Foundling of Wayreth

Taken from the journal of Par Salain:

Those creatures that stayed here for a fortnight have been slain by an, at first unwilling, member of the order of red robes. I say at first unwilling because in the end I was forced to resort to mind control to make him obey. I feel a small pang of regret over the unpleasantness of it all but there is no doubt in my mind that what happened had to be done, it was unavoidable. However I did allow one of them to live, the girl, their child. When I released the aforementioned red robe from my control and whipped his memory of the event, he took her in, gave her a new name and brought her here to live at Wayreth. I thank Sonlairi boundlessly for the opportunity, the gift that he has placed in my lap. It is far too exiting an experiment to pass up. I have a chance to see for my self-if an inhuman creature, if taken in at an early age, cam be converted into something almost human. And so in this journal, in which I have recorded all my previous experiments, I shall now record this one and I shall entitle it The Foundling.

Morgen woke in a cold sweat, the sound of his own horrified scream ringing in his ears. Images of the knife, the blood, and the two mangled bodies flashed in his mind as he struggled to regain his senses. The nightmares were horrible and what was worse was the fact that they made no sense at all. He had never killed anyone, not ever and he had no intention of doing so. Womanizer and rule breaker though he was he knew him self-well enough to know that he was no murderer. Most horrible of all was the fact that the two figures in the dream, those he had killed, bore a striking resemblance to.

"Rosemarta!" Morgen flung the covers aside, ran for his chamber door and pulled it violently open, bounded across the hall to the room opposite his own and opened the door. There on the floor of the room sat the girl, long raven hair, dark eyes, and fair skin. Dressed in a white night gown and playing with the ginger kitten she had named Gremelkin. Morgen sighed in relief, smiled and leaned against the doorframe. Rosemarta looked up from the floor and smiled at him.

"Hello" she said brightly.

"Good morning Rosy girl. Did you sleep well?" she nodded and her smile fell a little.

"Do you feel ok Morgen? You look sick" Morgen shook his head.

"No Rosy I feel fine. And its father, not Morgen between you and me" the girl shrugged and continued playing with Gremelkin. Morgen scratched his head and yawned. Of course she was all right. There was no evil here except the black robes and they wouldn't dare harm her, not while Par Salain kept an eye. Par Salain…

"Listen Rosy I have some work to do but when its finished why don't you and me take a walk in the forest?" Rosemarta looked up again, her eyes bright.

"Can Gremelkin come too?" Morgen nodded

"Yay!" Rosemarta beamed. Morgen laughed lightly and departed back to his room. From the foot of his bed he retrieved his red robe, put it on, then took up his pouches and tied them securely to his ever widening waist. He then looked at him self in the mirror and he couldn't help but smile. His robe was in sorry need of repair, what with the hem frayed, the holes, and stains. It was as if the robe was trying to mimic its master's unkept person. He was probably the only over weight mage in history and certainly one of the oddest currently living at Wayreth. Unlike most of his comrades Morgen had a great love of life, which included women, food and ale. Morgen's father was a ship maker in Flotsam, who had lived in the same city, worked the same job, and stayed with the same woman for all of his life and had wished for his son to do the same and Morgen had hated him for it. In order to defy his father Morgen had chosen the most unusual life style he could think of, that of a mage. He had never imagined that he had a talent for it but when the opportunity to go to Wayreth had come he had not hesitated to take it. But in accordance to an oath he made to himself never to stay in one place for too long he left Wayreth constantly, sometimes for months at a time, to go to Palanthas usually, where he could pursue all of his non magic related pleasures in peace. Now that Rosemarta was in his life however he supposed he would have to change. For if he was to be a proper father to her it was unfair that he should be gone for so long a time. The red robe sighed and shook his head for deep in his heart he knew that would never happen. He was too old, too stubborn, and too lazy to change. Even though he knew he had to, he also knew he never would. Rosemarta would vary probably grow to hate him for it, but that's the way it would remain. Thinking of Rosemarta, Morgen turned from the mirror and left his room. He would conclude his business then take her for a walk as he had said he would.

