Chapter I

I sighed at the sight of the university that I was going to attend. I had a small suitcase and my laptop bag leaning against my legs. It was like I was standing in a sea of strangers, no one I knew caught my gaze. Sighing again disappointedly, I hoisted my belongings over each shoulder and tried to interpret the schedule and papers I held in my hands.

Classes didn't start the next day, so that meant that I had today to get my things together in my dorm and take some time to just settle in. The thought of sleeping in a room with another stranger had me a little tense. You never knew what was ahead of you, and this was definitely one of those times.

Problem was, I couldn't figure out anything. I had no idea where the dormitories were. Standing like an idiot, I gazed around trying to make sense of what was out in front of me. I didn't even have a map, not that they really gave out any. The school wasn't that huge, but it was most definitely different than what I experienced back in Destiny Islands.

One thing I did notice, was that no one was wearing uniforms. I peered down at my blue plaid skirt and pressed white blouse. I stood out so badly. I grunted something under my breath about wishing I had a place to go to change into something more less embarrassing.

I was lonely too, that was another thing that had my mind bothered. Being alone wasn't exactly a hobby of mine. I hated it. After leaving Riku and Sora behind, I told myself that I had to open up to making some friends who were girls and have a larger social network no matter how much I missed them and wanted them standing next to me. I just wished that they could have made it into this school too, damn why did my grades have to be that good?

"Education is more important than friends, Kairi," my mother had told me before I boarded the train headed to Twilight Town. She may have been right, but I still thought that friends were just as important. Or even more.

I noticed a few girls in front of me. They looked like nice people so I decided to go up and talk to them, maybe get some help too about where I should go. Yes, that would have been just great if my feet could start walking. I firmly stood where I was, as if I was afraid of approaching them. They walked right past me and I missed a chance to get some insight about things and possibly make some friends.

Oh well...

I grumbled at my stupid mistake. They were out of sight by the time I mustered any shred of courage left in my heart. You know what, hell with it. I was just going to walk around and see where it took me.


My room number was 'A19' so I scanned the door numbers as I walked down the long hallway for the right room. The walls were a nice shade of blue, very homey and relaxing. My footsteps bounced off the walls, echoing in the vacant place. After long hours of walking and searching, I finally found the dormitory rooms. They were the buildings far behind from the school. Go figure.

I stopped walking and halted in front of the door with the number 'A19' engraved on it with a golden plate. Finally, I could just sit and relax and not worry about anything. I fumbled for my keys in my pocket and swung them in the air when I found them. Inserting the key into the keyhole, I turned it and twisted the doorknob.

My heart fell. The door was still locked. But that couldn't be right because I had the key and the number was the right one because the papers said so themselves. Grunting, I dropped my bags onto the floor and tried unlocking the door once again. Without any luck the second or fifth time though. Damn.

Perhaps someone was in there like my roommate. I knocked lightly on the door hoping that someone would open up. To my bitter discouragement, no one came. It was already late in the afternoon and I was so hungry. I wanted to get something to eat, not that I would know where to go, but I wanted to put my things away for safe keeping.

This wasn't fair. Why me? I had to be locked out with no one inside to open it for me. Let me just try one more time, I thought to myself. I inserted the key like I was supposed to then twisted to door knob right and left, but it still wouldn't open.

I knocked again, still no answer. This got me wondering if I had a roommate in the first place. I edged closer to the door and squinted my eyes to see through the peek hole. It was pointless because I didn't see anything.

"Would you like some help?" asked an unfamiliar voice from behind me.

I turned around and refrained from showing any signs of shock on my face. The man I saw standing, no wait that would be incorrect to say…the man I saw slouching had his big black eyes bulging at me. Dark rims traced the bottom of this eyes. His hands were placed in the pockets of his blue jeans. Strands of his black hair covered his eyes partially.

I took a step backwards in surprise. My gaze continued to linger at his odd features. As I was doing so, he raised his right hand to his mouth, placing his thumb against the edge of his lips and waited for me to speak.

"Um…" was all I managed to say.

"Allow me," he said in a very monotone voice. With his free hand, the one not lingering by his lips, pulled out an identical pair of keys like mine and opened the door to the room without any trouble.

He pushed the door open, revealing a dark room. He was about to walk forward when he stumbled upon my laptop bag. He looked at it, then bend down to hoist it over his shoulder. I tried hard not to snatch it away from him, I didn't like it when people touched my things. However, my mouth was too dry and dumbfounded to say a thing so I let him carry it into the room.

