Chapter 4

Morning Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here. What angst ridden, on-again, off-again couple is currently shacking up in the same residence? Here's a hint it's not Lonelyboy and S. I spy with my little eye; B, C, S and Eall under one roof. All we need is for N to be homeless again and it's a full-blown orgy. You know you love me. XOXO.

"Ugh! Stupid Gossip Bitch," Blair Waldorf muttered into her pillow as she dropped her phone to the floor and prepared herself to snuggle back into the sheets for an extra five minutes of sleep before she had to get up for school.

His chuckle was smooth as it echoed throughout the room, "Someone's a little cranky this morning." "Chuck! Get out of here!" Blair demanded as she turned her back on him. "You know I remember a certain morning ritual we had that would leave you smiling and satisfied. We can engage in it if you want. Would you prefer to be on top or bottom?" He asked innocently.

"Chuck! I swear to God-" Blair hissed as she turned over to yell at him properly. He cut her off by placing the fully bloomed red rose that he held in his left hand against her mouth.

"Be nice," he murmured huskily tracing her lips with the delicate petals of the flower. "Is that for me?" She questioned. "No it's for Mr. Snuggles over there," Chuck retorted gesturing towards her Yale teddy bear that lay at the foot of the bed.

Blair rolled her eyes and snatched the rose from Chuck's hand. "What are you doing in here?" She asked suspiciously as she brought the rose to her nose and inhaled it's sweet scent.

Chuck smirked, "I was on my way downstairs and when I passed your room I heard you moaning my name. Good dream Waldorf?" Blair's face turned as red as the rose she was holding. "I didn't- I wasn't- I mean you heard-"

Chuck simply smiled, leaned in real close and whispered, "Relax. I'm kidding." Blair huffed, "I knew that." She forced a laugh and Chuck gave her his I-know-you're-lying look. God she hated that look.

Blair took a moment to shift around uncomfortably in the bed as Chuck pulled a cream colored envelope out from behind his back. "What's that?" Blair asked mildly curious. "Oh this," Chuck flicked the envelope around in his hand. "Just a letter from Yale."

"WHAT!" Blair screeched as she despartely tried to reach for the letter. "Is it mine? Give it to me!" She demanded moving from underneath the sheets to practically on top of him, trying to grasp the letter.

Chuck grasped her dainty wrist in his hand and pulled Blair's entire body forwards. The momentum caused Blair to go sprawling into his lap. "You didn't say please," Chuck chided against the soft strands of her hair. "You're heinous," Blair declared. Her voice a breathy whisper against his lips. "Then why are you still in my lap?" Chuck asked simply.

Blair quickly removed herself from her straddling position and sat back against the pillows on the bed. She straightened out her hair and then her nightgown before asking once more, "is it mine?"

This time Chuck handed her the letter, " Doreta arrived with it this morning." Blair took the letter into her hands eagerly and then glared up at him, "You opened it!" Chuck merely shrugged, "I was curious." Blair rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and then unfolded the piece of paper that lay inside.

She shouldn't be this nervous. She was already practically into Yale. Emma said so herself. Still….. Blair hurriedly unfolded the letter and scanned it quickly. She let out a gasp of surprise and threw her arms around Chuck in a moment of inspired happiness.

"I'M IN!" She yelled happily. Chuck returned her embrace, his own hands moving down to rest against her back. Don't let her go! A voice in his head screamed but Chuck had no time to listen as the moment was over and Blair was off running down the hallway to tell Serena the good news. Don't let her go. His mind repeated.

"I can't believe it….Yale!" Blair gushed as she walked down the school hallway with Serena. "It's like a dream come true. I've waited for this moment practically my entire life and now it's finally here." The curly haired brunette released a blissful sigh before turning to her friend and asking, "Have you told Brooklyn about your acceptance letter yet?"

Serena bit her lip and shook her head no, " I'm afraid to share the good news only to find out that he didn't get accepted." Blair rolled her eyes, "This is your moment S, don't let anyone ruin it. Especially not Dan Humphrey." Blair twisted her face up at his last name as if it were a contagious disease and this time it was the blonde who rolled her eyes.

The two girls walked into their Shakespearean classroom and took their seats. Miss Carr began passing back their papers and Blair ignored the woman choosing instead to talk to Iz in quiet whispers until her own paper landed upon her desk.

Blair looked down at her grade written in big, bold writing and instantly protested, "This is wrong! It's a B. I deserved an A." The class full of gossiping girls fell silent as everyone turned their attention towards Blair and Miss Carr.

"Actually, the young teacher began, you deserved the grade you were given. It was a B paper Blair. There won't be any changes made." And with that Miss Carr headed to the front of the classroom to begin teaching.

Blair's eyes narrowed and she crumpled the paper up in her hand. Uh-oh! Serena thought silently as Blair seethed in the seat next to her. "Her career is over!" Blair hissed turning towards Hazel and Iz to come up with a master plan to bring down Miss Carr.

"No-no-no!" Serena cried quietly as she tugged on Blair's coat forcing the brunette to turn her attention back towards the blonde. "I'll talk to her okay. See if she's willing to reconsider. Just don't do anything drastic B please." "Fine, Blair conceded, but if she refuses than I get to destroy her." Serena released a sigh and then nodded her head as she slid back into her seat.

His gravestone was easy to find. It was easily the biggest and most expensive one around. Chuck scoffed, even in death his father had to prove that he was bigger and better than anyone else.

