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Nicky's POV

Phoenix – a bright, sunny place where my mom had taken us thirteen years back, escaping the rainy town of Forks that Bells and I were born. Along the way, divorcing our dad, Charlie; she wasn't able to stand the thought that he would rather stay in the boring town then go to the big city with her.

Ever since, Bella and I had attended the Phoenix Private School. We weren't the life of the party, or among the popular crowd. We were just normal, and people had often referred to us as "the twins". But we were okay with that; we were each other's best friend and mom was our best friend too, until she met Phil Dwyer, a famous baseball player. She was nuts about him; suddenly, all her world revolved around Phil. It was "Phil this" and "Phil that" all the time.

Bella and I were happy for mom; she hadn't gone out with anyone since Charlie. But too soon, there wasn't enough time for us any more.

Rather than staying here and being a bother to our own mother, Bella and I decided to go and live with Charlie, just until we were eighteen and able to get a place of our own. It made us sad that we lost our mother like this, but we want Renee to be happy, and not having us around definitely gave her the chance of not feeling guilty, and to have more freedom.

We'd been planning on leaving for six months, ever since Renee's isolation. She was shamelessly approving of our plans, and she booked us a flight, gave us credit cards and ordered us brand new cars delivered to Forks using the money Phil had given her. She was awfully cheery, telling us to buy whatever we'd like, and she hoped we'd like the cars. We couldn't help but stare at her in disbelief.

Then Bella dropped her news; Jasper Williams, the most popular guy of our school had asked her out.

If you asked any girl at our school to use six words describing Jasper Williams, the answers would be almost identical. Handsome, sporty, smart, charming, rich and popular.

It was all love land at first. Jasper would spend as much time as he could with Bella. He stood up for Bella whenever girls chewed her out. He bought her whatever she wanted, not that she wanted much; Bella haven't been the type of girl that wants people to shower her with presents. Jasper got to the point of buying her something new from Tiffany's every week, ignoring Bella's angry protests and insisted that she should wear the jewelry, just so that he could see its beauty become dull compared to hers.

Bella was head over heels for him. She had often said – to girls who had stared at her with envious eyes and told her how lucky she is – that she didn't know what she had done to deserve him. And she was sure, that she would loose him someday.. It seemed extremely silly back then, but Jasper soon proved me wrong.

It turned out that Jasper had more than one girlfriend. He had another one in Seattle, and he goes there once every fortnight. The story was he had to visit his grandmother there. Worst of all, Bella was the last one to find out, after enduring a whole day of evil looks from jealous girls. Needless to say, Bella ended the relationship first chance she got.

But she wasn't over him; that became obvious as months passed, despite how hard she tried to hide it. She would pretend that he wasn't there when he was close, and she ignored him as much as she could. Yet she wanted to hear all the news about him, and I could tell she still cared for him.

I sighed. My sister hasn't been the same person since. She had lost weight, and she was shyer than ever.

"Nick?" Bella asked hesitantly as she poked her head into my room. "Can I come in, please?"

"Yeah Bells, of course." I looked around at my being-packed up room, for any spaces she could sit. "Just, make yourself comfortable where you can."

She let herself in, careful not to step on any of my stuff. "Thanks."

Her behavior puzzled me. My sister and I got along quite well, and although we are polite to each other, we're not that polite.

"So, what's up?" I put my bag of toiletries down, giving Bells my full attention.

"Nothing much, really. I was wondering if you can keep Jasper," she coughed uncomfortably, "a secret?"

"By a secret, you mean not tell anyone the real reason when the guys ask why they're being rejected by Bella?" I tried to put some humor into the situation.

"I doubt that would happen, but just in case, yes." She laughed lightly.

"Sure, anything for you."

She hugged me. "Thank you." She whispered, her voice broke at the end.


I sighed. We were sitting at the airport terminal, and Renee was starting the "Happy speech" again.

"Now when you get to Forks, don't worry about money. Spend as much as you like! And go and check out the clothes; we didn't find much here that suited Forks, did we? And I think you'll travel much more comfortably this time. We booked you first class! That should make things better. And you girls will just love the cars Phil and I got you! When we saw them, we just knew you had to have them. Email me and let me know what you think of the cars okay? And you can email me anytime you'd like. Anytime."

By this point, Nicky could no longer look our mother in the eye while still smiling. She looked down, and her eyes were full of tears. I put my arms around her as I whispered "You can do this. Just hold on for a few more minutes. Let's end this right." She nodded.

Renee looked to Nicky and noticed the tears. "What's wrong honey?" she cried. "Is it stomach cramps? Or a headache? Do you want anything? What-"

Nicky quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "No, I'm fine. Really I'm fine.."

"Here Nick." I handed her a tissue.

"Thanks." She dabbed her eyes.

"Are you sure?" Renee pressed. "If its stomach cramps, I'm sure we can find a Starbucks for some hot chocolate."

"I'm fine." Nicky smiled reluctantly. "Hey look," she said, looking at the screen that showed information on departure. "I think we have to go."

Renee looked at it too. "Oh yes, well let's get going then."

Once we arrived at the check in gate, Nicky quickly hugged mom and said a quick goodbye before she went in, not looking back. I looked at Renee, and suddenly, she looked so disheartened.

"Don't worry about Nicky; she'll be alright. You have Phil now. Look after yourself." I told her as I gave her a hug.

"Thanks sweetheart. Have a good trip. I mean, have fun in Forks."

Not even I could hold it up much longer. "Thanks mom, bye."

The trip was peacefully quiet. Yet really annoying, because it gave my mind the chance to wander to the thoughts I didn't want to think about. Nicky and I were both stuck in our own thoughts, although I was sure that they were along the same lines.

How could she not have a clue on how we felt? And "have fun in Forks"? I thought sarcastically.

Little did I know, I was entirely wrong.

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