I'll come back when you call me

The London sky was dreary and clouded as always, acting as a blanket to cage the wet drizzle over the city. A small figure could be seen running through the rain, dashing through puddles furiously in an attempt to reach her apartment.


"Aren't you coming Phyllis?" the boy on the train smiled, only to be met with Susan's death stare.

Susan and her siblings gathered their belongings and boarded the train. Only one of them truly felt the heaviness of that last step off the platform. She gripped her luggage firmly with one hand and tried desperately to hold onto the half of her heart that threatened to explode, pounding harder and harder as she heard the metal doors clamp shut. There was no way to get back to Caspian now.

"You don't suppose there's any way we could get back? I left my new torch in Narnia!" Edmund sighed, exasperated. The four laughed – Susan half-heartedly for the other half had been lost, left melting and sobbing on the platform like an ice-cube with a pool of tears growing larger around it as it slowly disappeared.

She looked back at the platform for a second before it was whisked away by the speed of the train. For that brief moment, she could have sworn that she saw someone staring back at her, eyes calling for her to come back. Yet he would not force her to stay with him; it had been her choice.

But now she was gone, speeding away from him like an arrow from her bow.

"I wish we had more time too." she whispered to the empty space behind them.


"I mustn't dwell on the past!" Susan snapped out of her daydream and continued running through the rain to her apartment.

The phone started ringing as soon as she was inside.


"Susan!" A voice sang, "How are you!"

Susan's lips turned up in a small smile, "I'm fine like always, and you?"

There was a pause on the other line.

"You sound very lethargic." Lucy noted.

"Mmmmm…" Susan had a feeling that she knew where this was going.

"Or depressed might be a better word. Have you been thinking about Ca…"

"Look Lucy, it's just my job at the moment." Susan lied, "It's very stressful working for this new fashion company. They want me to have all the dress plans worked out by tomorrow and to try and work out the entire show program in less than a week."

"OH Susan!" Lucy sighed compassionately, "You poor thing. I know you said this was a dream job for you but really…"

Susan had really completed all this work beforehand. The real problem was that because she had nothing to do, she had time to dwell on … a certain person.

"Hey Luce, thanks for calling. I really do appreciate your concern but I think I might go to bed now. I'm really tired and…"

"Sure! No problem. I'll see you around!"


The moment she was off the phone, she slid back into another daydream. He was there, waiting for her at the two-trunked tree that Aslan had created.

"It's good to see you, your majesty," he said quietly.

Beneath the formality, Susan could see the sparkle in his soft eyes. He smiled and cautiously held out his hand for her to come, unsure if this gesture was too informal. But when she took his hand, she melted into his arms and they embraced like the last day she saw him.

But then the air started to move away, moving quickly like the wind in front of a train. He began slipping away from her as the steam-train moved closer and closer towards her.

"Caspian!" Susan whispered in terror, trying to hold onto him desperately but finding that her hand went right through his body. He looked at her sadly.

"I understand your choice, Susan." he whispered, "You need your world more than you need me."

He softly touched her face, but she could not feel it. He was disappearing, dissipating into the wind.

"NO! CASPIAN! I need you!" her voice was coarse with tears, but he could not hear what she was saying. He was no longer near her, but floating away into the distance. The hurt touched his face as he looked at her, even as he tried to hide the sadness behind a brave mask.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry for leaving you! I…I..I." Susan whispered, but it was too late. He was gone.