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Chapter 1 BPOV

Champagne glass in hand, I wandered around the crowded room, concentrating on not tripping in my heels.

My best friend, Alice Brandon, ditched me when she saw all the handsome men in tuxes. She is currently talking to a tall man with honey blonde hair and blue gold eyes.

I heard someone cough, and I turned to the sound. A man with a baby face and blonde hair stood there looking very nervous. I smiled, and waited to hear what he had to say.

"Hello, I'm Mike Newton." His voice shook a bit.

"Bella Swan, pleasure." I said taking a sip from my glass.

Obviously more comfortable, he started talking about the weather, which is wet and rainy, Star Wars, and chicken fajitas from Taco Del Mar…

I became bored really quick, but I tried to pay attention, really struggling to do so.

I needed an escape. I could see that Alice was across the room still talking with the blonde haired guy, which is a record for Alice. She goes through guys so fast, so this one must have caught her eye. I counted her off for helping me.

Think Bella Think!!!

I looked around, pretending to be looking for someone. I saw a man approaching with two glasses of champagne.

He was handsome, with unusual bronze hair that was not orderly kept, and bright green eyes. He had on the same black tux as every other man, and wore it well. I had an idea.

Now or never! You can get away or be stuck with Mike forever. I shudered at the thought.

The man walked by, and I 'casually' looped my arm in his.

"Hey honey, I'd like you to meet Mike Newton. Mike, this is my husband…" Oh no, I hadn't thought that far. I looked at the man, desperation on my face. He looked a little frightened, who wouldn't I guess, but otherwise calm.

"Edward Masen." Edward said indicating with his hands, which were full.

I smiled in relief, thankful that he's going along with this.

Edward must have noticed that I wanted to get away. "My love, my mother is waiting for us, shall we go?"

"Yes, honey. It was nice meeting you Mike." I smiled and followed Edward away from Mike. I could have sworn I heard Mike mumble something about the good ones are always taken.


"Would you mind me asking what that was all about?" Edward asked casually, like it happened all the time.

"Sorry about that. You must have a date, or something. Thank you for helping me, good night." I said unhooking my arm, and turning to leave.

"Wait a minute. You have nothing to be sorry about; I would have done anything to get away from him too, if I was in your spot. And it is truly my mother waiting for me to bring her glass. You don't have to go." He looked into my eyes, and I became mesmerized by his.

"Um… uh..."

"Unless you have a date or something…" He looked a little disappointed.

"Oh no, defiantly no date, I just don't want to intrude." I said blushing a bit.

Suddenly I was shoved from behind. I knew that the floor would come in contact with my face soon, but it never came. But I felt strong arms around my waist.

Edward had moved both the glasses into one hand, and had the other arm around my waist, setting my upright.


"Welcome. Now, I promise, you won't be intruding, I invited you." He smiled a crooked smile, and my knees went a little weak.

What the?

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