreciative glance at Betty's figure.

Drakken glared briefly at the muscle bound man, before focusing on the stage filled with excited students. An evil smile crossed his face.

"Once she takes her place on stage, I'll show Kim Possible that she isn't all that," Drakken said menacingly, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. The evil smile drooped after a moment before he slumped in his seat, crossing his arms petulantly across his chest. "And I'll show her what happens when you steal away my sidekick," Drakken grumbled.

Motor Ed shook his head sadly when he thought he heard Drakken sniff. Pathetic....seriously.

The muscular man ignored Drakken's moping and turned back to something more interesting.

"Dude, I've got a raging hard-on, seriously," Ed said, once again looking over his shoulder, leering at the curvaceous woman who was gazing over the crowed with her cold stare.

Ed grunted when Drakken jabbed him in the side again. He quickly turned around, shooting him an annoyed look.


Drakken sighed in irritation before glancing around the crowd.

A frown appeared on his face.

"Whats up?" Motor Ed asked, noticing the frown on the mad scientist's face.

"Well, I see the Possible family....and the Go family..." Drakken mumbled motioning towards the families. "...but I don't see Shego...and Kim Possible isn't on stage yet..."

Drakken gulped nervously as he sank low into his seat. "Maybe they figured out my plan?" Drakken muttered, his gaze flickering rapidly around him.

Motor Ed just chuckled, leering at the paranoid villain.

"Seriously dude. This is high school. If I was Kim Possible and I was hooking up with that Shego babe, I would seriously be in the girls bathroom banging the hell out of-"

"I get it!" Drakken hissed, glaring at the blond, his face flushed. Motor Ed chuckled before glancing over his shoulder to leer at Betty again.

"Have you seen KP?" Ron whispered as he leaned forward to speak to Monique, who was standing in front of him.

"Nope, haven't seen her since we walked out onto the stage," Monique whispered back, her eyes trained on principal Barkin, who had walked up to the podium and was giving a long winded speech. "She said something about meeting Shego to get something she forgot."

Monique glanced back and blinked when she saw that Ron had slapped a hand over his eyes and was muttering something under his breath.

"I swear those two are like rabbits," Ron sighed, sliding his hand down his face. "I thought the honeymoon phase of relationships was for, like, two months."

Monique grinned mischievously at Ron, causing an uneasy feeling to grow in Ron's gut.. "I wouldn't really say it was a honeymoon phase. I'd say it's mostly just Kim trying to work off about three years of sexual frustration."

Ron's brows shot up.

"What the heck are you talking about?" Ron asked quietly, his eyes shifting left and right, making sure nobody was listening in on their conversation.

Monique looked knowingly at the blond before stepping back to squeeze in next to Ron."Well, let me put it this way. For as long as Kim could remembered, she was always told she could only eat hamburgers and never watermelons. She never questioned it, because it was what everybody just did and because she didn't mind eating hamburgers."

"And because hamburgers totally taste better," Ron quipped, smiling goofily.

Monique snorted loudly as she slapped a hand over her mouth.

"Wow," Monique murmured, gathering herself. "I'll just, uh, pretend you didn't say that."

Ron blinked confusedly at her.

"Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah. Sure, whenever she saw a watermelon, she felt some kind of appreciation for it and even a small curiosity to try some of it, but ignored it and payed no attention to her thoughts. As far as she was concerned, everyone had those kind of thoughts. One day a farmer moved next door, and with him, he brought his prize winning fruit: a one thousand pound watermelon. The farmer heard Kim was looking for a part time job, so he hired her to care for his prize fruit while he handled his other crops.

"For the next three years, Kim was forced to look, smell, and touch this watermelon among watermelons. And during that time, unbeknown to Kim, her desire to take a bite out of it grew and grew. Kim just assumed it was her desire to care and nurture for the giant the fruit like the farmer had asked. One day, the farmer asked Kim to house sit his home and care for his watermelon for twelve days while he visited some friends. After he left, Kim noticed that the farmer had left a note saying he had cut out a small piece of fruit from his prize winning watermelon for her to try and it was waiting for her in the fridge.

