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"Alice I don't know why you try so hard for work! It's not like Mr. Hale will miraculously notice you after two years of nothing!" I tried to explain to her. She was so stubborn and would not move on from this guy who she was in love with. She glared at me with her piercing blue eyes. I shivered she could be really scary for a little girl.

"Shut it Bella! Only because I actually like someone doesn't mean you have to go around and ruin it for me! He will notice me trust me... he just needs time!" Alice said annoyed. I laughed at her buttoning up her white silk blouse and tucking it into her tight black pencil skirt. She always looked so fashionable and put together unlike me with my messy untameable hair and lack of fashion sense.

I always looked up to Alice, no matter how many times someone could reject her she would just keep on trying, that is why she never quit her job as Jasper Hale's secretary though she could get a much better job with better pay, but she for some reason thought that she needed that job to survive! She could be so dramatic sometimes. I watched her as she spiked her short black hair in a very distinct array. She carefully glossed her bow-shape lips with clear gloss and put on some black eye-liner.

"Alice you look stunning! If Mr. Hale doesn't notice you now then I'm sure every other man in the office will." I exclaimed proudly to my dearest friend. She giggled.

"Oh Bella you silly girl, I only want Jasper! No buts! I love him and I am going to marry him you just wait!" she narrowed her gorgeous eyes at me and pursed her lips together.

"Whatever you say darling!" I waved it off. "Just as long as I'm the bridesmaid I don't care who you marry!" I said playfully. She laughed and walked over to get her purse.

"So Bells what are you going to do?" Alice asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied confused.

"I mean, are you going to go find a better job? I really don't want you working as some bartender in a club." Alice said matter-of-factly. I just rolled my eyes here we go again.

"Alice please! It's the town's hottest club and I make more there in tips then you make for the whole week!" I replied. She just shook her head.

"Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you... no legitimate man wants to marry a girl who works as a bartender Bella! No matter how trendy the club may be." Alice exclaimed rudely. I took a deep breath trying not to get mad at her.

"Okay Alice just leave! And remember I am working tonight so don't call my apartment early tomorrow, I hate your wakeup calls when I had work the night before!" I said sternly. She just rolled her eyes and walked out of her bedroom to her kitchen.

"Bella please will you just think about quitting?" Alice pouted. I sighed heavily and nodded.

"Whatever Alice, it still won't change my mind! I actually like it there!" I fought back defensively.

"You will see Bella your job will do you no good in the long run!" Alice pointer her pointy little finger with her manicured nail. I snorted and rolled my eyes. She was hilarious.

"Anyway Alice, why do you always think about marriage, I mean we are only 24 years old calm down and chill!" I told her, I was always the relaxed cool girl, who guys could just hand with. I was one of the guys usually and everyone thought Alice and I were an odd pair of friends but I love her dearly and she was my friend since we were ten. I would not give her up for anything! Even though sometimes we may have not been eye-to-eye I still loved her and trusted her completely as did she. She was more of a shopaholic, designer girl and I was a relaxed jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I never really tried to impress anyone...

"God Bella! 24 do you know how old that is! I mean okay so you get a boyfriend and then you date for two years then you get engaged and plan the wedding for the next year and then you finally get married by the old age of 27! What about the fucking babies Bella! It's not very healthy giving birth when you're older. Think about the children!" She exaggerated; she always seemed to do that. Oh how I loved her! I would have so long stopped being her friend if we didn't have our humor holding us together.

"Alright, alright Alice go to work and eye-fuck the shit out of Mr. Hale!" I said chucking. She glared at me and huffed.

"Fine I will! Bye Bella be careful and I will speak to tomorrow bright and early!" Alice chirped.

"ALICE DO NOT DARE!" I threatened. She just smirked and walked out. Finally, I also left her apartment and got into my little Toyota Camry. She was a true beauty, black on black with 19 inchers, and chrome. Yes I was a car freak and a total guy in female form. But I liked it that way. I drove to my apartment which was only five minutes away from Alice, we lived in New York and surprisingly we both got very cute one bedroom apartments in nice areas. Yes maybe my daddy helped and pitched in and so did my mommy but who's to blame I mean I am only 24 with a bartending job, which I must admit I was pretty good at.

