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Sometimes finding love at first sight is not what is all cracked up to be. What is life got in the way? Usual pairings, all character are OOC (at least a little bit).


Today was the day, our day. After so many months of planning, today was the day I would be becoming his wife. I have often wondered about this day. How would I feel? I had expected to be the happiest person on the planet, yet there was something there, stopping me from being that way. There was something in the back of my mind that was preventing me from feeling at ease, but what? Before I had any time to think it through, Jessica and Angela came into the room. "Are you ready Bella?" Jessica asked. Am I ready?

"Yes," I simply stated. Angela looked into my eyes and I was afraid that she was going to see how terrified I was. "Bella you look absolutely gorgeous," Angela said, giving me a small smile trying to convey that it would be ok. I decided at that moment to push all of my silly thoughts aside and enjoy our moment, the moment I would be marrying the man I loved.

I slowly rose from the chair and I made my way towards the mirror, I wanted so desperately to see that happiness in my face, I wanted to reassure myself that this was indeed the happiest moment in my life. I am not sure what I was expecting to see, but I was amazed at the look of determination I had, and I knew at that moment that I did not want to be anywhere else; I was happy.

I had a simple strapless white gown by Lazaro. The entire dress was covered with lace going all the way to the back forming a small round train. My hair had simple curls and the top half was tied to the back making a nice smooth top for my tiara and veil. I had opted for a simple veil with pearls in the trim and it flowed almost to my waist, just like my hair. Renee, my mother, had helped me with my makeup. It was simple and very light, with just a hint of blush and a coat of clear lip gloss. Jessica thought it would be too simple for the pictures, but I truly felt beautiful.

"Bella, you look so beautiful," Renee said as a new round of tears welled in her eyes. I could see how proud she was. Renee had been static to find out that I was dating Mike Newton, the heir to the Newton Empire. His father owned the most prestigious sporting store chain in the United States and they even had a big presence in Europe. In her opinion I was not only marrying well, but giving myself the chance to have everything she could never have because she had married Charlie, her high school sweetheart, the sheriff of the tiny town called Forks in rainy Washington. She fled before I was one year old, but since then we had lived from place to place, never really settling down anywhere.

Renee married Philip, a small league baseball player, when I was in high school and as they took on the road, I decided to move to Forks and live with Charlie. That is where I met Mike. At first we were only friends, but I could tell that he had been interested in me from my very first day at school. He had followed after me all the way to our senior graduation like a loyal Golden Retriever. I moved away to Washington D.C. for college, and we did not see each other for 4 years. I started working for the Washington Post the year I graduated from college as an assistant editor.

Jessica and Angela were my best friends since high school and we all went to Georgetown University together. Jessica dropped off from college two years later, preferring her social life, and was now a manager at Macy's in White Flint Mall in Rockville, MD. Angela finished pre-med and was currently doing her residency at John Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. She was working towards becoming a surgeon. We all used to be roommates, but once me and Angela completed college we all got our own places. I was currently living in a small studio in the Dupont Circle area of D.C. I bumped into Mike one Saturday morning at a Starbucks around the corner from my house. He had recently moved to D.C. to oversee his father's corporate offices and was looking for a place to rent. I became his tour guide and with my help he found a beautiful Penthouse apartment in Crystal City, VA. We started dating shortly after that, and here we are, one year later, about to get married.

"Earth to Bella," Jessica said while waving her hand in front of me. "Are you planning to miss your own wedding?" she asked while snickering. I knew that Jessica had a crush on Mike since high school, but when I asked if it was ok for me to date Mike she had said that she was very happy for us; that we were meant for each other. She had found herself someone else, his name was Davey, and she seemed happy for the most part.

"Sorry, I am just a little nervous, that's all, is it time?" I asked. "Yes dear, let me call your father and we will all get set up," my mother responded. It was not hard to feel the enthusiasm pouring out of her.

Charlie was not the kind of guy that liked to dress up, much less in a 'Monkey Suit' as he liked to call it, but he looked very handsome. "Hey there squirt!" he said while appraising me with his yes. "You are the most beautiful bride that I have ever seen. I am very proud of you. Mike is a lucky guy." He took hold of my hand steadying me as we made our way down the stairs and to my future.

