I was working it tonight, there was a large crowd surrounding me and cheers going on everywhere around me. When my show time finished people began to disperse but not before tipping me or letting me know how much they enjoyed my show. Every time I smiled and thanked them. Never revealing my name or returning their advances. It was my rule; I did not mix business with pleasure. Hell I never usually mixed anything with pleasure. That was a rare occurrence for me. Then I saw a man sit down in my section and I walked over to him asking his order, the fucker actually tried to hit on me, I was so angry. I made him his drink and another guy then threw his change back at him. I did not want any tips from the pig.

I had to admit he was tasty to look at but that was all, just eye candy. I mean seriously I would much rather hang myself than subject him upon myself. As soon as I served his little whore it was my break so I quickly walked off high fiving Tom the next bartender taking over my section.

"Great show tonight Bella," He said happily. Tom was a great guy, not bad looking either and had a lovely girlfriend that I had the pleasure of meeting more than once, Remy.

"Thanks Tommy! Go kick some ass out there," I said and walked into the staff lounge. I loved working at this place; it had great accommodations for staff. A plasma TV hanging off the wall, a very comfortable couch and a mini fridge stocked with water. I plopped onto the couch and groaned. Thank god this room was sound proof, otherwise I would die of a massive headache from the music. I heard the door open and someone walk in.

"Why hello there Bella, great to see you here," James's dark heavy voice filled the room. I stiffened and sat up glaring at him.

"Yea, a pleasure." I said dryly with no humor what so ever. He smirked and walked over to me sitting on the other end of the couch. Good, I wanted him to keep his distance.

"Hey don't be so hostile Bells, since you and I are both on break and this room is soundproof don't you think we should take advantage of it?" He asked serious. I laughed out loud and clutched my stomach.

"Wow you sure know how to make me laugh, great seeing ya James. Make sure you tell Vicky I said hello," With that I tipped my head and walked out. Bastard thought I would have anything to do with him while he was going out with a co-worker of mine, as if. I tripped accidentally and fell face first onto the ground right in front of the exit. I groaned rubbing my nose checking it was not broken.

"Bella! Are you all right? I saw that fall, not pretty!" Kyle spoke quickly picking me off the ground. I groaned in response and nodded.

"Ugh, I'm fine just need a minute to recover thanks," I murmured still out of it


I went to work as usual; I did not call Bella, but was so very tempted. It bothered me a little that Jasper and Edward went out together… they obviously went to get some girls. But I always knew this wouldn't be easy and I would have to be patient. Also, the more girl's he's been with the better his skill is. Yup, that's my way of thinking to stay positive. Though not always effective or right, keeps me going every day. It was early and I knew Mr. Hale wouldn't be here till after lunch. I sighed bored and played with my short hair. I was so tempted to call Bella and tell her about Edward… but she was probably passed out cold. The phone rang and I picked it up all too quickly.

"Hale Enterprises, Alice speaking, how may I help you?" I automatically said.

"Well, if it isn't the most beautiful secretary in all of the world."

"Flattery will get you nowhere."

"My, my, aren't we grumpy this morning."

"Perhaps, I'm bored… nothing to do this early in the morning."

"Want me to pop by?"

"And why would I want that?"

"Because I'm the most handsome, funny, amazing man. And you're desperate?"

"If you have nothing better to do… then fine come. Bring me some coffee and a sandwich from New-Yummy's okay?"

"Anything for the lady."

"You sure have a mouth on you Edward."

"I'm surprised you knew right away it was me. Ill be there in fifteen gorgeous."


Ugh, that was weird. Not that he is not gorgeous and all, and he is practically dripping pheromones. I just don't find that kind of man attractive sexually. He is an amazing man as a friend, I can tell that. But I also can tell he is smart and conniving. Whatever he is planning with this breakfast date is suspicious. I would just have to keep playing my cards right and figure out what he wants. Fifteen minutes of pure torture passed until I heard the door open and smell the best coffee in NY. My mouth practically watered at the smell of the coffee along with my oven-toasted sandwich.

"What do we have here? A starving and bored secretary?" Edward mocked shock. I glared at him and flipped him off.

