Burning Up For You Baby – 2

All characters belong to the lovely Stephanie Meyer. If only I was Stephanie.

I was now straddling Claire, and I bent down to her ear and whispered huskily, "Do you have any idea what you do to me Claire Young?" I asked her, and then looked into her eyes. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she looked back at me.

"What do I do to you, Quil?" she answered me, her chest rising up and down, her breathing erratic.

I gave no answer. Instead I leaned down and placed my lips firmly on hers. I moaned at the contact. She took to time at all and wrapped her arms around my neck. I pressed her closer to me, brushing my arms against the sides of her breasts. She shivered and arched closer towards me. Damn, does she look sexy as hell I thought as I slid my tongue across her bottom lip, begging for entrance. She licked the roof of my mouth with her sweet tongue and I moaned.

"Claire…" I breathed against her lips. I felt myself harden as I let her slide her tongue in and out of my mouth. I then dragged her tank top up exposing her beautiful stomach. When she didn't stop me I made my way to her breasts. Covering one completely with my hand I kneaded the perfect skin until she let out a gasp. I ripped my lips away and pulled the shirt over her head. She was wearing the sexiest black bra and her breasts were pouring out of it.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." The heat from my body was radiating off onto her as I sank my lips onto her neck. I nibbled her neck while my left hand massaged her left breast through her bra.

Claire arched into my hand and her breath caught in her throat. "Oh, Quil."

I grinned as Claire slid her hands around my waist and started massaging my muscles. The slightest movement was making me quiver from her touch.

"God, Claire." Her hands continued downward on my chest. She touched the waistband of my sweatpants and I almost couldn't take it. I ripped her bra off of her and kissed her lips furiously. I cupped her breasts with my hands and flicked my thumb over her nipples. He tore away from her lips and towards the valley of her chest. I placed my mouth over her nipple and pulled and teased her. Her dark, chocolate skin was so warm from my touch.

Claire then resumed her path with her hands and pulled off my pants. She traced her hands around my boxers.

"You my dear, are wearing way to much clothing." I said as I slid her tiny shorts down her limber legs. My breath hitched as I saw the wetness pooling in between her legs. Want, for me, she was burning up for me. My sweet Claire, all mine.

"Qui, please." Claire moaned.

"What was that Claire?" I teased her.

"Mm, take me Quil. I need you." She responded. Wasting no further time I pulled her underwear off and reached down to cup her mound. She was wet and hot. I put two digits into her and started pumping them faster. She rocked her hips against my hands breathing faster. She moaned my name and I almost came right then. I ripped my boxers off and looked at Claire in the eyes. She nodded quickly and I positioned myself above her opening.

"I love you, Claire. I love you so much." Then I plunged myself into her, and I growled loudly as waves of pleasure rocked through my body. Claire locked her legs around me and I took her lips as she screamed in pleasure. Claire collapsed on top of me as she said breathlessly, "I love you too Quil. More than words can say."


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