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Ichigo sighed as he woke up to see a strip of light dance across his sheets, His window was open and his curtain was moving back and forth. He felt his head move up and down as the breaths of the larger man were slow and calm, Ichigo lay there in silence tracing the tribal tattoos on his new lover's body.

Renji smiled softly to himself as he opened his eyes out of an amazing dream only to realize that it was real. Reality couldn't have gotten any better at this moment and time.

He moved his hand up lazily to cling on to the hand that was tracing lines over his body "Hey".

Ichigo gazed up at him with chocolate brown eyes filled with love "Hi". He crawled up for there lips to meet in a lazy romantic kiss.

Renji sighed as he watched Ichigo's figure slide of the bed, he propped himself up on his elbows. "Ichi, you really did make a lot of noise this time" He stuck out his tongue.

"I didn't see you complaining" He smirked as he pulled a pair of boxers on and headed out the door.

Renji lay there watching the little specks float in and out of the light, all his worry's had all floated away with them, he was complete now that he was with Ichigo.

I suppose I better get up… He slid out of bed and pulled on a pair of boxers and a pair of skinny jeans. Renji pulled open the curtains to see a white wonderland, Christmas was only 3 weeks away and it had been snowing overnight. The clouds didn't take long to come back as the sun disappeared behind a dark snowy cloud.

Meanwhile downstairs Ichigo had just started cooking some lunch since it was already 12 o'clock he was standing at the sink staring out the window at the snow.

"Geez it's freezing in here" A tall topless Renji entered the kitchen wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist and kissing his neck gently. He tilted his head back onto the older mans shoulder.

THUMP!?! "What the hell was that?" Ichigo looked up to see a dazed Orihime rubbing her head and wondering what she was doing. Renji stepped back from Ichigo hoping that she hadn't seen anything. After all they wanted to keep it a secret as long as possible to stop things from getting 'awkward' amongst there male friends.

Renji tapped the window as he heard the front door open "Orihime what the hell are you doing". She took no notice and ran after Chad and Uryu who were now walking into the house.

Uryu smiled pushing his glasses up his noise "Ahhhh lunch, thanks for inviting us Ichigo"

"But I…" Ichigo looked confused as he glanced at the two figures sitting at the table casually

"URYU HIT ME WITH A GIANT SNOWBALL" Orihime was waving her arms frantically in Renji's face "Right here" she pointed to the red mark on her forehead but all Renji could do was laugh.

Uryu shrugged "I did nothing of the sort it was Chad" He pointed over at the large guy sitting at the other end of the table, he couldn't see his eyes so he couldn't really tell what his reaction was.

"I…………………did nothing" Chad looked up at Orihime who was still waving her hands in Renji's face.

Ichigo finished cooking lunch and set them all down a plate, Renji sat beside Ichigo and Orihime was facing them getting stuck into her plate of food, Orihime was the only girl Ichigo knew who ate like one of the guys. Uryu and Chad were sitting at either end of the table.

"So are we going out to make snowmen" Orihime mumbled still shovelling food into her mouth.

"Uhhh yea sure Orihime" Ichigo smiled as he played with the food on his plate.

He felt a hand slide onto his leg squeezing gently as it moved upwards. Ichigo gasped quietly at the touch on his bare skin after all he was still only in his boxers. He glanced over to see Renji smirking as he had just finished his lunch and was leaning back in his chair.

Uryu looked over to see Renji smirking and Ichigo looking at him funny "Renji what did you do?"

"Huh?" Renji pulled his hand away

"You're sitting there smiling to yourself and Ichigo, well Ichigo just looks shocked" He looked at them pushing his glasses up his nose

"Oh emmmm private joke" He chuckled

"I'm gunna go get changed then we'll go out and build that snowman Orihime" Renji frowned as he watched Ichigo walk out and up the stairs maybe it would be harder to keep this secret than they thought.

"Yay! Love you Ichigo" Orihime shouted after him, she was happy since she'd just been told they were going to build a snowman

"Love you too" Ichigo shouted back down the stairs to her

Orihime got up and started washing the dishes while Chad and Uryu dried. Renji snuck out of the room and walked upstairs, nobody would notice he was gone right? Ichigo was in his room pulling on a pair of jeans as he walked in he leant against the wall looking Ichigo up and down. Ichigo turned round only to feel himself being pinned against the wall, Renji crushed there lips together in a hot passionate kiss. Ichigo soon got a warm salty taste in his mouth, was Renji crying?

"Geez Renji, I'm not going to disappear, what's wrong with you!" Ichigo tried to get his breath back

Renji leant his head down on Ichigo's shoulder slamming his fist into the wall beside Ichigo's head "What you said to Orihime down there should I be worried?"

"What the hell are you talking about" Ichigo sighed he could tell it'd been a while since Renji had been in a serious relationship with someone he really cared about "you're talking about when I said 'love you 2' to her aren't you"

Renji nodded as Ichigo wiped a small tear falling from his eye "Renji you can be a dumbass sometimes do you know that? Me an Orihime are just friends we're more like brother and sister ever since that time with her brother. I wouldn't trade you for the world Renji; I love you to much to let you go"

He looked up eyes glazed over as Ichigo smiled "I love you to Ichi"


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