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Quil's POV

It had been a long day running patrol with the pack. Jacob ran us extra hard to keep us surrounding the Canadian line because there was some suspicious going on up there. We would have gotten back later but I think that Jacob missed Nessie too much. I started thinking about Claire. My girlfriend. My Claire. I could actually say that now. It had been a long 17 years let me tell you, it wasn't easy waiting for her. But it was worth it. Not that we had done it yet or anything maybe this weekend would be the big day. I decided I would go over to her house to surprise her. God I missed her so much. I transformed back into my human form and shrugged some sweatpants over my legs as I made my way into her house. I knew that her parents were out visiting her brother this weekend in college. Score!

"Claire Bear? Are you home?" I called but to loudly enough to startle her.

Nothing. I wondered where she could be. Her car was in the driveway, unless she walked down to town but that was unlikely. I walked into the kitchen and past the living room towards her room. I opened the door and there was my angel. She was sleeping on her bed; her eyes closed her chest moving up and down with her breathing. God she was so sexy. She had on the shortest shorts, leaving nothing to the imagination. And a little tank top. Her hair was splayed everywhere and her lips were pursed into a sexy pout. Her hand was resting on her hip and her legs were slightly apart. I leaned down and positioned myself over her body but not so much that I was crushing her. I leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She stirred lightly but didn't wake up. I brushed my hands lightly down her sides and a moan came out of her lips. My Claire, moaning?

"Mmm." Claire murmured from her perfect lips. Her eyes fluttered open and she gave me a sexy little smile that made me hot.

"Where have you been? I have been waiting around for you since yesterday!" Claire rushed anxiously.

She pulled herself up and grabbed my neck with her soft hands bringing me into a deep kiss. Her lips moved all over me. My ears, my mouth, my cheek... Oh those lips of hers!

"Maybe i shouldn't stay away longer next time if I get this kind of greeting!" I smirked at her. If I was away for two whole days and Claire was almost devouring me whole. She smelled so delicious i wanted to take her right there. Of course, that wouldn't be the proper thing to do. But I really could give a shit about being proper.

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