"What are you doing up so early? Shouldn't you be in bed recovering from a hangover or something?" I asked and motioned for him to pass me my coffee. He smiled and placed it on my desk along with a large bag of sandwiches.

"I should, but for some reason I feel better than ever this morning. I can't wait to move in to my place in a few hours," he said happily. I gave him a skeptical look as he took a seat beside me and unloaded the bag full of salads and sandwiches.

"Right… um, Edward, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not a model and all… but that doesn't mean I eat like a horse," I said somewhat uncomfortably staring at all the food. At that he laughed and shook his head.

"Don't worry I just didn't know what you wanted so I got a little of everything. I also want to eat you know…" he teased and winked at me. I giggled and took a turkey one that smelled heavenly; it had melted brie on it with basil and spinach leaves. I moaned and licked my lips excitedly. "Now if you keep moaning like that, people will get the wrong impression you know…" Edward added smirking. I stuck out my tongue at him and knocked off my heels and placed my feet under me.

"Whatever, this food is amazing."

"The food or the company?" He asked slyly. I frowned and looked him dead straight into the eyes.

"The food."

"Good, I can see you haven't changed one bit since yesterday. I'm glad. So how was your night?" he asked me not even touching his food yet. For some unknown reason… he seemed genuinely interested.

"Boring, after you left Rose and I hung out for a bit and then she ditched me for Emmett. Her husband incase you didn't know. Well then I went home and did some things… and went to bed. Yours?" I asked shrugging and biting into the melted heaven.

"Terrible for the most part… I don't like that whole scene anymore. I don't even know why I let Jasper drag me into it…" he told me sighing. I also gave a sad sigh and looked to the side. Of course, here I thought I was closer to Jasper, closer to getting him to consider settling down… but he is as outgoing as ever. Its not like I don't know the kind of stuff he does at those clubs.

"I see… I'm sorry," I said sincerely. Because I know that scene, and I am also tired of it. That is after all how I saw Jasper the first time and decided to work for him.

"Not your fault or problem. I have a question," He said somewhat anxiously. I raised a brow and waited for him to continue. Anything that made a man like Edward Cullen remotely nervous or anxious has got to be heard.


"Do you… know any bartenders in the area?" He asked me fixing his emerald gaze upon me. My breath hitched and I stared at him wide-eyed.

"Girls or boys?"


"Oh, well not many. A few, why?"

"I-I'm throwing a party and I needed an awesome bartender. Could you please help me find one?" Edward asked me quickly going back to his cocky demeanor. I watched him for a little with a curious gaze but shrugged.

"Sure, actually my best friends a bartender but ill see if she's into it. She usually doesn't pick up private gigs."

"Well thank you. Ill leave it to you. By the way I also want to invite you and Rosalie to my get together… call it a housewarming party."

"Hmm… okay just tell me when and ill let you know if we can make it. But… if I may ask, why are you here?"

"Here?" he asked confused. I gave him a slow nod.

"Yes, here? With me, eating a sandwich… are you waiting for Jasper or was it for the bartenders?" I ask him suspiciously. He begins to laugh and run a hand through his auburn/ copper hair. "It's not that funny," I grumbled.

"It is. I love how suspicious you are of me! I know this may sound forward of me, but I want to change my life, I want to get some real friends. I want real connections along with attachments. I guess what I'm saying is I'm ready to settle down for good and start a real life, and you and Rosalie helped me decide this was the place to do it. I'm tired of my life not meaning anything…" Edward finished off quietly and looking down at his hands. At first I thought this was some trick he played on all women, but scratch that. He doesn't need any tricks. He really looks lonely…

"Okay, I get it. We'll be your friends! You don't have to beg us," I chuckled and winked at him. He looked up at me shocked and gave me his crooked grin.

"I think meeting you might probably be one of the best things for my life."

"You better believe it hot stuff! My friendship doesn't come cheap. I want secrets, and all of 'em!" I joked with him. Just then my phone rang and I answered it.

"Hale Enterprises, Alice speaking, how may I help you?"

"Miss. Brandon, it's Jasper, I was wondering if you could come to my place and pick something up. I wont be able to come to the office today and this is urgent."

"Oh…um, of course. When would you like me to come by?"