Since Mike's family was more than loaded, his mother had insisted that we celebrated our marriage in the most extravagant way possible. Mike paid for everything, including my dress and my shoes. He wanted me to look the part, and I played along not letting on how much I felt like a trophy wife. We had decided to get married in Acapulco, and from here we would start our new life, living in California.

The ceremony was beautiful. It was held in front of the beach. All of our guests were in the main land, while me, Mike, and the judge were in a small island off the ocean connected to the main land by a small bridge. Everything was decorated with turquoise, bronze and pearl details. White roses decorated every table. Before I knew it, we had been declared husband and wife and we turned around to be greeted by all of our guests.

The reception area was a few steps from the ceremony area in a big white gazebo. We went to take our pictures while everyone got situated. Mike could not keep his hands off me, and kept repeating in my ear that he could not wait until night, when I would finally be completely his.

Mike's father was not happy that Mike had chosen me for his wife. He told him that Mike was making a huge mistake and that he should have found someone from his same class and stature. He seemed to believe that Mike should just treat me like a toy and enjoy himself until they found him the perfect woman.

As I finished the last pictures with my Bridesmaids I could see Mike and his father in a heated discussion, and then Mike took off. I was about to follow after him when Eric, a high school friend from Forks, stopped me to congratulate me and tell me how beautiful I looked. He went on and on about how great everything was at the wedding, and how Mike had become the luckiest man on earth. I looked at Angela begging for mercy, and she quickly caught on and took a hold of Eric's hand promising to introduce him to my other bridesmaids, Clara and Elaine, who I both met at college.

I looked around to see if I could find where Mike had walked off to, but when I could not spot him, I decided to search for him. As I was making my way towards the direction I had seen him go earlier, I was stopped by Renee who insisted I needed to freshen up my makeup before going into the reception. I told her that I was looking for Mike and she said not to worry, that she would look for him while I got ready.

I opened the door to the ladies room, when I saw the one thing I never, ever wanted to see in my life. There it was, my brand new husband kissing Jessica passionately. I could not help the gasp that escaped my mouth as I dropped my flowers on the floor, tears already running down my face. "Bella, this …this is not what it looks like," Mike stuttered, a desperate tone in his voice. "I was looking for you and I saw Jessica come in here. I wanted to ask her where you were and she…" he could not finish his sentence as Jessica started laughing, "She what Mike? Why don't you tell her that I am the only one that you love, that we have been together for as long as you have been pretending to love her," Jessica stated with such venom in her tone that it made me realize how much she hated me.

"Shut up you stupid bitch, I want nothing to do with you! This kiss, this was just a goodbye, my future is now Bella and she is the only woman I want in my life. Honey…" he was saying as I ran from there, I needed to leave. What the hell just happened?

I could hear Mike running after me when I suddenly bumped into Renee. "Bella!" she yelled. "What is going on? You are ruining your makeup."

"Mom… Mike… he was kissing Jessica in the bathroom… I need to go, please let's get out of here," I said while trying to pull Renee with me but she would not move. "Bella, stop embarrassing yourself and get it together. That is just a little thing and I am sure Mike did not mean anything by it," she said. I could not believe it, she was on his side. What was this hell? I started moving away from Renee as Mike slowly approached us. "Bella, please honey, forgive me. I did not mean anything. Come on, let's enjoy our wedding, honey, please," he said as he glanced around and noticed that all of our guests had caught on to what was going on and were now standing around us trying to get closer to the commotion. "Bella honey, you are making a scene in front of everyone," he pleaded.

"Oh, I am sorry Mike," I said with as much venom as I could add to my voice. "I did not mean to ruin your perfect façade. You are such a piece of scum, I want nothing more to do with you ever again," I said as I started to take off my shoes. "I don't want anything that came from you, and since you paid for everything, here are the fucking shoes," I continued as I threw the shoes at him. I took of my dress leaving myself with just my white lace underwear and threw it at him as well. "Here is your fucking dress, here is your fucking veil and tiara, and here is your stupid, fucking cake!" I yelled while throwing everything at him and dumping the enormous cake to the floor. "I hate you!" I cried out loud while I took off running.

