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Beautiful Mortal Things

She is beautiful to Edward for reasons that Jasper can feel vibrating through his chest, that fall just short of jumpstarting his heart. The way she speaks, breathes, and moves, all wrapped up in a seductive sheath of mortality. Her scent no longer triggers hunger, only a wild, mind-altering need to shift closer, closer to a promise of life like he'd never known. She is the light, breakable embodiment of the one thing Edward wants that eternity is missing. To feel alive and have freedom in tears and in joy. To know that everything good and terrible runs through his heart in darts of pleasure and pain, pure and pulsing. Jasper discovers quickly that there are no bounds to what Edward feels when he watches her, touches her. Wonder because of the beautiful rhythm under her skin and despair because it taunts him and makes him more aware of his stillness.

Doesn't it get unbearable? To feel so dead yet love someone so alive?

He is beautiful to Jasper for reasons that boil thickly just beneath his indestructibility. They may exist in the same eternity but Edward travels in his own world of quiet passion and graceful propriety. His slim fingers compose voiceless arias that make deep, dark pools well up beneath Jasper's eyelids. He smells like lust and liberation, like flying through trees with branches slapping gently against skin. Jasper can't help wondering how he tastes and if it would be like salty-sweet adrenaline on his tongue. He watches Edward's beauty in wonder because it's so close and in despair because it can't get any closer. Sometimes he catches a flicker in Edward's eyes colored like regret. As if in that moment, they're both imagining a what if and a maybe then. In those moments, he finds that he misses mortality, misses knowing that whatever the tragedy, it would not last forever.

Sometimes, yes. But I try to imagine that loving is the same as living.

Then may we live for eternity.