"Kim struggled with herself, pondering if it was really okay to eat the fruit when she was always told to only eat hamburgers. But after three years of drowning in the presence of the watermelon, Kim finally relented that it wouldn't hurt to try some watermelon just this once. After her first bite of the delicious fruit, well...lets just say the farmer almost had a heart attack when he came back one morning and found Kim, passed out and stomach bulging, right next to an empty patch of land that once held the worlds largest watermelon. Understand?"

Ron's face was beet red.

"So...Kim is, uh, busy eating She-, er, w-watermelon right now?" Ron stuttered, fidgeting with his hands.

Monique gave Ron a dry look before turning around and stepping back into her place to watch the principal speak, wondering why she even waisted such a great analogy on someone like Ron.

Wade was sweating profusely as he stared at a certain monitor which was watching the closed door to one of the administrative offices at Middletown High School. Dr. Director had asked him to help monitor the school during Kim's graduation, so he had multiple hidden cameras placed throughout the school. About a half hour ago, he had watched curiously as Kim and Shego walked down a hallway hand in hand.

Shego was decked out in form fitting black dress suit and Kim was wearing her ceremonial graduation robe. There were no sounds provided by the cameras, but he could see that Shego was apparently explaining something to Kim, who wasn't really paying attention to what the older woman was saying. Wade's brow had furrowed when he noticed the suspicious way the redhead was chewing on her bottom lip as she kept glancing at Shego and then at something ahead of them. The boy genius's eyes had turned to saucers when Kim suddenly veered to the side and yanked a surprised Shego into one of the empty administrative offices. After a few minutes of staring stupidly at the monitor, it dawned on Wade what was most likely taking place behind that close door.

For the last thirty minutes, Wade had fought down the incredible urge to click a button that would switch the view on the monitor from outside the classroom to inside of it.

Not only would that be violating the privacy of one of his best friends, the possible consequence that would ensue should Shego find out scared him senseless.

Wade almost fell out of his seat when a voice crackled out of his radio.

"Wade, this is Director. Have you seen Shego? Her com unit is off," Betty's slightly irritated voice echoed around the Wade's silent room.

Wade glanced at the monitor watching the classroom again, before tentatively pressing a button to respond to Betty.

"Uh, she's….indisposed at the moment," Wade said, laughing nervously at the end.

Wade could here Betty mutter something darkly under her breath.

"Right. Let me know when she's…done," Betty bit out before disconnecting.

Wade nodded, even though nobody could see him, before glancing back at the monitor.

"Well, I am suppose to be monitoring Kim's movements," Wade mumbled to himself, a hand slowly moving towards the button that would switch the view. Before he could press it, a cold chill slithered down his spine, causing him to snap his hand back.

"Right," Wade muttered, turning away to look at his other monitors. "Don't want to end up like Jim and Tim."

"Uh, Dr. Director," Will said quietly, nudging the one eyed woman with his elbow. "Seventh row, five seats from the right side. The two men wearing the brown fedora and the red bandanna."

Betty quickly glanced to where Will directed her and felt her eye twitched when saw Drakken and Motor Ed. Her eye twitched again when Motor Ed turned around and caught her gaze, shooting a lewd smirk at her.

"Guess we found our supposed threat," Betty grunted.

"I think we're busted dude," Motor Ed said when he saw Betty bring her wrist to her mouth, saying something into the device around her wrist. The villain saw several normal looking spectators stand up from their seats before heading in their direction.

Drakken paled, and glanced around nervously.

"What!? How did they-" Drakken gaped when he noticed Motor Ed was turned around in his seat, making smooching gestures at an irritated Dr. Director.

"You imbecile!" Drakken shouted, jumping from his seat.

The disguised agents went from a casual walk to an all out sprint towards the blue skinned man.

"Don't sweat it, seriously," Motor Ed said casually, dismissing Drakken with a small wave. "Lets just start the party already!"
With wicked grin on his face, Ed jumped out of his seat and pulled out a remote control before pressing the large red button.

