Second fanfic with Ichigo and Renji, dont you just love the pineapple and the strawberry ^_^ i think they rawk. Hope you guys like this one i took a little more time on it ¬_¬ and my knee is killing me so i've lost a lot of concentration lol's but anyways enjoy XP

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Ichigo jumped up out of bed tripping over the red haired figure lying on the floor. He hit the ground with a thud his hand landing heavily on Renji's chest.

As he sat up Renji jumped up head butting him in the process "Dumbass, what the hell are you doing!" He coughed and rubbed his head

"What the hell am I doing? What are you doing! Why are you sleeping on my floor?" Ichigo looked at him then got up and walked over to his dresser "I'm late for school!"

He pulled of his top but felt a hand on his shoulder "You do realize its Saturday you idiot!"

He blushed "Yea, right I knew that, I was just testing you" Ichigo turned around to see Renji sprawled out on his bed, he couldn't help but stare at the older man's toned body and those tattoo's, he suited them, they made him look masculine. Renji claimed it was always to warm and never slept with a top on. "You didn't answer my question as to why you where lying on my floor"

"Don't you remember, we had a good time last night" He winked

Ichigo looked at him with a confused look "W-what the hell are you talking about!"

Renji smirked getting up and walking over towards him whispering in his ear "You made a lot of noise" then walking out of the room and downstairs

He stood there in shock. What the hell is Renji talking about? Ichigo followed him downstairs "Dammit Renji what are you talking about we didn't……"

Suddenly without any warning Ichigo hit the ground with Renji sitting on top of him "Stop worrying Ichi the only noise you made was talking about some stupid assignment you're doing in school. You talk about a lot of crap when you sleep do you know that? I heard you talking and wondered who you were talking to. When I came in, there was know one there that's when I realized you were sleep talking dumbass. I fell asleep listening, I wanted to see if you'd tell me any juicy secrets" Renji laughed.

"No luck then?" Ichigo closed his eyes trying block out the fact that Renji was sitting on top of him.

"Well apart from the fact that you said you found my tattoo's attractive, or at least I think that's what you said"

Ichigo's looked at him "What? Why would I say that you're heads probably just that big that you would want me to say that" He pushed Renji of him and got up. He was clearly trying to deny the fact that he just thought Renji was attractive all together.

Dammit I'm not gay, I don't fancy Renji. Ichigo frowned as he walked upstairs shouting back down to him "Renji I'm gunna jump in the shower" he never got a reply maybe he didn't hear him.

Ichigo turned on the shower and got in after taking of his clothes and throwing them on the floor in a small pile next to his towel. He leant against the cold tiles and let the warm water trickle down his body. He was so lost in his own thoughts, why was I starring at him earlier it's not like I think…… ok so maybe he is attractive but still I'm not gay!

Renji peaked in the door noticing that Ichigo wasn't really paying attention so he grabbed his clothes and his towel and closed the door silently. He smirked as he headed to Ichigo's room laying the clothes on the chair and then laying down on Ichigo's bed. He liked this bed, it was comfy and it smelt like Ichigo.

He rubbed his head, Renji had head-butted him pretty hard earlier "Dumbass" Ichigo tilted his head back to let the warm water run over his face. He closed his eyes and images of him and Renji kissing came into his mind but he forced them back out again. What the hell is wrong with me? Ichigo stepped out of the shower and looked around his eyes widening when he saw that his clothes were gone and a small hand towel was the only thing left he grabbed it and put it over his head rubbing his hair dry.

He headed back to his room "As much as I would like to kick you're ass right now, I need to put some clothes on first"

Renji's eyes widened as Ichigo walked into the room completely naked, water dripping down his pale skin, he could feel himself blush as he noticed himself starring at Ichigo's naked figure.

He was still towel drying his hair as he walked over to his dresser. Ichigo pulled on a pair of boxers then turned around to look at Renji who was still starring at him "Renji, are you ok?"

Renji's face was as red as his hair, He didn't mean to stare it wasn't like it meant anything anyway right?

Ichigo walked over and sat down on the bed "Are you feeling ok you look hot" he put a hand on Renji's forehead who flinched at the touch. What is he doing; he isn't actually feeling my head for a temperature is he! He frowned grabbing Ichigo's hand "I'm fine idiot, I'm just too warm that's all.

Ichigo looked at him and smirked pushing him back onto the bed sitting on top of him "how can you be too warm when u have barely anything on" Renji pushed himself up on his elbows so he was inches away from Ichigo's face, he was lost in those chocolate brown eyes that made him melt inside.

I wanna kiss him so badly but Ichi's not g… Ichigo pressed his lips firmly against the redhead's, as Renji gasped Ichigo took this as an opportunity to slip his tongue in and explore every nook and cranny of Renji's mouth, there tongue's tangled in a fight for dominance

Guess I was wrong…

When they broke the kiss for air they were both shocked at what had just happened but that was only the start of a hot night.


Well what did you guys think? please let me know =D. Hmmm i wonder would Renji still have fallen for Ichigo if he had of been holding that hand towel over his crotch area XP course he would of, Renji's crazy about Ichigo ^_^