* * *

Antimodes, archmage of the white robes, was angry, a feeling that was uncommon for him. This time the head of the conclave had gone too far, and what was more unheard of was the fact that he had acted on this course of action with out first consulting him. Had this been any other time, and had it involved any one else chances were that Antimodes would have let it go unnoticed, but not this time. Reaching Par Salain's door he placed his hand to the knob then froze. On the other side he heard voices and he pressed his ear to the door to listen.

"Nightmares you say?" it was Par Salain who spoke.

"Yes master, most frightful ones. They have plagued my sleep for the past few nights in a row and I was wondering if you might know of anything that would make them go away" the archmage recognized this second voice as Morgen. There was siglents then the sound of walking feet, and that of a jar being lifted from a shelf.

"Take one of these every night before you sleep my friend and I guaranty that the nightmares will abate"

"Thank you Par Salain" the sound of feet moving for the door, Antimodes stepped back as Morgen opened the door. Seeing the white archmage Morgen started, nearly dropping the jar.

"M-master Antimodes, good morning"

"Morning Morgen" Antimodes nodded.

"Pardon me master but Rosemarta is waiting for me" Morgen bowed and hurried off. Once curtain that he was gone Antimodes strode into Par Salain's chamber, slamming the door behind him. If Par Salain was upset he didn't show it. He smiled pleasantly at his friend.

"Good morning my dear Antomodes what can I do for you"

"What you can do for me is offer up a damn good explanation"

"Explanation? Explanation for what?" Antomodes strode up to the white robes desk.

"You know damn well for what. Why did you have them killed? They were a threat to no one"

"That is where you are wrong my friend. They were a threat to all of Krynn. If the existence of their like was known what kind of a panic do you think it would cause? And what kind of suspicion would have fallen on our efforts to keep them a secret?" on this Antimodes found himself unable to argue but there was another point as well.

"Be that as it may why did you force Morgen to do it? How could you manipulate him the way you did? I thought he was your friend?"

"He is my friend"

"Ha! If he's your friend I would hate to see how you treat your enemies"

"Morgen is ridiculously easy to manipulate that is why I used him"

"And I suppose you don't realize how much you have hurt him. He has never done a wrong thing in his life and you turned him into a murderer. You know damn well that those nightmares he is having aren't nightmares at all. It's his subconscious rebelling against the tampering you did with his mind. And what happens when he finds out that they aren't nightmares that that event actually happened and he is the one who did it. What then?" Par Salain went vary close to his friend and sneered, an expression hardly ever seen on the face of the white robe.

"And who will tell him Antimodes? You?" under the withering gaze of the white robe Antimodes felt a part of him shy away but he was not yet ready to back down.

"And what of the child?" Par Salain shrugged.

"What of her?"

"Is she really to stay here?"

"It is Morgen's wish that she dose"

"And is it yours as well?" the white robe nodded and returned to his desk.

"It is" Antimodes stood silent for a while then went close to the white robe's desk.

"There is something more behind that too isn't there? The real reason why you will allow her to stay, what is it?" Par Salain looked up, a strange gleam in his eye.

"Curiosity killed the cat my dear Antimodes, and if you are not careful you fate shall be much the same"

"Is that a threat?" asked Antimodes calmly.

"It dose not have to be, go now I am busy" with this Par Salain opened a book and began to write. Antomodes shook his head and left as he was bade.

"What's happened to you my friend?" muttered the archmage sadly as he descended the long tower stairs to his own chamber.

* * *

The forest was quiet as it always was. The only sound was Rosemarta's laughter as she played with Gremelkin. Morgen smiled as he watched them, enjoying the weather. As the two played Morgen set out a blanket, lay back and closed his eyes. He had not been doing this long when Rosemarta jumped on top of him, winding the red robe and causing him to go red in the face.

"Good gracious!" Rosemarta laughed, leaped up and ran swiftly away. Morgen laughed and ran after her as fast as he could, which wasn't vary fast at all. The girl ran back to the blanket where Gremelkin had stopped to sit. Morgen, huffing and red in the face, came to join her. The two sat silent for a while, both equally tired.


"Yes Rosy? And its father not Morgen remember" the girl shrugged.

