This is a small oneshot I wrote after watching an amv made to the song "Always" By Saliva, it was the anime Death Note(Obviously)

Soooooo yeah it brought me to write this beautiful piece =P I hope you guys all enjoy it as much as I did writing it!!

OH and the song is "Goodbye" By Jamestown Story!!

Quick Note: The setting/scene is: Light and L had been going out off and on for months before L broke it off with Light on some unexplained accounts in this fic. ALTHOUGH, This story takes place possibly near the end of the actual series sooo L has been dead some years(Which makes the story go easier with the song)and Light finally can't handle it anymore anndd the rest shall be explained [: -Hearts-

My Final Confession, My last Impression.

He's gone, left, didn't say a single word, no lasting expression, no ounce of remorse for him leaving me here all alone in pain. Then again I'm the reason for his death.

Time has run out, for me,
Everything's distant
And I don't know what to believe
It's so hard,
Lost in the world's confusion
And I need to leave
For awhile, life is so meaningless
There is nothing worth a smile
So goodbye, I'll miss you

To join him is becoming a simple dream as I sit here knowing no one will miss me, a killer of my only lover and best friend.

And I'm sorry,
But this is my fate,
Everything is worthless,
No one who wants me to stay
And I'm sorry,
But I've waited too long,
So here's my goodbye,
No one will cry over me,
I'm not worth any tears

Once more I reach for the blade, my faithful companion who upon so many times reminded me how to feel and that I had something to live for… had... now he's gone, left without one lasting impression. I want to die, to kill myself now and end it all, live life in neither Heaven nor Hell, where I belong, the only place left for me, so fitting how I'll float in nothingness where as I'm nothing but a God here, ironic how that power and title kills me now.

It's been the years of abuse,
Neglected to treat the disorder
That controls my youth
For so long,
I'm in a fleshy tomb burried
Up above the ground

I touch my blade dragging a single digit down the sharp edge yet without the pressure to slice open my skin. Suddenly I draw my hand away from the blade against my will, as if I myself wasn't doing it. A chill racing up my arm sending a shiver down my spine as the feeling of a cold hand holding mine, moving it away from the 'dangerous' weapon always causes me to snap my eyes open and look for him, despite the fact that I know he isn't there. If he is a spirit trying to stop me from committing suicide then he really should stop, living and feeling him there is killing me faster than my trusty blade.

It's no use,
Why should I hold on
It's been five years
Don't need one more
So goodbye, life's abuse

I'm becoming an empty vessel of flesh and he refuses to realize that, stubborn even after death. My precious L, still trying to keep me alive, despite the fact that during life, his goal was to kill me as well. I'm Kira or when days were good, Light Yagami.

So here's my goodbye,
No one will cry over me,
I'm not worth any tears.

Kaya Lawliet(Aka MSR)