I could hear everyone screaming after me, but I just kept running towards the beach, on the other side of the hotel, not caring that everyone could see me in my underwear. I felt so dirty, so betrayed. My eyes were covered in tears as I ran, and I could not see where I was going, but I wanted to make it into the ocean, I wanted to cleanse myself from anything that had to do with Mike. I was almost in the ocean when I crashed into something solid, and as I started to fall back, I felt a set of strong hands holding me by the waist and setting me straight. A current of electricity went through my entire body as those hands touched me. I looked at the face of the stranger that had saved me from my fall, and as I saw those incredibly intense green eyes staring back at me, everything went black.


I am not sure what prompted me to say yes to this silly trip, but I guess I did need to celebrate the fact that I just completed my residency at John Hopkins and I had accepted an attending position there temporarily while I pondered my options. I was now a pediatric neurosurgeon and I was not sure if I wanted to continue working at a hospital or join my father's practice. This trip however, had proven to be a crazy one and I found myself regretting the decision to come. Why we couldn't just celebrate at some bar in D.C. was beyond me.

I looked around my hotel room, we had decided to share the penthouse, and the mess all over the place from our party last night was making me claustrophobic. I decided I needed to go for a run to clear my head and embrace myself for the last day of our Acapulco vacation. I quickly changed into a white wife beater, a pair of running shorts and my running shoes. I strapped my iPod to my arm, and I made my way to the small kitchen to grab a water bottle. "Alice, what are you doing up so early?" I asked my sister as I reached in the fridge for my water.

"Have you heard the way Emmett snores?" she said obviously very annoyed. "I don't know how Rose can sleep through that every night," she continued as she rolled her eyes.

"We all know she sleeps like the dead, and when she can't, she just smacks him until she makes him stop," I said with a chuckle. "I am going for a run, I will see you later." I told her as I made my way out of the hotel room.

Alice had wanted me to invite someone to come with me for the trip, talking about me being a terrible fifth wheel, and that I needed to find my other half soon or I was going to end up a bitter old man that no one would like. She had been setting me up with blind date after blind date hoping that I would find someone. It was getting pretty old, and I was tired of being made fun of by everyone for being the only one without a sidekick. I just could not find anyone to hold my interest for more than five minutes. I have dated plenty of girls, but none of them made it pass the first or second date. Why was the world so full of fake people? I could not stand it. Also, I did not feel like I would need someone to make me happy. I was very happy with my life, my current status, and I liked where I was headed, who needs complications?

I ran out of the hotel lobby and almost bumped into a couple of men carrying a huge and extravagant wedding cake to the gazebo area. It was ostentatious that cake, and I wondered who the cocky show off couple was. As I started my slow jog, I could see that the place had been decorated with sickly detail in a way over the top fashion and decided to run towards the public beach area instead. I did not want to bump into any of these people.

I ran for a good five miles before I decided to make my way back. It was a nice day out, not too hot, not too cold - a perfect spring day. The beach was not too busy yet, so I decided to slow my pace to a walk and take in the scenery as I made my way back. It would take me a lot longer to walk back to the penthouse, but to be honest I was not ready for my hyper sister, her analytic boyfriend, my obnoxious brother and the smart ass of his girlfriend. I loved them all dearly, but when we all got together they were just too much to handle. Alice was always finding ways for us to go shopping and Jasper was not one to deny her anything. Jasper and Alice had been dating since high school, and were talking about a possible wedding within the next year or so. Rose and Emmett had also been inseparable since high school, and were already engaged. They were planning to settle somewhere in Bethesda, MD as Rose did not want to be too far from the heart of D.C.

I was nearing our hotel when I saw an angel. She was running in my direction not aware of everyone looking at her. Was she in her underwear? I turned around to see if I could spot a towel so I could hand it to her or something and I had turned around to see if I could make her stop when something slammed into my chest. I looked at what had crashed into me when I saw the angel, and as she started to fall backwards I wrapped my arms around her waist and pull her straight, a current of electricity coursing through all my body.

I looked down to see if I could see the face of the angel, as she started to look up and our eyes met. I was just starting to be drawn to her beautiful chocolate colored eyes when she went limp in my hands.

I picked her up and cradled her in my arms as I made my way to one of the beach chairs under an umbrella so that I could wake her up. She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life. I was just simply mesmerized by her beauty. I gently touched her face attempting to wake her up when I felt a sudden breeze, and then it hit me. This girl was not just a fallen angel, she smelt delicious. All of my medical training went to the back of my head as instinct took over and I slowly made my way to her beautiful plump pink limps, and I kissed her very gently, as if she was made of glass.

Then… she woke up.