I walked in and decided to take a shower. Before getting ready for my shift... I wonder how Alice was doing with Jasper.


Ugh Bella she is so impossible! Why must I always look out for her! I mean it's not like she listens to me! Always going the easy way out! I just want what's best for my friend! I walked into my office with my starbucks coffee and my purse over my shoulder while my papers tucked under my arm. My heels clicked and clacked as I walked towards my desk and got situated. I took a sip from my hot coffee when I heard a loud scream coming from Mr. Hale's office, I spilled all of my coffee onto my white silk shirt which on clung to me like second skin. My red bra was visible as I quickly dabbed napkins onto myself when Mr. Hale ran up to me with his eyes wide in shock and froze. My fingers were unbuttoning my shirt so I could dry it and he caught me in mid way. By now you could see the lining of my red bra and my cleavage.

"Mr. Hale, I'm so sorry when I heard you scream I spilled coffee all over myself. Please don't be angry!" I pleaded biting my lip nervously. I quickly buttoned my shirt back up and wiped my desk clean. He still stood there with his mouth hanging wide open. I snapped my fingers in front of him. "Mr. Hale? Hello? Anybody there?" as I did that he snapped back to me and closed him mouth.

"Oh... um... Miss. Brandon... ugh..." He kept stuttering I found it adorable; he was wearing a gorgeous black suit with a maroon shirt under and no tie. God he looked sexy!

"Yes..." I said initiating him to get on with it. He never acted that way before; my shirt was starting to really feel uncomfortable. I moved my chest around in it and he kept staring so I stopped.

"A very important business partner is coming today by lunchtime so I would like you to make reservations at Reuvé you know my usual spot but make it a booth and make sure it's private. He is also my closest friend so please work your magic and make sure they have a table under my name." He said sternly I nodded.

"But Mr. Hale usually you have to wait weeks to get a table there, what if I can't get one?" I asked nervously still biting my lip and looking down at my shirt, where he could see my red bra perfectly.

"Miss. Brandon I know you can make it work! After all that I why I keep you here so get on it!" He ordered as he walked away. I plopped back into my chair and calmed my breathing. He is so rude yet so fucking sexy when he is demanding. Ugh life is so complicated. I picked up my phone and began dialling the number at Reuvé a man picked up with a French accent.

"Reuvé Restaurant, Giroux speaking how may I help you?"

"Hello I would like to reserve a booth for two please." I said sweetly.

"Oh miss, for when?" He asked in his thick accent.

"Today 12 pm." I answered.

"Oh no miss, it's impossible. All of our table are booked. We could squeeze you in next week?" He replied. I grunted.

"I'll have you know it's for Mr. Hale and a very close friend of his, you know from Hale enterprises." I told him.

"Yes, yes... but we still cannot do anything about a booth." He said upset.

"But sir please! It's very important and he chose your restaurant himself! It's his favourite how do you think it will make him feel if you won't give him a booth for his lunch meeting?" I asked expectantly.

"Very well miss, you are very good at your job eh? Mind if I get your name?" He asked me, I giggled.

"Well my name is Alice Brandon, thank you so much Giroux!" I thanked him happily.

"Oh you are very welcome, you should come by the restaurant and maybe I will always have a table for you and your needs." He said slyly, I gasped and shook my head, but he couldn't see.

"Oh... you are so very charming, thank you! So a booth is set up for two under Jasper Hale for 12 pm?" I asked to make sure.

"Yes Alice, I hope to see you soon. Oh and Miss Alice you have a very lovely voice... I hope Mr. Hale is treating you well at that job otherwise you could always work here." He suggested, I snorted then covered it up as a sneeze.

"Oh how very kind, thank you. Good bye." I hung up before he could say anything else.

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