Grace yawned, walking down the hallway. Sleeping in this morning had felt wonderful, but it also made her feel like she wasn't accomplishing anything. One couldn't argue with staying in bed every once in awhile though.

Coming out into the living room, Grace spotted Hank and smiled his way. "Good morning, Hank. What brings you by?"

There was an awkward silence so she looked from him to where he was looking. "Um, Angel," she greeted. "Buffy," she said a little more brighter, still not understanding the mood in the room. "This is Hank Summers, Angel works with him."

The blonde's face scrunched up. "I am aware of who he is," Buffy replied.


"Dad?" Angel asked. "He's your father?" Grace watched him ask Buffy.

The blonde sighed. "I'm running late as it is, I should get my day started."

"Oh, my," Grace muttered. This was something she really had not been expecting. She'd know Hank for about as long as Angel had and would have never guessed in a million years. Taking a breath, Grace looked up at the girl. "Buffy, dear, when you're ready why don't you come join me in the kitchen for brunch?" she asked. Se then turned her head back to Hank and asked him again what he was doing there and if there was anything she could get for him.

Hank gave a quick response about needing to go over some files with Angel, saying how sorry he was to have come over like this.

Grace waved him off. "Here," she said, "You take a seat right over here and I'll get you a cup of coffee, how does that sound."

He nodded, finally looking away from the couple above. "That would great, Grace. Thank you."

"No trouble," she told him with a smile. "Angel, why don't you go get changed and come take care of this in a few minutes."


Angel sat down, shaking his very confused head.

"I had no idea she..." he began then threw a hand up in the air. "Christ, Hank. I didn't even know you had a daughter, let alone two!"

Hank sighed. "We're not exactly close."

Angel sighed. "Christ," he repeated. "How long have you known?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You didn't come over here just for this."

This time, it was Hank who let out a burst of air. He sat back a little on the sofa. "Awhile," he answered. "You mentioned her name... and then some more information later and also with a little digging."

Angel shook his head. He could not believe this.

Last night had been amazing. Surprising, yet not. Buffy was everything he could have hoped for and more. And now this morning came and he had no idea what it meant, if it had meant anything. So he had enough on the plate with that whole situation.

And then come to find out she was Hank's daughter. That Hank even had a daughter to begin with. He'd truly had no clue at all on this whole thing. Summers was a popular name, he'd never given it a second thought. Hank had never given any indication whatsover to having children. And then anything Buffy had said about her other parents, which really hadn't been much, it was hard to put his boss' face to it.

And, well, there was the whole he just slept with his boss' daughter factor.


Buffy came down the stairs and paused. She swallowed as she looked at her father and her boss. This was just so unbelievable. She hard them talking about something work relate and decided to do her best with sneaking past and heading toward the kitchen.

She took a seat at the bar and then laid her head down on the granite.

Grace smiled, bringing her over a small plate of food. "Here you are honey."

Buffy peaked her eyes up.

"You'll feel better. And you can tell me all about it."


Hank was getting ready to leave when he heard his other daughter's voice.

"Dad?" Dawn called out. Her voice was dreamy, like she couldn't believe he was there. Which was something quite easy to understand. Then her voice became high-pitched and excited. "Dad! Oh, my God! You're here!"

Moments later, he found himself almost knocked back down as his youngest daughter flung herself into his arms.

He swallowed, unsure of what to do.

Moments after that, he found Buffy back in the room, a very angry expression on her face.

"Dawn!" she called out.

"Buffy! Oh, my God! Look! Dad's here," she said excited.

Buffy's eyes narrowed. "He isn't here for you, Dawn," she told her. "Hank is Angel's boss."


Hank stepped away from Dawn a little. "Can we talk?"

"My boss works for you, I don't think that would be a good idea. I would hate to get him in any trouble," she replied. "Dawn, you need to go eat your breakfast."


Buffy raised an eyebrow.


And together his girls walked out of the room.


Angel sighed, sitting down to eat. Buffy had gone off to do some work around the house, not listening to anyone telling her she really didn't need to. His grandmother sat at the table drinking a cup of coffee and Dawn sat eating her own meal.

"Buffy hates me," he heard Dawn say softly awhile later.

He turned his head around to look at her. "Why would you say that?"

Dawn sighed, putting her fork down. "I acted excited to see him."

Angel could heard her trying not to cry. "You hadn't seen him in a long time," he told her.

The corner of her lips twisted. "I know. And that's why. Mom and Buffy raised me, were there for me. He wasn't. It feels like a betrayal in some ways," she told him. "He didn't even come to her funeral. Buffy wrote him telling him about it. He didn't even come."

Angel swallowed. "I'm sure Buffy understands," he told her after a few more moments.


"Come inside," Angel said softly when he went hunting for the blonde,. They'd left her alone long enough.

"I have work to do."

"Not right now,alright? We don't have to talk about or deal with anything. Just come watch some movies with us and eat some junk food for the rest of the day."

It took a little more convincing, but she finally relented and walked back inside the house with him. His hand reached for hers, entangling fingers as they walked to the living room. Angel paid no mind to the others as they went, as he sat down, bringing Buffy with him. He didn't pay attention to the looks he was getting as he cuddled the small girl to him, held her, kissed her gently every-which-where.


Buffy helped Grace get to bed after having a long talk with the kind older woman. She felt better after it more than anything else that'd happen through the day of day.

Next, she went to talk with her sister, setting the record straight that it wasn't her so much she was mad at and explaining that situation. Dawn had a little less discretion when it came to questioning her on what in the world had happened and was going on with her and Angel. She didn't fully know what to say to that but she gave her a generic answer and told her little sister that such answer would just have to do for now.

And when Buffy looked for Angel, she couldn't find him anywhere. At least not until she went on to her room. She smiled shyly, walking deeper into the room.

Neither of them seemed to know to say.

They did talk for a short while, but then they just went to bed. Angel stayed, holding her through the night.


The next day went on by in this same weird spell at the house. But then the following week started and everyone was going back to their normal week.

Or so it seemed.

Dawn got ready for school, Angel for work. Grace had breakfast going with the cook and set everything up, with the help from Buffy as she got down there.

They all ate together, joking, Dawn gripping about a test she had coming up today. Then Angel told the younger Summers girl to get her things so he could get her to school. Which was something he'd become more accustom to.

And then before leaving, Angel bid everyone else a good day, but grabbed Buffy, pulling her closer and kissing her deeply.

When he finally let go, he nudged the mouth agaped Dawn and told her to come along.

He had a feeling he'd have a headache of a drive now though.


Buffy was blushing as she stared at the now-closed door. And it felt like forever before she dared to turn around.

Grace had a smile on her face that made Buffy blush all over again.