"Wait! Not now! Possible isn't here yet!" Drakken cried, grabbing for the remote. Ed held the remote away, his grin getting wider when a loud rumble filled the gymnasium just before loud, deafening rock music exploded out from the speakers in the gym.

Ron cursed silently when he saw the commotion going on in the crowd of spectators. Before he could push his way forward, the stage which they were standing on began to shake violently. Ron gulped and stared at the shaking wooden boards beneath his feet.

"Drakken! Motor Ed! Give it up! You're surrounded!" a Global Justice agent yelled as a group of grim looking men pushed themselves passed the worried crowd towards the two villains.

Drakken growled, hopped on top of his seat.

"As if! I believe you're the ones surrounded!"

The gymnasium doors burst opened as robotic bikers roared in on their growling choppers. Burly looking robots burst out from beneath the floorboards of the stage, causing the students to run screaming in all directions.

"Dammit!" Betty brought her wrist to her mouth. "Mobilize the SWAT team! All agents, the safety of the students and their families comes first! Evacuate everyone from the premises!"

The agents all nodded and proceeded to direct the panicking crowd to the exits while some engaged the the attacking robots.

Mego and the Wegos shot out of their seats and spread out in a protective circle around the Possible and the Go family.

"Wait!" Hego hissed loudly, reaching out to grab Mego's arm. "We're still in our civilian clothes, we can't reveal ourselves. We should-"

Hego bit his tongue when Liz stood up and clobbered him with her heavy leather purse.

"If you don't get over there and help those poor students I swear I'll show you exactly where Agatha gets her mean streak from," Liz growled menacingly, her eyes narrowed dangerously. Hego paled dramatically when for a brief moment he could of sworn that instead of his mother, it was Shego standing there preparing to rip his throat out.

"Y-yes mother," Hego stammered out. "Team Go! Move out!"

Anne blinked in surprise at Liz as Team Go jumped into the action.

Liz grinned at her. "What can I say? Every now and then a mother has to crack the whip a little."

"I think it's time we made our exit," Frank muttered, staring wearily at a robot biker that roared passed him, waving around a thick metal chain.

"Agreed," James said, grabbing Anne's hand and standing up with her.

Anne froze as they were making their way toward an exit.

"Hold a minute. Wheres Jim and Tim?" Anne asked worriedly, nervously looking in all directions.

James also glanced around and groaned loudly when he spotted them. He grabbed his wife and turned her in their direction.

Anne frowned and placed her hands on her hips.

"Jim! Tim!"

The tweebs glanced up from the robotic biker they were rewiring, shooting mischievous smiles at their mother.

"Coming!" Jim shouted, jumping up and trotting over to the group.

Tim snickered, connecting the last wire before closing the panel they had opened, quickly following his brother. James and Anne sighed tiredly and looked exasperatedly at their unapologetic sons when the robotic biker shot to its feet, and picked up a folded chair before running towards Drakken and Motor Ed.

Drakken cackled loudly at the chaos around him as Motor Ed played the air guitar to the music blaring out from the speakers.

"Once Shego arrives I'll hit her with my 'Drakken Follower Ray 2.0' and turn her into my eternal slave! Mwhahaha!" Drakken laughed maniacally, pulling out a high tech looking pistol from his jacket.

Drakken froze, however, when he saw the malfunctioning robot barreling towards him.

"Gah! Ed! Help me!!" Drakken screamed as he ducked under the chair the robot swung at him. Drakken uselessly fired the ray gun at the robot, having no effect on the inorganic being. The robot swung again, knocking the ray gun out of Drakken's hand.

"No! My invention!" Drakken cried, diving for the gun. The robot grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and tossed him through the air to the other side of the gym, before bashing its own head in, it's heavy metal body falling and crushing the ray gun. "Help meeeeee!"

Ed blinked at the flying mad scientist before shrugging and going back to his air guitar.

He was interrupted when Ron jumped in front of him, growling as he dropped into his fighting stance.

"Game's over Motor E-" Ron yelped when someone jumped on his back.

"EEEEK! Go away! Go away!" Bonnie screamed, a pair of robotic Biker's closing in on them.

