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Spencer found her self yet again out side the Davies' apartment pacing back and forth as her nervous twitched. She had decided enough was enough she was going to talk to Ashley and tell her about Kyla. She'd been avoiding both Davies' girls after she left the apartment with a soft kiss goodbye from the younger brunette. It wasn't fair to either of them and it wasn't fair to her self even though she still doesn't know who or what she wants.

Biting her lip she hoped only one of them was home, was she wrong to wish it was Kyla, little less drama that way. Spencer had no clue how Ashley would react to the fact she had kissed her half sister but she was betting on not very well. Ashley had a tendency to blow up and in this situation the blonde knew it was the right thing for the older brunette to do but she still didn't want to deal with it.

Closing her eyes she lifted her hand to knock but was met with a soft flesh covering her hand, blue eyes snapped open to see Kyla standing there holding her fist in her warm soft hand and a smirk gracing her lips, "This is the second time I've caught you outside the door,"

Spencer yanked her hand away ignoring the girl's twitch of a frown and rolled her eyes, "I just got here,"

Kyla chuckled, "I could see your shadow moving back and forth for at least five minutes,"

Again she rolled her eyes but this time with a slight blush, "Is Ashley here?" she asked trying to get the attention off herself.

This time Kyla did frown shaking her head, "She ran out to get some movies. We're doing a sisters night,"

Licking her lips and rubbing the back of her neck, "A sisters night huh...interesting?" it came out more as a question than a statement.

Shrugging her shoulders she opened the door a bit wider, "You can come in if you want. Wait for her,"

Spencer took a step in but than stepped back out again as she had done the first time the two had been left alone, "I don't think that's a good idea. Remember last time?"

"I remember," she whispered reaching out and slowly dragging Spencer behind her and into her room. She loved the heat coming from the taller girl's hand and sighed when she finally released it to sit on her bed.

Spencer hadn't actually been in Kyla's bedroom since she moved into the loft apartment with Ashley, always to busy talking, arguing or having sex in Ashley's room to really go any where else beside the bathroom and kitchen so she took some time looking around. The bed took up most of the left side while a dresser and bathroom took over the right. She had weird 60's like posters on her wall and beads coming down in front of her door way as a sort of door. It wasn't elegant or anything but it was just so Kyla, simple yet effective.


Kyla spoke quietly bringing Spencer back to the fact that the two were yet again alone in the apartment and in a room with a bed, "So?" she whispered back unsure of what to say or do in the situation.

"You've been avoiding," it wasn't accusing or harsh just a fact stated and accepted.

"No I..." she cut herself off once receiving the patent Davies' glare. The one that pierces right through any lie, Spencer swore that Raife made the girls' go through some kind of CSI lie detecting class. He was in fact a rock star and couldn't handle his kids in dangerous situations so if he taught them that valued skill maybe they wouldn't end up in trouble. Shaking her head of that ridicules thought she settled her gaze on the now nervous brunette, "....have been avoiding. I'm sorry Kyla I just..."

Spencer flopped down on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge while her shirt shifted up revealing the milky white flesh beneath. Kyla licked her lips as she stared at it than raised her eyes over Spencer's heaving chest, watching the fall and rise of breasts she longed to see. She couldn't lie if asked that she'd been dreaming of the blonde since that day they made out and she didn't know if she wanted to any longer but she clamped her mouth shut knowing one peep to anyone especially Ashley would ruin what ever was going on with them.

The blonde had her arm resting against her eyes so she didn't see the brunette lean over her but she did feel the bed dip slightly, removing her arm she saw Kyla hovering above her with her arms on both sides of her head, licking her lips she dared her self not to glance down at the wet mouth more than a few inches from hers.

"Kyla?" she warned with a questioning word but this seemed to do nothing for the darkened lustful brown eyes.

"I missed you," she whispered back afraid to answer the one word question set before her. Instead she leaned down capturing the perfect plump lips earning her a moan for the effort. Hands threaded through her loose ringlets, tugging slightly sending pain rippling down her spine right to her center core which lit up like the forth of July. Soon she found her self pressed into the mattress while Spencer slowly dry humped against her jean clad leg.

Kyla felt it was unfair that the blonde was the only one gaining pressure where she needed it and tried to lift her hips to grind against the leg between hers but it seemed to pull away as she raised them. Groaning in frustration she tried again and failed.

"Spencer," she whined making the blonde pull away which in no way did she mean for that to happen.

She stared down at the younger girl. Face flushed, chest heaving, arousal filled brown eyes but not the eyes she was used to. Kyla had more hazelnut and when she was turned on they grew darker matching Ashley's regular eyes but Ash's screamed black and dangerous. Spencer never knew what would happen in the bedroom when the older Davies' girl was turned on so much you could no longer see the gold fleck in her eyes.

"Kyla," Spencer groaned pulling away not believing she was yet again in a make out session with the wrong Davies'.

"What?" the brunette groaned wanting that leg between hers so she could try and get the feeling of arousal to go away.

"Why did you kiss me?" Spencer sighed pulling away, "You know I have a harder time stopping my impulses lately,"

Once realizing she wasn't getting any at the moment she sat up and stared at the pacing girl, "You also have a habit of pacing," she nodded to the back and forth movement.

Spencer licked her lips and stopped walking placing her hands on her hips, "We can't keep doing this,"

"You're right but Spence I want you," she breathed out unsure on how the other girl would take the sentence.

