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"Clothes," we answered at the same time, myself being a little bit less enthusiastic than the other two.

Of course the big one, Emmett, with the just as big mouth wasn't afraid to ask what I knew was on everyone else's minds. "Why are you burning your clothes?"

"We aren't burning our clothes," Alice answered him with a malicious smile stretched upon her face, "we're burning Jacob's."

"Who's Jacob?" It was Edward this time.

"Jacob," Rosalie sneered, "is the lovely Bella's ex-boyfriend. We're giving him something he's deserved for a very long time now." The distaste of Jacob was clear in her voice as she talked about him.

"Oh! So this is on of those 'my boyfriend left me so I'm going to show him just how bad that decision was by burning all his clothes and ruining his life'?" Emmett, of course, surprisingly doing a really good impression of one of those nasally sounding girls.

I was getting agitated; I didn't want these guys judging me. In the least I didn't want them thinking that I was one of these whiny ex-girlfriends that couldn't let go. Whatever it was, something gave me the courage to finally speak up for myself, and let them know how wrong that assumption was.

"No," I didn't speak any louder than I normally would, but the shock of me actually talking after my little "episode" probably shocked the silence out of them. "I'm not doing this because he broke up with me. I'm doing this because he ruined, and wasted, the past three years of my life," I said with a ferocious tone to my voice, my eyes staring past everyone, "oh, and because I caught him cheating on me," I added as an afterthought.

A few moments past with complete, stunned silence. Than–

"Oh…" Emmett trailed off. "Uh, I'm sorry."

I knew he was I could see it in his face that he felt bad for what he said. I wanted to tell him that it was okay, that I was okay, and that he was just curious. So I did, also trying to explain a little bit why I acted the way I did earlier.

"It's not your fault," I began again, this time though I looked straight in his eyes so he would understand. It was easier said than done, but I held me gaze. "It's just hard, being around you guys…in this," I gestured to my clothes. Than I continued to cross my arms in front of me because I just realized I directed everyone's eyes to my body.

"What do you mean?" Emmett asked, "You're only wearing sweats."

"Yeah, and they're a whole lot less then what she normally used too. So if you don't mind, stop staring at her. All of you!" Rose was like a mother hen when it came to protecting her friends, even the ones she's only known for a day. But anyways, she had successfully gotten Emmett's eyes off of me; instead they were now directed on his new found fixation – Rosalie. That Edward guy, though, was a different story.

"Why aren't you used to it then?" Edward was being nice, in his curiosity. His voice was soothing, and didn't make me feel like he was pressuring for the answer, but it really sounded like he cared. Also, his eyes were on my face, instead of my body. But, even though I knew he was trying to give me what I wanted, it was a lot more intimidating for a totally different reason. But before I could get properly lost in those green eyes of his, Alice's voice cut through the haze.

"Well since you're clearly not going to answer him…that's for another conversation anyways." Alice said with a hint of a smile in her voice, telling me she knew exactly why I wasn't answering. She then continued, "Right now we need to get on with the plan…you know before he gets here...maybe?"

I cleared my throat while looking away from Edward, feeling I slight flush on my cheeks. "Right, well…I agree we should get started then." I replied.

I heard a snicker from someone, and when I looked I was surprised to see that it was Jasper. He was so quiet that I actually forgot he was even here. But when I looked at Alice, who was standing next to Jasper, I could tell she too was trying hard to keep her laughter (at my extent) in. I chanced at glance at Rose and Emmett, who were in the same situation as Alice and Jasper. I didn't even bother looking towards Edward, way to afraid to know what he was thinking.

"Okay," I sighed, "can we get on with it? Alice? Rose?" I gave them both pointed looks as I said their names so they would understand that the laughter really helping when it was towards me.

"That's what I was trying to do." Alice said. She went to grab her garbage bag, and gestured for Rose and me to do the same.

I opened the plastic garbage bag and reached in. I pulled out the first piece of fabric that touched my fingers. Staring into the fire I could feel the heat radiating off of it. It was reaching dusk and the fire was creating a soft glow to all of us surrounding the fire. When I looked up and into the faces of people I only met a day ago, or in some cases only an hour ago I felt reassured and safe. Alice and Rose were both holding some piece of clothing from their bags but they were looking at me, encouraging me to go first. I took a deep breath, and took a step forward; everything it seemed had gone silent. I lifted the t-shirt that was held tightly in my grasp over the fire, and let it drop.

It fell as if it was in slow motion. My eyes followed the trail of the shirt and as I watch it land into the burning flames, becoming charred and burned into. This all felt surreal, and it felt good. Doing something rebellious, something that I would never dream of doing had I still been in the hands of Jacob. As the t-shirt finally stopped burning I realised how long I had actually been standing there, the sky was a little bit darker, and the tides a little bit farther away into the ocean. I glanced at Rose and Alice. They look apprehensive of what I would do next, but when I nodded to them they knew it was meant for them to join in. I reached into my bag again as Alice, Rose, and the three guys joined in to burn the rest.