"Will you be leaving soon Morgen?"

"Yes Rosy I'm afraid so"

"Can I come with you this time?" Morgen grimaced. Always that same question and Morgen dreaded it. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy her company, for he loved her as a daughter and very much so, but whenever he went to Palanthas it was to go to the pubs with his friends, who either had no use for children or had children of their own and had no wish for the company of more. On top of that he quite enjoyed traveling alone. And so he turned and gave her the answer he supposed she had predicted.

"Not this time Rosy but tell you what. I'm leaning tomorrow morning so tonight write down one thing you want, anything at all and I'll try to get it for you. Alright?" The girl sighed.

"You don't like me vary much do you?"

"What? What are you talking about? Of course I like you, I love you Rosy"

"Then how come you never take me with you?"

"Because when ever I go to Palanthas I go to places you wouldn't be welcome to. And besides that the road is very dangerous for a little girl" it was a half assed excuse and he didn't expect her to buy it but she smiled and nodded so he supposed it had worked, somewhat. The two sat again for a time then Morgen stood and stretched.

"Well come on we had best get back. Its almost time for supper and then its someone's bed time"

"Aww cant I stay up with you?"

"I meant me," Morgen laughed, and Rosemarta joined him. Morgen rolled up the blanket and the two started back toward the tower.

* * *

The next morning as Morgen was making ready to leave a small knock came to his door.

"Come in" the door opened slowly. It was Rosemarta holding a piece of parchment in her hand. "Ah its you Rosy, just in time. Is that the one thing you want?" Rosemarta nodded. Morgen extended his hand. "Give it here then and I'll put it in one of my pouches" Rosemarta nodded and placed the paper in his hand.

"Oh ,Morgen leaving us again are you?" came a voice from the door. Rosemarta gasped and went to hide behind Morgen.

"Yes that's right" Morgen nodded as Par Salain entered.

"I see well don't be gone for too long its almost time for our eldest students to take the test and you wouldn't want to miss it would you?" asked the elderly white robe as his eyes wandered the room.

"Not for the world master and I thank you for reminding me"

"Think nothing of it. And how are you this morning my dear?" asked Par Salain, stooping to get a better look at her.

"Very well thank you," mumbled Rosemarta tersely, remaining hidden behind Morgen. Seeing something in the head white robe's eyes that he didn't like Morgen cleared his throat, turned and knelt before Rosemarta.

"Thank you again for the paper, what ever is on it I'll try to get for you but for right now why don't you go to your room and practice you calligraphy. I'll be in to say good bye to you as soon as I'm done talking with Par Salain, ok?" she nodded and Morgen stood and watched as she hurried past Par Salain and across the hall to her room.

"Alright Par Salian I want to know what that damn look was for"

"Look? What look?"

"You know damn well what look. It the same one you get every time your examining something. And you had it just now when you were looking at Rosy" Par Salain smiled disarmingly.

"My dear Morgen I think your seeing things"

"Like hell I am" a tension filled the air between the two mages and Morgen's eyes became steely. "Because you're the head of the conclave, and because I consider you a friend, what ever decision you make I don't have much choice but to go along with it. But if you ever harm"

"Harm? Me harm a child? Really Morgen. I knew your opinion of me was low but I dint think it was that low. I would never harm a hair on that girls head, you have my word" he smiled again. Morgen was not at all convinced but he nodded anyway.

"Very well, I believe you. Now if you'll excuse me I have much to do"

"Of course, safe journey Morgen" with this Par Salain turned and walked out, closing the door behind him.

* * *

Once he had said good-bye to Rosemarta, Morgen started on the long road to Palanthas. The first night he made camp at the side of the road, feasting on the meat and cheese he brought with him, planning to re-supply once he reached Haven. As he sat and washed down his meal with the wine skin he had brought with him, he reached into one of his pouches and pulled out the piece of parchment Rosemarta had given him. Slowly he unfolded it and held it up to the fire's light. In the center of the page, written in Rosemarta's clumsy hand, in large letters was one word: MORGEN. The red robe smiled and shook his head.

"Oh Rosy" he sighed, as he placed the paper back in his pouch and gazed into the flames.