Hey! So, the lucky person who gets Return To Forks is…


Okay, so I hereby bequeath unto you my story, Return To Forks. (don't ask, I don't know what I'm doing, either)

Put her on story alert, you guys! And after I finish the last chapter of Midnight Sun, I'm going to start a new story! Learning from my mistake of having too many stories going at one time and being overwhelmed, pick which idea you like better:

Bella is Princess Isabella of Wales, James is the Prince of Belgium, and they're betrothed, and James is a freaking creeper. She meets a servant named Edward. They fall in love. They are discovered. Edward is sentenced to die. OH NO! WHAT HAPPENS?!

Bella is abused by Charlie. She is 7 years old and goes to a private school. She came home with a less-than-perfect report card and Charlie nearly wipes her out. The Cullens find and adopt her. Edward secretly pines for her once she becomes of age…will she pick him or the boy she's dating (unnamed)? (okay, so you know who)

Let me know, pleasey cheesy macaroni lemon squeezy! (my friend made it up)

Cookies for everyone who reviewed my story(ies)! Don't take me off story alert yet, kay? I'm going to announce which story I'm going to write next (if you're going to still read my stories after I quit already...boohoo...)