Shaking her head in frustration she sat down next to the girl, "I want to be with you but I don't know if it's just sexually or something else,"


Kyla's eyes widened at the paleness of Spencer as both of them slowly turned to the door way where Ashley stood with arms by her side and anger burning in her eyes, "Ashley?"

"Spencer what the fuck is this? Why did you just say...sexually...what?" Ashley was having a hard time breathing let alone comprehending what she had just over heard. She returned happy to have actually gotten the movies she set out for only to come home to see her sister and girlfriend...ex girlfriend...Spencer kissing.

"Ashley I...can explain,"

"You don't sound so sure Spencer," Ashley turned around not able to stare at them any more and stormed into her room with Spencer on her tail and Kyla trembling in her doorway watching the two disappear.

"Ashley will you listen to me please," Spencer pleaded afraid she was losing her best friend yet again and maybe even a chance to figure out if she still wanted her as a girlfriend.

"What is there to listen to huh? Sounds like you figured it out...you don't want me!" Ashley bite her lip hard so she didn't scream before spinning around and staring at the love of her life, "How did that happen?" she pointed out her door indicating Kyla.

Spencer felt the tears coming but was able to push them away and keep as calm as possible, "You were out when I came by and we talked and next thing I know we're were kissing,"

"My sister Spencer...God...I can't even wrap my mind around it!" Ashley screamed looking away and sitting down on her bed with her head in her hands.

"I know Ash I don't know how it happened either," Spencer sat on her knees in front of the newly broken girl.

"Do you want her?" she asked in her hands but Spencer understood.

"I don't know," she whispered back trying to pry the girl's hands away from her face. After a second of struggling Ashley finally lowered her hands with a humph and glare but it deter the blonde for a second, "I've been avoiding both of you since it happened, trying to think things through and I don't know anything Ashley."

Ashley leaned forward quickly capturing the younger girl's lips with in her, roughly sliding her fingers through golden locks trying to show anything and everything in that one kiss. Spencer pushed away which sent her tumbling on her ass, her breathing labored as she glanced up as Ashley who was still sitting on her bed now looking down upon her.

Spencer felt like it was right, Ashley should look down upon her because she was a horrible person, "You felt nothing?" she asked with a tear slipping from her golden eye.

"I did," Spencer felt the tears fall down her cheeks, "...but I felt something with her too."

All this seemed to do was create a tension neither had ever felt before. They stayed in their positions, on the bed and floor for some time. Letting the words tumble through their minds and hoping someone would come to an explanation or decision. Ashley cracked her neck before lowering her gaze back on Spencer who seemed to be stuck on the ground.

"I thought this was over," her voice strained and low caught Spencer's attention so she hesitantly glanced up, "I thought I paid enough. I...thought you loved me..." She licked her lips casting a glance to her door way before glancing back at the one girl she thought she would actually settle down for and marry, "Go to her..."

Blue eye's sparkling with tears widened, "Are you breaking up with me?"

Ashley let out a harsh breath of laughter, "We aren't together....you made that very clear Spencer,"

Swallowing Spencer got on her knees, "Please Ashley just don't give up. I love you,"

"But you love her too," she sternly told her finally voicing the words Spencer couldn't even think about let alone say out loud.

"Ash...I don't..." Spencer grabbed the bridge of her nose before standing up and walking out of the room and into Kyla's who was sitting on her bed with her ear pressed against the wall trying to hear the parts of the conversation that wasn't being yelled. She knew that wasn't possible but in her frantic mind she swear she could hear a few words.

Grabbing the younger brunette's hand she hauled her off the bed and yanked her kind of forcefully into the living room and than into Ashley's bed room. Ashley was still sitting in the same spot the blonde had left her.

Glancing up she saw her sister and her anger started boiling again as she pictured her blood relative's lips on the one she loved. Standing up ready to start swinging but her anger soon disappeared along with the drop of her heart as Spencer collided her mouth with the young girl's. Ashley stood there frozen on the spot but soon she needed to act before she now longer could feel. At this she moved forward pulling Kyla roughly away from the blonde, the younger girl flew onto the bed with the force while Spencer found her self pounded against the door and a set of lips claiming her own in raw passion she'd never felt before. Teeth nipped at her lower lip sending pain rippling through her body as blood trickle out of the new wound.

Chest rising and falling pressing together, nipples hardening and straining against the fabric of bras and shirts. Air escaping through nose and mouth and being sucked in by another. Dizziness threatening to make them fall over they parted laying forehead against forehead.

"Wow," Kyla laughed breathless at witness such an act of whatever that was, "I know I'm not need," she got up walking past the two but Spencer forced Ashley away than reached out yanking the younger brunette in slamming their lips together. Walking her back the two fell on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Kyla pinned beneath the stronger girl who forced her tongue in mixing her blood and air now with the younger girl. Leaving Ashley confused and upset watching from behind them.

Lack of air pried the two apart and Spencer stood up walking back over to Ashley who just cocked an eye brow and stepped back silently telling her didn't want apart of what ever game the blonde was playing. As if realization of what had been happening it her Spencer's blood froze and her eyes widened. She couldn't believe what she had just done so she did the only thing in her mind that was left to do.

She ran.

She ran from herself.

Ran from Ashley.

From Kyla.

From what had happened in that bedroom.

She ran from the emotions coursing through her veins.

From the lust she felt of the control she had on the two Davies' women.

And she prayed it never caught up to her.