He stood there for a long time just staring at the gravestones. His mother's grave marker was smaller, less extravagant. His mother and father…. together again. Chuck swallowed and shook his head. God he was so messed up. No wonder Blair didn't want to be with him. She deserved someone that was whole not broken and twisted like he was.

Chuck narrowed his eyes in anger and glared at his father's head stone. It was his entire fucking fault. Chuck decided. Bart had made him into who he was today. If he was broken and twisted it was because Bart had made him that way; always making him believe that he was responsible for his mothers death, never telling him I Love You or I'm Proud Of You Son. God it was no wonder he was fucked up. He had never stood a chance.

Chuck shook his head in disgust. "You never treated me like your son. Never! You kept me around like I was a fucking nuisance and nothing I ever did was good enough for you. Nothing! All I ever wanted was for to be proud of me. Just once! That's all I wanted."

Chuck confessed as he ran a hand over his face, "And you couldn't give it to me. You couldn't give me anything. Not your love, not your support, the only thing you ever gave me was money."

"But it's fine," Chuck whispered. "I don't need you. Never have and never will. The only thing I need is her. She means everything to me and I can have her….all I have to do is tell her that I Love Her."

Chuck paused to laugh bitterly, "But of course I can't do it. I've never said those words to anybody. You made sure of that." Chuck shook his head in anger and began to pace back and forth in front of the head stones as his mind reeled with thoughts.

After a few moments his anger got the best of him and Chuck turned towards Bart's headstone as he yelled, "Screw You!" to the wind. "I'm not going to let you ruin me anymore Dad. I deserve to be happy. I fucking deserve that! I'm going to tell Blair how I really feel about her and we're going to be together. And I'm going to be fucking happy because that's how she makes me feel; happy and….. and loved."

Chuck stood still then and blinked back his tears; "I don't wanna be you anymore. I don't wanna be a miserable, cold bastard. I just…. don't." He added lamently.

Serena found Blair sitting next to Jenny on the steps at lunch. "So…" Blair looked up at Serena expectedly. "Miss Carr has agreed to raise your B to an A if you decide to participate in the extra credit opportunity she is presenting." Blair raised an eyebrow, "What kind of opportunity are we discussing here S?"

Serena released a sigh as she took a seat next to Blair on the steps. "You have to be in the school's play." "Play," Blair echoed. "The modern retelling of William Shakespeare's The Taming of a Shrew. Guess which part she wants you to play?"

Jenny nearly choked at this and Blair sent the girl a mild glare. Jenny simply smiled brightly at Blair, "You should do the play Blair. You can star opposite Dan. I can see it now Waldorf and Humphrey. I can see your names glowing in bright lights already."

"Brooklyn's doing the play?" Blair inquired. Serena slowly nodded her head yes, "It's a Constance/St. Jude's performance. And Miss Carr did confess that she thinks Dan would be perfect for the male lead." Blair begins to protest but Serena cuts her off, "Look B if you want to make that A, this is what you're going to have to do."

"Play Juliet to your Romeo. I think I'll pass." "Actually it's Katherina to Petruchio. And it won't be the nightmare you're making it out to be. I already volentered to do set design and Jenny, they're still looking for someone to help out with costume design."

"Cool," the blonde murmered. "I'm in." "See, Serena prodded Blair, Jenny and I will be there as well. C'mon it'll be fun!" "Fun?" Blair repeated. "Okay, Serena releted, maybe fun isn't the approiate word but it will be manageable."

Blair continued to sit and say nothing causing Serena to let out a sigh. Guess it's time to play dirty. "You know what Blair I was just trying to help. I mean if Yale catches word about this B that you're making….."

Blair's expression instantly changed, "No they can't!" "Fine I'll do it," the brunnete relented and Serena squeeled in happiness. "This is going to be fun! You'll see." The blonde made her way off to share the news with Miss Carr.

Jenny sat back against the steps as she finshed eating her apple, "I wonder how much fun she still thinks it is when you're forced to make out with Dan." Blair face went deathy white from that thought and Jenny couldn't contain the giggles that escaped.

His stride was determined as he walked through Bass Industries. He had a purpose, he knew what he wanted and he knew the means of going about to achieve it. He didn't bother knocking as he stepped into his father's old office.

"He can't find out what happened." "Agreed." His entrance caused the pair to stop their conversation. "Chuck!" Blair looked at him in surpurise. "What are you doing here?" Jack asked his nephew curiously. "Where were you today?" Blair asked concerned. "Nate said you blew off school again. You heard what Headmistress Queller said, You have to-"

"What are you doing here Blair?" Chuck asked her. What are you doing here with him? His mind demanded to know. "I-I was concerned… about you. You weren't in school today and I thought I would pop in and see if Jack knew where you were." She's lying. His mind screamed.

Awkard silence filled the room and Blair finally broke it,"I'm going to go." She tried to catch Chuck's gaze as she exited the office but he refused to look at her. Blair bit her lip and hung her head as she left.

Chuck turned to his uncle as the door shut behind her. "What the hell was that about?"

Spoiler for upcoming chapters:

** Okay now I know some of you might be worried about what happened between Blair and Jack and I want to state that they did not sleep together and that Blair would never intentionally hurt Chuck by fooling around with his uncle. Hint-Hint: Think along the lines of what happened to Lily in the bathroom.