A full month had passed since Oshiro Mei's transfer before Matsumoto ran into Kyoraku-teicho again, this time drinking with the Eleventh division. She sat down across from him, helping herself to a dish of the sake she was sure he had brought with him. She needed it after having to deal with Ito for the past month. She was in the process of telling the captain about the latest bout of temper that the idiot had sent Hitsugaya into, the third since Kuchiki-teicho had transferred him last month. The other captain was debating making the suggestion for transferring that particular troublemaker to the Eleventh division when a small pink haired blur came running into the room.

"Ken-chan, Ken-chan! Joji-chan beat up Renji. He's gone soft since he left the Eleventh division to work with Byakushi!" Yachiru exclaimed, as she bounced into her habitual perch on Zaraki Kenpachi's shoulder.

Matsumoto smiled, shaking her head. "Baby girl, eh? I am surprised that Kenpachi can recognize anyone in his division with Yachiru's nicknames!"

Renji came in just, his robes sliced and splattered in mud.

Kenpachi looked at him. "Abarai-kun, I'll be damned if I believe it. You, beaten by a little girl?"

Renji scowled, although the effect was ruined slightly by the fact Renji looked as if he was trying not to laugh. "Yes, Zaraki-teicho. She's good too, for a kidou user."

"Aniki, I heard that!"

The scowl disappeared completely as Renji turned offering his arm to Oshiro Mei, who was limping heavily in spite of leaning on Kouki.

"You would have been fine if you hadn't turned your ankle in the mud coming off the practice field." Renji said, grinning broadly at Mei, who glared at him, her dark blue eyes spitting fire from her mud splattered face.

The girl grinned as both of her adopted older brothers helped her sit, getting weight off of her injured foot. "It was the only way I could be sure I got my control down."

Kouki made a face at her. "Little doubt of that. Although next time, try not to pick my day off Mei-chan."

She laughed, trying to wipe some of the mud off of her face using her sleeve. Kouki dug out a handkerchief and handed it to her.

Matsumoto started laughing. "I never thought Oshiro Mei would beat Renji in a fight. Not for a while in any case. Especially not after how hard she tried to keep from getting in a fight with Ito."

Kyoraku looked over at the girl and shrugged, smiling as he shook his head, a soft chuckle escaping from beneath the down turned brim of his hat. "Mei-chan is an Oshiro. I find it unlikely that Donan would have not made sure his daughter knew how to fight."

Matsumoto looked at him, knowing that he was leaving something out of his explanation. She did not pry though, but instead began to tease him instead. "And Minami Chika's daughter. You better remember that woman's right hook. You lost enough sake to it."

The other captain raised his hat and gave Matsumoto a mock salute with his dish. "Well then, I haven't lost any sake yet, but I'll take your word. It must run in her family."

Author's Note

Thank yo everyone who has read this. Here ends my first published fanfic. Not bad for a start. In a way, I feel bad that this story did not lend itself to pairings, although I am not sure how I would have managed given the relationships the characters have with each other. But I could not just leave it with Mei's transfer to the First. So thus, the Epilogue. Hopefully you enjoyed the story as much as I liked writing it.