Full Summary: Inspired by song Little Smirk by Theory of a Deadman. Bella Swan just got back home when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her, and finds out it's been happening for quite some time. This story is about how she gets back and gets even. Join her as she finds closure, new friends, and maybe even something more. ALL HUMAN/ CANNON PAIRINGS.

AN: Hey, so this is my second attempt at writing a fan fiction, and my first time actually posting one. So hope you like it. If you think I should continue, or have any criticism or just want to share ideas that could make my writing better I would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or Theory of a Deadman.


There was trouble for us when I came home early,

Never would expect to see this,

Its fair to say "Couldnt believe my eyes"

I sighed as I pulled up my drive way home at last I thought. I had just spent a four hour drive, with no breaks in between, so I could get home early and surprise my boyfriend. I had been visiting my mother for the past week and I had really missed him.

I turned my truck off and pulled the keys out of the ignition. I watched my feet as I stepped out of the high cabin. I was never the most graceful being on the planet.

When I entered the house all the lights were off, which was reasonable, since Jacob was supposedly still at work. I wanted to get home before him.

Entering the kitchen, I flicked the switch for the light and tossed my keys on the counter, and dropped my bags at my feet. I would pick them up later; right now all I wanted to do was to relax under the soothing water pouring over by body from my wonderful shower. I wanted to clean myself from all the grime that travelling leaves behind. I wanted to be nice and ready for when Jacob comes, if I have it my way, we will have quite the welcome home party.

So that's exactly what I went to do. But something was off; I could hear voices coming from upstairs. Maybe Jacob is home. Good, I can wait a few extra hours for that shower, as long as I get something significantly better.

But what I heard next stopped me in my journey up the stairs. Was that a moan? I must be hearing things. Yes that's it, I'm delusional. That's completely reasonable when you've been travelling for a long amount of time.

Of course, when I opened the master bedroom door was something that would forever alter my entire future.

Either that or I have the world's worst imagination.

Yeah right.

I know it's short, but I will be making longer chapters. This is just a starting. I would love to know what you think though. :)