"Bonnie! I can't see!" Ron yelled he tried to pry her hands off is eyes.

"Don't just stand there you idiot! Run!" Bonnie commanded, digging her heels into Ron's sides.

"Gah!" Ron yelped and started running in a random direction back into the crowd, the two robots hot on their heels.

Motor Ed scratched his head. Before he could go back to rocking his invisible guitar, Will Du jumped in front of him.

"Cease and desist! You're under arr-"

Will was cut off as a robot came flying through the air and collided into him, sending them tumbling back into the chaos.

"Sorry!" Hego's voice yelled from somewhere in the distance.

Motor Ed shrugged, and went back to rocking to the blaring music.

He paused again when a finger tapped him on the shoulder.

The burly man turned around and grinned when he came face to face with Betty Director.

"How you doing, babe. Wanna find out exactly why they call me Motor Ed?" the villain said, raking his eyes up and down Betty's figure.

Betty's eye twitched before she smashed her steel toed boot into Ed's groin.

Wade took a deep breath as he turned away from the monitor that was showing the chaotic gym and faced the monitor that was showing the closed office door.

"Sorry Kim, but this is an emergency," Wade said to himself as pressed a button to change the view. He almost fell out of his seat when he saw that a fully clothed Kim and Shego were seated in two desks, having a conversation.

Shego sighed as she ran a hand through her hair, a small smile on her face as she observed the hopeful look on the teenager's face.

"Okay, fine. You've convinced me. I'll do it," Shego relented, her smile widening a little when Kim's face lit up, her olive green eyes twinkling.

"Spankin!" Kim shouted as jumped out of her seat and placed a big, wet kiss on Shego's cheek.

"Yeah, yeah, no need to get all excited about it," Shego said dismissively, standing up and straightening out her suit.

Shego shook her head amusedly when Kim ignored her and did a little happy dance, her face threatening to split in half from her wide smile. They both froze when Kim's Kimmunicator chimed.

Kim cleared her throat and straightened her robe out before answering Wade's call.

"What's the sitch?" Kim chirped, wrapping her arm around Shego's waist when the older woman sidled next to her to stare into the screen on her device.

"Drakken and Motor Ed decided to crash your graduation. I thought maybe the two of you might wanna drop by and let him know how you feel about that," Wade said, grinning at the two of them.

Shego groaned and slapped hand over her eyes while Kim frowned.

"I can't believe he replaced me with Motor Ed of all people," Shego muttered.

"I was hoping he would give up the world domination thing after you left," Kim murmured, glancing at her girlfriend.

"You forget that Dr. D lives to hold grudges and fulfill revenges. We just gave him another reason to try to conquer the world," Shego grumbled, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Right," Kim sighed, already down from her blissful mood a few moments ago. "Anything I should be aware of before I head over to the gym Wade?"
Wade glanced at another monitor before turning back to them.

"So far the only thing they've thrown at us is some droids on motorcycles. Who knows what else they have planned. Can't be too serious considering it is just Drakken and Motor Ed," Wade informed.

"I bet you fifty bucks it's going to be some kind of mind control device to try to turn me against Kimmie here," Shego sighed, wrapping an arm around Kim's shoulders and giving her a small squeeze.

Kim and Wade blinked at her.

"Uh, you know, that actually does sound like something he would do in this kind of situation," Wade said thoughtfully.

"Yeah. I guess after working for him for so many years you can predict what he's going to do, right?" Kim asked curiously, her hand that was resting on Shego's hip lowering to rest on the curve of Shego's suit clad behind. Shego sucked her teeth and cut Kim dry look when the hand on her rear gave a healthy squeeze.

Kim gave her an innocent look, genuinely curious about Shego's response. Sometimes Shego wondered if Kim even knew what her hands were doing sometimes. The hand shot back up when Kim felt the hand resting on her shoulder start to heat up rapidly.

"Not really. I just remember reading in his diary once that should I ever turn on him, he would invent a ray to turn me into his slave," Shego said casually, hiding her smirk when she noticed Kim trying her hardest not to pout at her in front of Wade.