It was silent, except for the waves and the crackling of the fire for the fist few minutes. I was just basking in the wonder that this has done, even now. But as we continued, I felt lighter and all I wanted to do was share this experience with my new friends laughing and enjoying it.


It was about an hour later; while we were all still in stitches from a story Edward was telling us that involved Emmett, that we heard the screaming.


I gasped, and all the air left my lungs as I stared wide eyed in the direction where Jacob's yell had come from. I hated that I was still terrified of him.

"Oh no," Alice said quietly.

"Who's that?" Emmett asked.

Rosalie answered him shortly with, "Jacob" and that was all she had to say before all three guys stared first at Jacob, who seemed to be trying to make his way over to us, and then at me, who was still staring wide-eye at Jacob. Then they seemed to surround me, judging by the look Jacob had on his face they were doing it to protect me. I was forever grateful that we had met these guys, because I know that if they hadn't tried to approach us I wouldn't be so lucky as to leave with just a few choice words and threats.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH." Jacob yelled stopping in front of the man made wall surrounding me. It seemed he still had some common sense, just not a lot of it. "What the hell have you done with all my clothes!? And where the fuck are my keys for my car!?" He wasn't completely yelling anymore, but this was worse. He had a tendency to threaten me with a neutral voice, and it scared me more than his yelling.

"Hey," Emmett said in a booming voice, "what gives you any right to speak to a woman that way?"

"Excuse me?" asked Jacob, "And just who the fuck are you? This slut's new girlfriend?" He gestured to me, also fixing his gaze on me "God, you're such a slut. It's only been what? A day? And you're already sleeping around with not one, but three guys! I guess it was good I kept you on such a short leash with me. If I had let you go hang out with those people you called 'friends' who'd know how many diseases you'd bring back to me." Jacob sneered.

I looked down at my feet. I wasn't sure what to do.

"Hey!" I heard yelled from in front of me. "I think you better shut up. Because the way you're heading, there isn't going to be much of you left when we're done with you." I couldn't believe it. I had met these guys not 4 hours prior, and they're already more caring then any guy I've ever met.

I heard Jacob scoff again. Did he really not notice that there was one of him, to three of them? He may be tall, but still.

I looked up. It seemed like we were at a stand still. But looking up might have been a mistake. When I looked up, the only person in my line of sight was Jacob, who just so happened to be staring right at me, in between Emmett and Edward's shoulders. When I reached eye contact he went at it again.

"You think these guys will stop me? It won't be long before you come, knocking on my door begging me to take you back, and then what? I might take pity on you. Give you a little toss around, for fun, but you've got another thing coming if you think I'll let you stay." Jacob said, holding my gaze. When he was sure I wasn't going to say anything, he held up his hand to stop an approach from the others. He then took one step back, turned around, and walked away. I'm sure, feeling like he just won.

Right now, I was thinking he had. The encounter with him took too much out of me. I could hear voices, I guess trying to talk to me, be I couldn't pay attention.

I had to sit down somewhere. And right where I was felt perfectly fine.

I had my eyes closed; trying not to lose it, so when I opened them I was surprised to see everyone sitting around me, also on the ground. They were all looking somewhere other then me.

"Hey," I said to get there attention.

All their heads turned to the sound of my voice.

Alice was the first to speak. "How are you doing?" She asked in a soft tentative voice.

"Yeah," I answered her, my voice quieter then I expected. "Just…" I sighed, a little disappointed in myself, "I didn't expect him to be able to still affect me like that. I thought his power over me was gone."

I didn't know if I wanted to cry, or scream.

I heard an intake of breath, from more then once source. When I looked up, I knew what each and every one of them was thinking. They were, for sure, going over everything Jacob said. And I'm sure that they also realised I wasn't exactly shocked by the content, just not all there at the moment because of what I discovered about myself.

I think they finally understood what I was trying to tell them, and the intensity of the situation. Why I was so uncomfortable talking to other men. Why I couldn't talk to other men without feeling like Jacob would come out of hiding somewhere and start yelling at me and calling me a slut for wearing clothes that show I actually have body. This power that Jacob still had over me was disconcerting, I wanted it gone. I wanted to live my new life without Jake, without him completely. I wanted him out of my thoughts, and if I could, out of my memories. I realised this thing that Alice and Rose are helping me with isn't just about getting back at him for all the things he's done in the past few years.

This thing is for forgetting him, and remembering me, and who I was before Jacob entered and took over my life.


After I had gathered my thoughts, and my strength I got up and allowed myself to be guided to Alice's car.

I was now, currently, lying on the couch in Alice and Rosalie's living room trying to sleep. But I can't, and odd enough, it isn't because of Jacob, but because of a certain bronze haired boy.

After the incident, as I like to call it, with Jacob, the girls thought it would a good idea to unwind. So they asked the guys if they would like to join us for drinks and dinner at a bar in Port Angeles. And that's where my thoughts were at.

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