I followed behind him when I strolled my small suitcase behind me. My hand felt the wall for a switch, and when I touched something, I flicked it, illuminating the entire room. I saw the mysterious man place my laptop carefully upon one of the two bunk beds.

He leisurely walked over to a small refrigerator, then opened it and peered within. He closed it after obtaining a small jar that appeared to be strawberry jam. He sat in a chair that was placed in the corner by the draped windows. I stupidly stared at him, not knowing what to say or react.

He popped the lid off the jar and with his bare hands, he ate from the jar. It struck me funny because with each handful of strawberry jam that he gulped down made me think of Whinny the Pooh Bear, except Pooh looked much cuter doing this childish act.

I continued to stand in front of him like a weirdo. After a moment, he looked intently at me and asked me randomly, "How long have you've been here?"

"Today's my first day," I muttered, not understanding where he was getting at.

"I see…so you know no one here and no one here knows you?" His pink tongue slide around the lid of the jar, cleaning it from any strawberry jam. I tried hard not to wince at the weird sight before me. It all looked so unnatural.

"That's correct," I said as I twisted my fingers from nervousness. Who was this guy? Why was he here? I had to ask something in return. "Are you my roommate?"

He let out a small laugh, or sort of. "No, absolutely not."

So get out?! I wanted to usher him away, but he asked me another random question. Besides, guys aren't supposed to be in the girl's dorms...right??

"Have you seen a tall teenage boy with brown hair and a…charming face?"

What in the…

"Um…no?" I didn't know anyone by that description. In fact, there could be tons of tall boys with brown hair and charming faces in this place.

"I thought so…why did I bother asking," he said to himself more than to me. "Well, I must go now."

Getting up from the bed, he trudged passed me and out the door without saying a proper goodbye. He even shut the door loudly behind himself. Ok, yeah, that was awkward. We didn't even exchange names and he was in and out just like that.

I laid my bag against the side of a wall and decided to take a quick shower to lighten up. The bathroom was surprisingly clean, not like I had expected it. Everything was white and sparkling. Taking my clothes off, I let the water run from the shower for a few minutes then got in. The warm water washed over me, relaxing my tired body.

When I was done, I wrapped myself around a towel that was folded on a rack. Crap, I thought to myself, I left my stuff outside. I wanted to wear something more suitable for the weather and besides I needed my body mist spray.

I opened the bathroom door and stepped out from the steaming room. Invisible fog crept out from the room as I headed towards my suitcase.

It was right where I had left it, against the wall beside the entrance door. I gingerly walked over to it, unzipping the suitcase carefully. I kneeled down on my knees to get a better look at what I could wear. The hand that was holding onto the top of the tower let go as I moved some shirts and whatnot around to get something that I liked. My towel drooped down a tad, but I didn't mind. No one was watching anyhow. It was just me, the freak in here earlier had left.

A creamy pink blouse caught my attention, along with a dark blue pair of jeans. Pulling them out from the neatly folded stack of clothes, I held them carefully so that they wouldn't get wrinkled. I stood up, holding my towel securely again.

What was the point in going back to the bathroom to change when I was fine where I was? No one was here, just me so I decided to take my towel off and dry myself then and there. A cold draft rushed over my bare body, it felt cool and relaxing. I shivered a little, but it didn't bug me. I looked around to see where the draft came from and I saw that there was an open window. That struck me odd because that window wasn't open when I came in, the freak boy didn't open it…so that meant…someone was in here, in the room with me!!

My nerves started to panic. I grabbed my towel again and wrapped it tightly around myself quickly. Then I twirled around, looking over the whole room. I gasped when I saw this red haired boy laying comfortably on the bed. His emerald eyes were glued to me. I felt shame and disgrace wash over me. I felt exposed.

I clutched the tower tighter and raised it higher. My wet auburn hair dripped from the excess water and my teeth clashed together because the cold draft was getting to me. I was too stunned to rush back to the bathroom and locked the door and hide possibly forever.

His arms were folded behind his head as his tongue licked his lips after he dropped the dying cigarette from between his hands. The ashes burnt a little through the carpet as a whiff of smoke floated over it. I grimaced even harder.

My heart stopped beating from fear and so did my mind. I was too stunned to say anything or go anywhere. To my bitter disappointment, he swung his legs off from my laptop case and ducked his head underneath the board of the bunk bed. He was taller than he looked laying down when he stood up next to the bed. He was a good six feet tall. Oh boy…

A dangerous smile crawled on his face as he slowly approached me. His eyes danced with fire with each step he took, the flames burnt with fiery. To me, he looked like the devil. His red hair was hard to explain, but it was definitely bizarre. Green diamonds were engraved below his eyes.

