Best friends for life

(Meena's POV)

My name is Meena Adalita Paroom. Me and Newton Livingston have been best friends since we were six years old. Both of us were still at first grade at the time. I was just a new student from Bahavia. On that day, I saw a blond hair and blue-eyed boy about my age was sitting at a corner of the classroom. Since I was a new student from a foreign country, I was shy to talk to all of those American kids, so I just sat there, wanting to talk to the boy with blond hair so bad, but was afraid I couldn't, but to my surprise, he started to approach me and boy, was I nervous!

"Hi, I'm Newt! What's your name?" Newt asked her.

"I'm Meena Paroom." I told him, in my thick Bahavian accent.

"So, you want to be my friend?" Newt asked me, innocently. To my surprise, I felt unusually comfortable around this boy so I decided to give it a try.

"Sure!" I said, excitedly. Him and I ran outside to play, until our teacher, Mrs. Rodsworth came in the room, she was a friendly old woman. Mrs. Rodsworth gave us a glare indicating we should return to our seats.

"Good morning class, my name is Mrs. Rodsworth." Mrs. Rodsworth said. Class flew by fast that day. As class ended, I was happy to see my parents standing there. I wanted to tell them all about my new best friend. Of course, I spoke to them in Bahavian but I'll just translate this part for you.

"Hey Sweetie, how was your day?" My mother asked me.

"Fine, I made a new friend today." I told her.

"Really? What's her name?" My dad asked, interrupting our conversation. I looked at both of my parents, all ashamed. They expected me to make a few friend that's a girl. But how will they react when they find out that my friend is a boy?

"Actually, I made a new friend that's a..."Before I could finish my sentence, my best friend walked up to me and gave me what the Americans called a 'high-five' in Bahavia, we called it a 'Yak's finger greeting' but I liked what the Americans called it better.

"Hey, what's up, Meena?" Newt asked me, excitedly. My parents looked at Newt as if he were an alien from planet venus instead of a friendly American boy.

"Meena, who is this stranger and how come he knows your name?" My father asked me, suspisciously.

"Dad, this is my friend, Newton Livingston but he preferrs Newt." Meena explained.

"Well why didn't you tell us he was a boy?" My mother asked me, all excited.

"Meena, could you give your mother and I a minute to talk, please?" My father asked.

"Um, okay then." Meena said. Newt stood there next to me, smiling. He couldn't understand what my parents were saying so I just stayed there and listened. My parents were talking about something called an 'arranged marriage' being only six, I did not know what that was, why was my name and Newt's name being mentioned more than I could count. I just stood there, looking all confused at my parents. Newt saw my confused expression and decided to ask me something.

"Meena, what's wrong? You look confused." Newt remarked.

"My parents are talking about an 'arranged marriage' and I hear your name and my name and something about us becoming 'spouses.'" I explained, not knowing what my parents were talking about.

"Arranged marriage? Us being spouses? Meena, your parents sound funny!" Newt said, giggling.

"They do, do they?" I told him. Newt and I just played tag in the hallway while my parents talked about me and Newt becoming 'spouses' ten years from now and about arranged marriage. Back then, I didn't know what spouses were or what an arranged marriage is, but I was about to find out.