"Anyways, you two better hurry up, it's a mess in there," Wade said before cutting out.

"Drakken has impeccable timing as always," Kim sighed as she pulled off her graduation robe, revealing her mission clothes underneath. Kim blinked when Shego quirked an eyebrow at her clothes. "What? I have to be prepared for anything, even going on a mission in the middle of my graduation."

"Right," Shego drawled, rolling her eyes. She sighed as she regarded her own outfit. "I guess I should have wore the pantsuit and flats instead of the dress suit and heels."

"I disagree, I think you made the perfect choice," Kim murmured, her eyes racking up and down Shego's shapely legs and hips, pausing on the round curve of Shego's rear. Kim chewed on her bottom lip for a brief moment. "You know, your brothers and Global Justice can-"

Shego held up a firm hand when Kim took a step towards her, stopping the frisky teen in her tracks.

"No way, Pumpkin. The last time we did the tango during an operation, I got my ass chewed out for an hour straight by Ms. Cyclops." Shego's eye twitched when Kim began to pout.

"And if I remembered correctly, it was you who insisted on me being a G.J. agent so that we could be partners when you graduated." Shego took a step back, her hand still held out in a halting gesture, when Kim took another step forward.

"And if you don't want me to be fired, I suggest you cool your jets off," Shego said, her voice cracking slightly when Kim's pout deepened as she brought a hand to her khaki pants, and easily popped the button to her fly open. Shego turned her head the side, finding it extremely hard not to stare at the small piece of purple lace from the bit of underwear that was revealed.

"A-and its not fair!" Shego said pleading, her back hitting the far wall, her head still turned to the side. She squeezed her eyes shut and gulped when she heard the a zipper being lowered. She knew Kim had her puppy dog pout going full force. And the combination of her stripping while wearing that look was an unstoppable force when it came to Kim trying to have her way with the thief. Many a times has the redhead managed to get the former thief to bend to her will with her potent tactic.

During the beginning of their relationship, Kim had still been a little awkward about initiating their love making due to her still being virgin when they got together. Even though the redhead was eager to do it as often as possible, she had often struggled to get Shego into the right mood to jump into bed with her.

But fortunately for Kim, and unfortunately (or fortunately?) for Shego, Kim was a fast learner and quickly discovered ways to either put Shego into a frisky mood or to break down Shego's steel like will when the older woman was holding out on her. The dynamic of their relationship shifted accordingly.

At the beginning it seemed as though Shego held the reigns to their relationship, since she was more experienced and felt more comfortable with dating another woman. As soon as Kim managed to come out to her loved ones and gained newfound knowledge on the joys of lesbian sex from books, websites, and her experiences with Shego, the shift of power was almost palpable. Shego was well aware of the jokes going around among the younger agents at Global Justice that Kim Possible had succeeded in the almost impossible task of domesticating the great Shego into a submissive housewife.

Shego would be pissed beyond belief at such rumors if it wasn't for the fact that they were so close to the truth. And not to mention there was the fact that Kim seemed to revel in the rumors. The redhead took immense pride in letting people know who she was dating and who kept her bed warm at night. While others saw her as a freak because of her green skin and her plasma powers, and while others saw her as an unrepentant low life who deserved to be thrown into the darkest prisons for life, Kim revered her as if she was the greatest human being to walk the earth.

Whenever they made love, it was like Kim was worshiping at her altar, offering her praises and promises of a lifetime of servitude. When they were out together doing mundane things such as shopping or eatting, the way Kim liked to always remain touching her in some shape or form and the way Kim would openly admire her body, no matter who was watching, made her feel like the most desirable woman in the room. And in the end, Shego felt like a goddess whenever she was with the redhead, and it was because of those feelings that Shego's love for the redhead grew so much.

She was a goddess when she was with Kim. And that was why thoughts had started to rise up in Shego about her future with Kim. Shego could admit she liked the way Kim's eyes would briefly light up with a mixture of happiness and hope when someone would jokingly call Shego Mrs. Possible. Although Shego knew that it was still to early to be thinking about that kind of thing, it was something that she liked to entertain, even though the thought of being tied down in such a way went against her desire for true freedom. Then again, she did already give up a good chunk of freedom by giving up being a villain....