"As soon as possible. This needs to be mailed out to Asia today."

"Understood. I will see you soon then, bye Mr. Hale."

He hung up and I sighed and put the phone down. "It was Jasper?" Edward asked from beside me. I nodded and gave him a fake smile.

"He said he can't come to the office today and wants me to pick something up. I have to go now," I said cleaning my area and logging off my computer.

"Really… to pick something up? Has he ever asked that of you before?" Edward asked curiously as he helped me clean.

"Not really. Usually I would go and get it from his mail box, I think this time it's something specific."

"Hmm…well you better get going. We both know Jasper hates waiting. And if he called you this early means he's up and there must be a reason he cant come to work."

"I think you're right, but then again it can just be a bad hangover. This is Jasper Hale we're talking about."

"You know him quite well don't you."

"Well I have to, I'm his secretary. Anyway I have to go. You can leave when you want."

"Bye Alice," Edward walked over to me and hugged me, I stiffened but then hugged him back. He made me feel safe and comfortable like a friend should. It made me smile. I didn't get butterflies around him, but I got a warm and happy feeling being near him. "Oh and give him this please, he loves these. Tell him it's from me alright," Edward said smiling. I nodded and took the bag with the meal inside.


I groaned as I felt my head split into two. The stupid bitch from last night tried to have some morning sex and wouldn't leave but I'm glad the maid kicked her out. She was so annoying; they all were in the mornings. No matter how drunk I was last night, I didn't feel it. I tried, with many hot girls but it just didn't come. For some reason my thoughts always went back to Alice and Edward and what they did together. I knew I couldn't come to work, but I had to see her for some reason. Hearing her voice soothed me, it scared me but at the same time made me feel something I've never felt in my life. Maybe Edward was onto something about the scene getting old… or maybe I was just getting old. Grimacing as another pound hit my right temple I sighed heard knock on my bedroom door.

"What is it?" I yelled out then winced from the pain. I was shirtless in my bed, actually I was pretty sure I was naked but my black silk bed spread covering me.

"Miss. Brandon is here to see you as you've requested."

"Let her in," I said in a strangled voice. The door creaked open and some of the light came in and I quickly covered my eyes with my hand. There she was wearing a crème wool skirt that was tight and fitted as always with a black silk shirt that was sleeveless and unbuttoned to show a little bit of cleavage. Since when did she look so hot in everything she wore? Was her office attire always so…so…sexy? Alluring? She had on crème high heels and she walked easily into my room with a concerned expression carrying something in her hand. After we were left alone, her in my dark room just standing beside my bed, I was very tempted to just pull her in and have my way with her but I had my fill last night. Besides she wasn't that attractive. That's right, I just have to keep telling myself that she is just a secretary. A very gorgeous, sexy secretary. I wonder if she would let me take her on the desk— Wandering thoughts are dangerous. I clenched my fists and sat up.

"Open the curtains a little so I can see where you are," I whispered. I instantly heard her heels moving and normally that sound gives me a headache but with her it made me not notice it at all. I rolled my eyes and gritted my teeth. I was definitely loosing it, faster and faster each day. It was just crazy lust speaking but controlling lust was easy. And I would easily conquer that weakness I have regarding her. She pulled the curtains half way so the lighting in the room was a soft glow and not the bright shit outside. I sighed calmly and threw my head back against my headboard. She turned around and walked back to where she stood before and waited.

"Are you feeling alright Mr. Hale?" She asked me clearly but softly. I frowned and made a face.

"Not really. My head is killing me."

"Oh, well I have something for you. I think you might like it," she said and I opened my eyes to see her bent over and pulling out something from the paper bag. I held back my groan at the view I was getting. Was she seriously making me this hard being so over dressed? Usually girls had strip from him to get any reaction without any action. This was getting ridiculous. I licked my lips just as she stood up and walked over to me with a container of something and a wrapped food item.

"What is it?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. I need something specific or I would throw up. She sighed and bent down closer to me and began to set it up.

"Edward gave me this sandwich to give to you, he said you liked it and I decided to get you soup on my way. Since soup makes everyone feel better," She replied with a smile. I glared at her and looked away.

