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"But you promised them..." The brunette argued.

"I know...but..." The blond responded.

The two adults were sitting on a table near the kitchen counter of the bar (and home). Tifa was sitting properly on her seat, hands crossed on the table. Cloud was sitting with his legs apart and he was leaning his head on the palm of his hand, his arm propped up on the table. Expected of a male.

"You know how disappointed they'll be? When they find out that you're not going to be there?" Tifa's voice lowered to a whisper, her face showed how she was upset.

"It can't be helped..." he managed to whisper out, looking at her.

"What?! You've known this for weeks and all of a sudden 'it can't be helped'?" Tifa whisper-yelled. She slammed her hand on top if the table, looking furious at him. "You are going to be the one to tell them this." She stood up and made her way to the kitchen to clean up the mess of the day's work.

At this movement, Cloud stood up with his eyes widened, and followed her. "Tifa..."

"I'm tired of seeing them upset..." She muttered. She was grabbing cups and dishes the two little ones scattered around the kitchen and washing them.

Instead of looking at her, Cloud's gaze rose to the stairs, the hall, and then the door to the kid's room. She was right. He knew when the kids were upset so was Tifa and vise versa. He stared long and hard on the door. He would have set in on fire if he had heat vision.

"You're finally back and now you want to leave again?" She turned around to face him, her hands full of soap foam. Cloud turned to face her, his face serious as always.

"I'm not leaving, I'm working" He straightened out.

"You're work takes you away for far too long, it's as if you were leaving!" Tifa's voice arose higher then his. "Ugh, I'm sorry... I shouldn't have gotten that loud...the kids are sleeping.."

Cloud gave her the all famous look. 'I'm sorry' it read. He slowly walked his way ups the stairs quietly as not to wake the kids. Once he walked passed the kids room he reached his room.

It was clean and organized. When he was gone and Tifa had time, she would clean his room and have everything organized for him, heavens knows that he made a huge mess of it when he was planning his routes for his deliveries.

Cloud sat on his bed. He lifted one hand to his head in order to massage his temples. Denzel and Marlene were both in a school play, when both of them came home the day they won the audition for the rolls, they were ecstatic and made Cloud promise them he would attend. The two of them knew Tifa would already be attending and having Cloud go made the two explode with joy.

The problem was that he had an important package to deliver on the same day as their play, tomorrow.

Cloud stripped himself off of his white wife beater and stayed in his boxers. He turned to look at his digital clock. '9:38pm' it read. He laid on his bed to contemplate some more.

He knew he would be in loads of trouble if he didn't deliver the package on time and he knew the kids would be very upset if they don't see him there tomorrow.

Little did he know that he wouldn't only be hurting the kids....He'll be hurting his best friend too...

Next Day...

Cloud woke up to the smell of coffee. He looked up at the clock, 8:15am.

'I fell asleep?' He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Apparently he didn't think for long since knocked out as soon as he laid down last night.


When Tifa heard the clanking of heavy boots heading down the stairs, she reached over for a mug. Denzel and Marlene were quietly eating their breakfast, since sleep was still haunting them, all they ever did was faintly smile at the male headed their way.

Cloud took the seat in between the two. Every time they sat on the bar stools, they always left one stool in between them for him to take. Cloud knew they did it on purpose.

Tifa handed him his mug full of black coffee, Cloud liked his coffee strong. After a sip, Tifa smiled gently as she handed him a couple of mini sugar powdered doughnuts.

Cloud was one to eat junk food. As Tifa had her back turned, the two on either side of the adult eyeballed him. Denzel tugged and Marlene poked.

He looked at both.

'.....Damn' He cursed himself for falling for it. Marlene had the cutest face and Denzel got credit for trying. He was well aware of Tifa's rule of no sweets for breakfast, but....he couldn't resist. He quickly stuffed one in each of their mouths. He gave them the 'shhh' look.

Tifa turned to look at Cloud but instead her eyes caught the sight of a little girly mouth....with sugar powdered lips. She kindly smiled at Cloud. Cloud gave her a small smile back, he wasn't one to be showing his pearly whites to people.

After they ate, Cloud was in charge of taking both of them to school, leaving Tifa alone in the bar. She closed the bar today, since she wanted to clean out the place and then relax with the children's play at school.

When she heard the front door open she knew it was him. She was in her room, tending her bed and fixing a few things here and there. Once she heard his boots stop in front of her door, she opened it, leaving a blond's hand almost about to hit her head instead of the wooden door.


"So you think you could be sneaky during breakfast?" She asked, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

'Crap...' Cloud took in a sharp breath. He didn't know what type of punishment she would give him now but he sure as heck wouldn't like it. Last time she tricked him into drinking hot chocolate....well...more like salty hot chocolate.

Tifa came up with a brilliant idea of how to punish him. She smiled which immediately told Cloud that her plan was already going to go into action. "As punishment.....I willlll...." She slowly walked up to him.

"What...?" Cloud was ready to put up his arms in case she was going to throw some punches at him. Instead of being greeted with pain he felt her warm body pressed against his. She was hugging him.

Cloud was confused. How was this a punishment?

He slowly wrapped his arms around her.

" is this--"

"I really hope you won't disappoint them..." She mumbled into his shirt.

"I'm not....I'm going to be there." He assured her. He never realized how his hand fit perfectly on her back. He almost felt like rubbing.

"But you look like you're going out for deliveries..." They broke their hug and stood in front of one another.

"I'll make it in time" He walked to his room to get the keys to his bike.

"The play starts at 7:00pm" Tifa informed him, starting inside his room from where she stood.

"I'll be there." He walked out of his room and when he passed her he gave her a pat on the arm. He always did that before leaving somewhere. What was she? One of the guys? Not even a kiss on the cheek? Well, it wasn't as if they were a couple or anything but at least a hug or something.

Tifa stood there until she heard the closing of the door downstairs. "Better get started..." She said to herself as she went to reach for a hair clip on her night table.

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