I took a few steps backwards, my back hit the cold wall after the third step. My mouth went dry when he was only an inch away from me. The sly grin on his face did not falter. I closed my eyes and kept them shut waiting for the worst. My mind was cut off from the rest of my body because I wasn't moving or screaming. I was too much in shock, now those ridiculous dorm stories about getting raped didn't seem so silly to me anymore. They were all real…and now my story was going to be added on to the chain of various rape tales.

He was much bigger than I was no doubt, I couldn't hurt him if I tried. My lips curled to a hard grimace when I felt his black cloak against my hand that I desperately held the towel with, the thin fabric that covered my body. It was the only thing standing between him and what he wanted.

My eyes tightened harder with despair. Why did I bother coming here?

I felt his warm hands cupping around my hand, trying to pry them loose. I balled my hand into a tight fist as hard as I could as he tried to pull them apart.

I was an idiot for leaving Destiny Islands. I should have listened to my mother when she told me to be careful since the outside world was a dangerous place.

The stranger suddenly changed his mind from removing my hands and instead, I felt his hot breath against my skin, his tongue slithering down the side of my neck, just below my ear. I stayed perfectly still, too scared and stupid to do anything.

My entire body shook from the cold breeze, that's when it struck me that I could shout and perhaps someone could hear my cries. But if I did that, he might do something to me…I didn't want to think about it.

He pressed his body very close to mine, I could feel him breathing on me. His warm tongue trailed down my neck to my collarbone. I almost jumped when I felt his two fingers prancing from my belly as they made their way to my upper body. The touch of his fingers pricked me like needles. His hand stopped midway, as if he was changing his mind again. The wet trail of saliva that he left on my neck made me squeamish. It was as if my knees were about to give out.

Instead of what he was originally planning to do, he pressed his body against mine and groaned into my ear. I felt so sick and disgusted at myself and at this sick minded fool. His cheek brushed against my face. My eyes were bursting from pain because I was shutting them too tightly.

He slid his cheek as his nose trailed the outlines of my frigid face. Then, I felt a soft pair of lips against my cold, frightened ones. I did my best to keep my lips pressed together, but my effort was useless because he jabbed his tongue through them in an instant. His wet tongue played with mine.

I wanted to bite him. That's exactly what I did, I crushed my teeth against his tongue so hard, he grunted. He didn't pull back, but I believed he was annoyed but not too angry because he gently bit my lower lip, not hard but with a small amount of pressure. Then he pressed his hard body against my fragile one against the wall harder, it was like I was suffocating and gasping for air.

"Axel!" thundered a voice from behind the stranger.

Finally, help. Someone came to help me. A pair of angry footsteps came to us, I couldn't see him but I could hear him distinctively.

The person against me, Axel his name was apparently, was pulled away from me. I opened my eyes to find a blonde haired boy with innocent crystal blue eyes gripping onto the cloak of his friend. Axel winked at me before he turned to my savior.

"I'm busy, Roxas. Can't you see that?" he replied back, grinning evilly as he did so.

Roxas shook his head at him then turned to me. "I'm so sorry, I…I really am. Did he hurt you? Are you alright?"

The fool, how in Hell could I be alright when I was about to get raped by some lunatic? I was going to get molested, I wanted to scream this at him, how the hell do you think I am supposed to feel?

Roxas glared at Axel once more. "What were you thinking?"

"I wanted some fun," Axel said back casually, as if there was nothing wrong. "You don't see wet sluts in towels walking around in your room, do you? No, I didn't think so."

I felt so embarrassed, first he called me a slut, then I find out that this really wasn't my room at all, that I was in the wrong place all along. I wanted to cry but the tears refused to come out.

Roxas was about to say something in return, but Axel cut him short and continued to talk. "Don't give me that look, ok? I just saw her come out from the bathroom, then she stands over there and takes her towel off. What was I supposed to think? And, when I come over to her, she didn't resist when I got on her."

Lies. That wasn't true, well not all of it. I wanted to tell him to shut up and that it was him who wanted to do something with me. I wanted to shout at him that I wasn't a slut. Roxas shook his head in disbelief and turned to me, but his eyes were lowered. He couldn't look at me directly in the eyes.

"Please forgive him, he can't control his feelings," he mumbled.

Axel snorted loudly and rolled his eyes.

"We'll be leaving now," he told me, dragging Axel behind him as they left and shut the door.

But before he was out of sight, Axel turned to me, winked slyly, then gave me a flying kiss.

I wanted to kill myself…

-End Chapter 1-

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