"I don't want any of it," I replied coldly. At first the food smelled amazing but as soon as she mentioned Edward's name I felt like that food was poisonous.

"Oh…ugh, sorry for the trouble. Um, what did you want me for?" Alice asked softly cleaning up the food back into the bag.

"What were you doing with Edward so early in the morning? I called and you were at the office…" I regretted asking that as soon as it came out of my mouth, but I couldn't control it.

"He came by and brought some sandwiches with coffee. We had breakfast… I'm sorry I know it was wrong of me, but since he is your friend I didn't feel it was right of me to reject his offer," She replied casually. I fisted my sheets and threw a sharp look at her.

"It didn't feel right? Is that so. So if he was making an inappropriate move on you, just because he is my friend it's aright?" I sneered at her. Suddenly my headache was tenfold. I clutched my head and moaned quietly in pain.

"Mr. Hale are you alright?" She asked me walking closer to me and trying to feel my head. I shoved her hand away and she stood there shocked.

"Don't touch me. Answer the question!"

"What question?" She asked confused.

"The question of you letting any man touch of if he were a friend of mine!" I yelled. She stood there just looking at me with an expressionless face.

"I don't have to answer that," She replied in an even tone.

"The hell you don't! I don't want some irresponsible hussy at my office."

"Mr. Hale, you said you had something urgent for me to take care of. If it's not as urgent then I will leave you be to recover and get better," she said in monotone. I sat there staring at her and she held my gaze with her head held high. Again she was doing that thing where she looked down on me as if she was better than me. "Should I take that as a no?" She slowly asked me. I gritted my teeth and groaned. This time she didn't even move indicating she cared. She just stood there watching me with cool eyes. Her piercing blue eyes scrutinizing me. I hated the feeling! Her thinking she was better than me. It was driving me crazy!

"If something like this happens again you're fired!" I yelled and clutched my head at the sudden thudding of pain. I saw her frown slightly and raise an eyebrow.

"Is that so? Mr. Hale, if we are speaking so directly like this… who is the irresponsible one with a hangover, clearly unable to get to work and manage his company leaving it to others? Not me. What right do you have to pry into my personal life? First with that phone call and now with Edward. What would you do if Edward and I had actually become friends? Shoot me? I didn't think so. You may think I'm not good enough to even talk to someone like you or Edward, and to be honest I don't really care about your opinion. But when it comes to questioning my work ethics I will not tolerate being spoken to like that. If I cant have my friends bring me food for lunch or breakfast, fine. I didn't know such a rule existed, but thank you for telling me with a warning. Now is there anything you need me for or may I be excused, last time I checked it wasn't part of my job to come to your beck and call. My job is answering phones and scheduling appointments. I am not your assistant; I was obviously not qualified for that position. So this will be the last errand I run for you."

I sat there shocked and wide-eyed. The fact that she could say that so clearly and evenly pissed me off. She didn't look sad nor angry, nor did she look happy. It was freaking me out. But I didn't like the tone she spoke to me with. How dare she! How dare she make me feel like shit! Only her! Only she could do that to me. But why was I getting so turned on? Why did I want to jump her, and shut her mouth up with mine? Since when did I have urges like that especially to people who talked back to me like that? This was freaky. I realized my hands were shaking in fear, excitement or anger I did not know.

"Miss. Brandon, you are excused," I said simply. My head down and my fists holding the sheets so tightly that they were turning white. She didn't say anything but I heard her moving, she placed something on my bedside table and left without a word. My chest was hurting for some reason, more so than my head. After she left I looked to the table and noticed she left me some Tylenol with a bottle of my favorite water, Evian. I sighed and for some reason seeing those things made my chest hurt even more. Why did I always take my anger out on her? It was not her fault that I found her attractive… was I… could I…possibly be, jealous? Absurd. No way. Ridiculous. But it did make sense. Usually any girl I found attractive I would bed right away, but with her I held myself back. Is this the effect of holding yourself back? And even if I did decide to bed her… would she even want to after how…horrible I was? Why was I only showing her my ugly sides? I groaned and took the Tylenol and chug of water, going back to sleep. I would figure out how to deal with Edward and Alice later. After a good restful sleep.



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