¸.•¨) ¸.•¨) ¸.•¨
(¸... ¸.•..'

He is sensible and so incredible
And all my single friends are jealous
He says everything I need to hear and it's like
I couldn't ask for anything better
He opens up my door and I get into his car
And he says you look beautiful tonight
And I feel perfectly fine

¸.•¨) ¸.•¨) ¸.•¨
(¸... ¸.•..'

"So how are you and that tall handsome boy toy of yours?" Louise's voice cuts through my concentration that was formerly focused on the book in my hands. I smile as I look up at her. "We're good." I leave it at that. That's what they expect from the Mary, isn't it? There aren't really any "details" to get and even if there were, they know I wouldn't share them. "You two looked so good together the other night." Madeline pipes in with her opinion, as always it's the same as Louise's. Go figure. "Thanks, it was a nice party, Madeline." She smiles a little bit wider, I didn't actually think it was possible. "Yeah, Mads, it was good." Louise smiled over at her friend and I wondered how long they'd been that way. They conform to what everyone else wanted them to be. I wondered how they kept their sanity. I had asked Paris once. "Good sex." Had been her answer. I had simply rolled my eyes, but it was starting to sound like a more than logical conclusion.

They smiled one last time and left me, probably for more juicy gossip. Nobody really cared about the Mary and her "perfect" relationship anyhow. "Well, well..." I bite my bottom lip to keep from retorting out loud to my last statement. Obviously, one person does. I don't want to greet him, I want him to go away. "Did you enjoy the party?" The small talk confused me. "What?" He looked at me, almost placatingly. "The party. Did you enjoy yourself?" I gave him a withering look. "Dean and I had a nice time, thank you." He smiled that secret smile of his and leaned in closer to me. "Tell him I said I'm glad he did. You should come to more of them." I have to look away from his intense gaze now. I know it's stupid but I didn't know of anyone who'd ever had this effect on me. "Me or me and Dean?" He chuckled and waited a beat or two before he responded. "I'm not sure that was grammatically correct Miss Gilmore. But I was mainly referring to you." I couldn't help them smile that broke out across my lips. "I don't know about all that. Dean will want to come with me." The disdain in my voice came out a little too strong. I couldn't decide who it shocked more, me or him.

"Well then, tell him you have a real date." I scoffed, momentarily forgetting who I was talking to. "Who? Nobody's perfect like Dean, or as sweet as Dean, or as considerate as Dean." I mocked the people in my life as I finished. "Then I hope nobody is as boring as Dean." And then the "who I was talking to" part of the conversation slapped me in the face. "You don't even know him!" I couldn't figure out why I was defending him and from the look on Tristan's face, he couldn't either. "Did you forget to take your crazy pills this morning or something?" I scoff and start to gather up my things. "Goodbye Tristan." And with that, I was gone.

We weren't supposed to be friends. Especially after last night.

"Hey Rory." Madeline greeted us at the door, Louise at her side as always. "Rory's friend." Madeline's perky personality was somewhat endearing, but tonight just wasn't the night. "This is my..." I hesitated for a moment. "Dean. This is Dean." I didn't bother looking back at him, I know how his face will look. It always looks the same. Louise was looking him over like he was a piece of meat and I wanted to hide somewhere or vomit. Or both. Depending. I gave her a smile, nonetheless and keep moving. I know he will follow. He always does. I survey the room. Drinks. Dancing. Drunk teenagers dancing. Couples making out. Paris. An expensive vase or another getting tossed around. Wait, Paris? My eyes snapped back to where he figure stood, leaning against a pillar uncomfortably. Behind me, Dean started to say something but I walked towards her anyway. "Paris?" She sighed, like she couldn't believe someone had the nerve to come up and talk to her. "I have to stay until 10:30 and then I can go home." I look at her, confused. "My parents want me to mingle with kids my own age. Apparently, my books aren't good enough." I feel her rant coming on and I am fully prepared to listen to it, bracing myself.

"Who are you?" Her voice was louder and accusing. I try to suppress the disappointment that Louise hadn't already dragged him away. "Dean. I'm Rory's boyfriend." He stuck out his hand and I couldn't help but laugh as Paris stared at him like he had just told her he had some deathly illness and wanted to shake her hand. "Good for you. Do you want a cookie?" The smile doesn't seem to want to leave my face. "Why don't you go get us something to drink?" I don't turn to look at him and it isn't exactly a question. More of a demand. Funny how those can be masked as questions and people think you're being polite. "Sure." He responds anyway and I feel him depart from us.

Twenty minutes later Dean still hasn't reappeared and I silently thank Louise wherever she is that she was trying to distract him from coming back to me. "Hello ladies." His ever smooth voice followed the arm he slung around Paris' shoulder. She blushed a little and shrugged it off, making him smile widely at her. "Mary." He was still smiling, but there was something different about it when he turned it on me. There was something different about him. He was late. He was sober. The first one didn't suprise me at all. "Fashionably late" or something like that. The second, well that caught me off guard. He seemed to read my thoughts, looking down at his hand. "Let's remedy that, shall we." He took my elbow, winked at Paris, and led me toward the drinks table. I let him lead me, I could get used to that.

He popped open a bottle of water for me and handed it to me, wordlessly. He opened a beer for himself. "So you just weren't here long enough to have a beer in your hand then." I say aloud, answering my own question. He smirked at me. "Something like that." He wasn't looking at me though and it made me uncomfortable. Just standing there with him. He wasn't speaking to me. I wasn't even sure he even still wanted me to stand there. I started to walk back towards where I was sure Paris was still standing. He put his beer down and grabbed my elbow gently again. He was leading me again. "Dance with me." I wasn't sure if that was meant to be a request or a demand. "Tristan..." I start to protest, almost whining. I start to make excuses. I start to leave. But I don't have such luck. He leaned in closer to me and whispered into my ear. "I don't care that he's here with you and probably watching, jealous. I don't care that Paris will probably be mad. I don't care that half the student body is here and will be watching." He paused and moved impossibly closer to me. "Dance with me." He repeated, I was sure now that it was a demand. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his securely around my waist as we sway to the music. He doesn't look at me at first and the uncomfortable feeling was back. "So that Biology test..." He trails off and I look up at him, amused. "Hard stuff." He nodded, his face serious, but his eyes were dancing with amusement. "I think I got a B." I continue, playing his little game. Whatever the hell it was. He has the decency to look shocked, still playing along. "Surely not! The test you studied all night for?! A B?! Now that's unacceptable!" I couldn't help it anymore, I busted out laughing. It felt so good, seeing him like this. So unguarded. So real.

He smiled down at me, really smiled. And that's when I finally felt it. There was so much electricity, so much fire. Pure heat. My breathing quickens and my heart races. He pulled me a little closer and leans his head down to nuzzle into my neck. Biting back a moan, I half-heartedly attempt to untangle myself from him. "Don't worry. Louise has him occupied." He whispered to me as he licked a sensitive spot on my neck. I bite down on my lip, suppressing the urge to tell him how I feel. "You shouldn't do that." I look up at him, confused again. "Let me." He pulled gently on my bottom lip with his teeth and that's when I realize where we are. In the middle of a make-shift dance floor smack dab in the middle of a Chilton party. With half the student body. And my boyfriend. I pushed away, this time he let me. Maybe he realized he had crossed a line. I shake my head and back away from him, leaving in pursuit of my ride home.

¸.•¨) ¸.•¨) ¸.•¨
(¸... ¸.•..'

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