Presenting, the most parody-filled story grace (or blemish) ! I'll be spoofing various cliché's such as Mary Sue's, teen pregnancies, and direct spoofs from some stories!

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does.

I would like to thank the following authors for their stories which I have used as inspiration for this story (In other words, I'm parodying you): Starlight by RenesmeeScarlet (And pretty much every other teen pregnancy DP story), Those Ridiculous Commercials by Knowledge in the Hollow Noggin, Pits by Cordia, and many others that I will add to the list in future chapters as the story progresses.

Finally, after three seasons, a cancelation, a lot of fan outcry, acceptance, and then a bout of the avian-flu, Skulker would finally kill the ghost boy and use his pelt as a blanket. Danny had no idea that he was about die, as Skulker was smart this time. He'd left a land mine right outside the door of Fenton Works. The ghost hunter himself was hiding behind a trashcan, but then again this was pointless as he was invisible too. The door opened and much to the poacher's glee Danny walked out to go to school. Just as his foot was about to trigger the land mine, everything around Skulker froze.

"Time out!" Yelled the voice of someone who could only be described as… GILBERT GOTTFRIED?! No, just kidding. It was Clockwork. "Skulker, I cannot let you kill the ghost boy." He told the dejected hunter.

"Well why haven't you tried to stop me before?" Skulker asked indignantly.

"Because this is the first time you've actually came anywhere near close to doing so." Clockwork answered flatly. Seeing Skulker's sad face, the time controlling ghost decided that he needed to explain his reasoning to the hunter. "Skulker, you can't kill Danny because he's an endangered species."

"He is?" Skulker gasped, he had never hunted a species to extinction, and it sounded like fun!

"Yes, not counting Vlad because he's lost in space, there are only two halfas in existence and they are both related. As long as halfas are threatened by extinction, I will always stop you from killing him." Clockwork explained while changing from a boy, to an adult, to an old many every few seconds.

"So… If I increase the population I can hunt the whelp again?" Skulker seemed very hopeful.

"Yes. Think of it like a breeding program!" Clockwork raised his arms up in the air for emphasis. "All you must do is get Danny to reproduce, and then once the halfa population has been secured you may go back to hunting him."

"Ah, so I must create some sort of pheromone that will cause the whelp and that gothy friend of his to breed thus securing the population!" Skulker scratched his metallic chin in a "pondering" expression. Clockwork held up a small can.

"Or you could just spray him with this AXE body spray." Skulker looked at the can in awe.

"That stuff really works?" The hunter asked in bewilderment.

"Well duh, how else would it not get sued for false advertising?" Clockwork handed Skulker than can. "And one more thing, if you kill Danny before the halfa population has improved, I will make you explode!" Clockwork raised his time-staff into the air. "Time in!" Everything started moving again, seeing Danny about to step on the land mine Skulker leapt from his hiding place and tackled the halfa to the ground.

"Saving a species!" The hunter yelled, he then whipped out the can of AXE and sprayed Danny with it until there was a puddle of the stuff underneath him. "You'll thank me for this later!" And with that the ghost-zone's greatest hunter flew off. Confused and smelly rather odd, Danny stood up and brushed himself off.

"That was weird." The halfa commented.

Later that morning Danny just finished explaining to Tucker his odd encounter.

"What do you think the stuff he sprayed you with was?" Tucker asked.

"I don't know. It's probably nothing." Just then the two approached Sam, who waved at them.

"Hi Tucker. Hi Dan…" A mysterious scent invading Sam's nostrils. She stopped moving and proceeded to stare at Danny, her eyes having become hearts and a puddle of drool was forming at her feet.

"Are you okay Sam? Are you constipated?" Danny asked.

Oh dear, this will not end well. In the next chapter more stuff happens and a new ghost girl arrives, and her name is Sue Mary!