A Warning from Sue Mary: Suma dis chappa iz borrowsed form Peter Chimaera. Voiwer excretion advisd.

Disclaimer: I do not own "Hitler: Extreme Nazi" this masterpiece was written by Peter Chimaera.

"Alright, class can we please stop gossiping about Juno-err Ms. Manson and present our history reports?" Mr. Lancer pleaded to his students. "Who wants to go first?" Sue Mary's hand leapt up above the other students.

"Nwo i cun imperz Doanyy wif noledge!" She thought out loud.

"Uh, I'm sitting right next to you." Danny pointed out while dodging a piece of paper with crude images of himself and Sam scribbled on it. Either not listening to, or ignoring Danny's comment, Sue Mary walked up the front of the class with a piece of notebook paper in her hand.

"My eport am about Hiter. It calls "Hitler: Extreme Nazi"." Thanks to her amazing Sue-powers the entire class paid complete attention to her now.

It wam twelve AM and Hitler was come down for living room inspection.

"THIS IS DISGRACE" he spittemed and wipered his face with lawn mower precision.

"I am sorry Her Hitler" saysed a servant who was make wash the floors harder than ever.

"OH JEW" Hitler becamed enfurious. It was twenty minutes beforr a jagged walking gentleman would arrive and if he was important house guest!

"Dear Ado lf" Him Mother walkering down flirghts of stairs
"I carry theb askert of fresh muffins," she brought tasty treat.

Thib is delicioum!$ "Hilter said"

But World War I started in forty minutes and is so he has to go out t ofight ar the Frenck.
They lost all the war and forcet to sign a accodr.
I "WILL GET REVENG ON JEW" Hitler baosted of his fury and he year was 19a33 when he become leader of NAZIS! Germany was place of his Austrian rage and he ordered make of concentraction camps which before were something different but now they murder jews he also try to build things like new weapons and maybe atime machine but science isnt proved, He was wvery good at the constuctering of mad power but then latern when war was over America had made atomic bomps and Hitler tired to mark them too but he was unsuccescive. Great smokes I must hiding He disappear it 1945 and nover fonud again Perhaps he built time machine or maybe get disaperr into Belgium where he lived with Beligums.
Hitler did some good things but he mwas not hero! He did terrible thing too and kill a lot of Jew we must hnever forgot because history important

The Ent

"Um, thanks for that lovely report Sue Mary. You get an A plus." Mr. Lancer stated; his brain fried from Sue's terrible "essay" if one could even call it that on Hitler. Thankfully the bell rang and the students fled from the classroom. Sue Mary watched Sam leave and chuckled to herself, well aware of what her Uncle Samberg had in store for the Goth girl.

As Sam walked out of Mr. Lancer's class she and Danny parted ways with a hug and kiss before heading off to their next period classes. On the way to science a torrent of flames erupted from the tile several feet away from Sam. The Goth gasped as a burning mummy emerged from the pillar of fire.

"I am Abo Ragl Ma Slokha, the Man with the Burnt Leg!" The creature announced in a dry, cracked voice which no human entity could ever hope to produce. "I have to come to burn you alive!"

"Why the heck would you do that?" Sam asked, more out of curiosity then fear.

"Because I'm angry that my leg is burnt." The Goth stared at him incredulously.

"So let me get this straight? You go around, burning people alive-"

"Cooking them alive, actually." Abo Ragl Ma Slokha clarified.

"Whatever. So you do all that just because your leg is burnt?" The scorched monstrosity nodded.

"Pretty much. Yep." He raised his hands and fire burst from them. "Now prepare to meet your end depressingly dressed child!"

"I am not a child! I'm a teenager thank you very much. And because it seems I'm some kind of cosmic plaything, a pregnant one at that." Abo's eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh! Never in my millennia of existence have I ever come this close to cooking someone who wasn't a child? I'm ruined! I've lost my touch! Oh woe is me!" He dropped the floor and cried steam, as his tears evaporated instantly from the heat of his immolated body.

"Sow Darny i hread u needz a new girlifrend cuz Som deade4d form teh fire mommy." Danny looked at Sue Mary in shock.

"WHAT?!" He immediately went ghost, followed by an annoyed Sue Mary, towards Sam's last class hoping he wasn't too late. It never occurred to him that it was rather suspicious Sue knew about Sam's supposed death when no one else did. When they reached the hallway, both halfas gasped at the sight before them.

"WUT?" Sue Mary spurted out. Sam and Abo Ragl Ma Slokha, the monster her uncle had sent to kill her, were sitting at a table having a tea party

"Hi Danny!" Sam waved before taking another sip of the tea. "This is Abo Ragl Ma Slokha, the Man with the Burnt Leg. He tried to kill me but we talked things over and are cool now."

"How's it goin'?" Abo asked Danny and Sue. Sue Mary just stood there with her mouth gaping.

"IT GOATS TO GO WASHER HARE!" The Mary Sue sped off to confront her uncle for his epic failure under the pretense of needing to "washer" her "hare".

Meanwhile at DAVL Corporation headquarters Mr. Samberg sat at his desk chanting "I'm the boss" to himself. Suddenly the stapler, papers, jar of paperclips, phone, and mug of coffee on his desk began to glow pink and levitate.

"U FALE!" Sue Mary screamed at her uncle while hurtling the office supplies every which way.

"What? Abo Ragl Ma Slokha didn't kill her? That's impossible! I can't fail! I'm the boss!"

"WEEL U DID STO FXIX AT!" Mr. Samberg raised his hand up to both calm his niece and shield his face from any projectiles she might hurtle at him.

"Don't worry, I'm the boss. I got a full proof plan to get rid of her."

"Esselenlentttytent." The uncle and niece broke out into their trademarked evil laughs, which scared the other employees quite badly.

After school Danny and Sam returned to Fenton Works. Exhausted from the long day of learning things he would most certainly not use later in his life, Danny plopped down on the couch and began to surf through the television channels.

"DANNY! We're out of pickles, hot sauce, and that wonderful soy-halibut!" Sam called from the kitchen. She had hit the weird cravings stage of pregnancy, and her most recent desire was soy-halibut stuffed with pickles and sautéed in hot sauce. Danny thought two things about that. One, his future child (or dare he even think it, children) was the spawn of some horrible gluttony demon thing and two, how on Earth was it possible to make a halibut out of soy beans?

"Sweetheart, you heard her. Go and get some… everything because by the time she comes back she'll have another craving for something weirder." Maddie chimed.

"But mom…"

"Hey, I'm not the one who got her pregnant!" Danny grimaced at that remark, knowing there was no way he could trump it. And so he begrudgingly got up to go to the store, his head filled with thoughts of contempt for this horrible accident.

The halfa looked back towards the kitchen before stepping out the door and saw Sam, a hand placed over her already starting to grow stomach while she cooed lovingly at the child growing inside. All of Danny's thoughts of anger melted away and were replaced with feelings of love. Love for both Sam and their unborn child. His heart lightened, he stepped out the door, deciding to bring back more than food. Maybe some plastic flowers, as Sam thought it was mindless to kill real ones just to look nice, or maybe some vegetarian approved chocolates, or... He thought on what he might get to suprise Sam the rest of the way to grocery store and back.

Yay for DxS fluff at the last part! Also, Abo Ragl Ma Slokha is a real mythological figure from ancient Egypt. He was essentially the Egyptian boogeyman, capturing and cooking children who misbehaved. Next chapter will either be some Danny and Sam bonding or the start of the Phantoms of Silent Hill parody, whichever I feel like when I begin writing it.