But that was another issue all together. Right now, Shego was just focused on walking out of the room with unrumpled clothes, neat hair, and steady legs. Because even though she was a goddess when she was with Kim, she was still a goddess that Kim liked to have sex with at inopportune times. And Kim was damn good at getting what she wants.

"Come on! Didn't I just agree to move in with you after you graduate like a minute ago! Cut me some slack here Kimmie!" Shego begged when Kim grabbed her outstretched hand.

Shego waited for Kim to pull her into her embrace and begin their familiar and immensly enjoyable dance, but was surprised when she heard Kim sigh in defeat before lightly kissing her palm.

"You drive me crazy, you know that?" Kim murmured, holding Shego's palm to her cheek.

Shego opened her eyes, and sighed when she saw the pout was gone, instead replaced by soft smile on Kim's face.

"And you know you drive me freaking insane, right?" Shego said replied, rubbing her thumb over the curve of Kim's soft cheek.

Kim giggled and stepped forward to peck Shego on the lips.

"Alrighty, lets get going," Kim sighed while buttoning up her fly.

"I hope Drakken is still insured," Kim growled, stepping back and heading for the door, cracking her knuckles in irritation. "I want to thank him for interrupting what would have been a life fulfilling moment for me."

Shego grinned as she followed Kim out of the classroom.

"Which moment are we talking about? The moving in with each other or the graduating part?" Shego asked, wrapping an arm around Kim's shoulder as they walked down the hallway towards the gym. Kim's scowl disappeared as she snaked an arm around Shego's waist, resting a hand on her hip.

"Neither," Kim quipped, resting her head on Shego's shoulder as a playful smile spread across her face. "I've just always had this kinky fantasy of having sex with you in Mr. Barkins office."

Shego's loud laughter echoed down the hallway as the two lovers turned the corner, walking toward the gymnasium that conveniently held all their friends and family in one gigantic, chaotic mess that would make any casual observers mind spin.

They figured it was good metaphor for what their life would be like from now on. And oddly enough, they really didn't mind. They would be taking the next step in their relationship once they moved in with each other, and what better way to celebrate than to beat the bloody snot out of the man who made it all possible. Because really, it had all began by the innocent act of a certain blue skinned main publically listing Shego's phone number in the yellow pages.

Funny how things worked out that way.

The End

AN: Whew, finally got it out of me. It was like I was pregnant with this thing, and it just didn't want to come out. That's a disturbing image, considering I'm a guy.....anyways, sorry for the loooonnnngggg delay in getting this out. I just couldn't get the right mindset to write this thing.

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Here's a little something for those who so desperatetly wanted mistletoe and for those who were rooting for smut. Enjoy!


Shego: Kimmie, I'm home!

Kim: I'm in the bedroom!

Shego:....*sigh* Princess, I was just on a week long mission, let me take a nap first or something.

Kim: Are you sure? I have a present for you. *giggle*

Shego: *blush* Really? Uh, ok.



Kim: Well?

Shego: *blush*blush* M-mistletoe?

Kim: Well, I realized there weren't any at your parents house last Christmas, sooooo, I decided to bring some late Christmas cheer home!

Shego: *blushx10* A-are you sure that's how you're suppose to use it?

Kim: What? Isn't the tradition to kiss under the mistletoe?

Shego:*blushx20* Y-yeah, but-

Kim: So whats the problem? *leer* Kiss under the mistletoe, darling.

Shego: *blushx30**nosebleed*

Kim: You don't want to? Well, I have some candy canes too...

Shego: *super blush*O-oh yeah, sure. You know I always-

Kim: *whips out jumbo candy cane*


Kim: *Sigh* Oh well, guess I'll.... *stares at Shego's unconscious body**stares at candy cane**leers*

Kim: Mmm, now where did I put the handcuffs and gag ball.....

!!!!End Omake!!!