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Chapter 1



"Our little girl is growing up!" I squealed. Edward looked at me with a sad look. "I remember, when she was 3 weeks old, she started walking…" his eyes pricked in the slightest way, as if he would begin sobbing tearless cries. He was such a good dad.

"DAD!" Renesmee wailed. "It's only my 5th birthday! Not a big deal. I'm one year older!" she touched both of our faces, and she had a replay of my squealing and Edward's sadness. Anxiety colored her tone.

"Sorry, Ness. It's just that… you're a freshman in high school now! It's just so weird." Edward chuckled. "Why, I could be your boyfriend and it wouldn't matter." he shuddered. I touched my hand to his face in a sudden urgency. I imagined Renesmee when she looked about 7. Saddness was apparent in my thoughts. "I remember too." he said.

"Hey, birthday girl!" Jake waltzed the room and plopped his massive body on the end of a couch. "Hey, Jake!" Nessie shouted, and plunged right into his lap. They were best friends, and I've been hoping that they fall in love, actually…

Edward gave me the strangest look. I then looked down, and saw that I was still touching his arm. I gotta watch my shield! It has a mind of it's own sometimes…

"I just think they should." I concluded. "You know for a fact I wouldn't trust her with anyone but him." I explained. Edward nodded reluctantly. He knew better then I did that she would be the safest with him. He would die in a second flat for her.

"You should go off to school now," Edward said quietly. Ness nodded and slung her backpack over her shoulder, and headed out for her bike.


RPOV (Renesmee)

I rode my bike like a bullet down the happy streets of Forks. Wow I thought. I'm 5 years old. Most kids would be 14 by now, but I'm just 5. Just 5 I thought again. Lucky me.

When I arrived at the school, lots of people looked at me. What's wrong with me now? I'm only a half-vampire-half-human mutant.

God, people should call me the Mutant Ninja Vampire.

What's even weirder, yet, I have to pretend my mom and dad are my brother and sister. That is so hard! Sometimes I would slip up and say mom or dad, but other then that, it's just out of character. Dad knows about my feelings, and tells me things will get better.

"She is so hot." I heard a nice looking boy say. He had a certain stars-struck look.

I keep on forgetting that I'm beautiful to everybody. Well, I'm not beautiful on the inside. (A/N- Did you notice she has a low self-esteem like Bella did? Haha.) "I bet you a twenty I can get her in bed."


One of those.

He walked over to me with a cunning smile. "Hey, babe. Love your eyes."


"Ew." I said simply. I gotta tell Emmett this. He would LOVE it. I'll have to control my thoughts around Dad, too. He will wring this guys neck.

He looked taken aback, that was sure. He was just creepy.

"Stop messing with her!" I heard a strong male voice say. It wasn't dad, or Jasper, or Emmett, or even scarier…Alice.

There was a pause between the creepy guys advance. I felt so glad that that other guy was there. If it wasn't for him, I would have been assaulted by now.

Then I got a good look at him.

The his face was amazing. I wondered if he was a vampire. But he wasn't. His face was flushed with bravery. His hair was a longer black, and his eyes were a beautiful blue. (this guy looks like Alex Evans. If it's possible for anyone to be that hot) My breath caught when I saw him. The creeps eyes went from a disgusting hungry, to pure and apparent fear, like turning the channel on the TV.

I didn't really listen to the rest of the conversation, I just noticed my perpetual savior's honey-like voice.

"Hey." he said, and I had been staring at his face so long I hadn't really noticed it when he spoke to me. The creep was gone.

"Hi." I greeted back shyly. A blush rose in my cheeks, and his breath caught, too. "Your blush is amazing." he said unthinkingly. His eyes looked like they were about to bulge out, and he covered his mouth with his large white hand. I laughed for effect. "It's okay." I said swiftly, and my cheeks burned brighter.

"Want me to walk you to class?" he offered. There is nothing I'd like more I could of said. But no, I just nodded my head. While I was walking into the building, I saw mom and dad looking at me with a confused look.

"Hey, what's your name?" I said hurriedly.



Next chapter will be Jason's point of view. It will be coming soon.