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Oh and I don't on Junjou Romantica, Misaki or Usagi-san. Although I would love to own Usagi-san.


Takahashi Misaki, aged nineteen stood in the kitchen cooking breakfast. A normal morning, only something was missing. It's been three days since the novelist Usami Akihiko, left on a business trip. He had released a new novel, and to celebrate its immediate success, Aikawa-san insisted that he participate in a book signing. Misaki at first was extremely happy to have some time off from Usagi-san's constant affection and he needed the time to study. Strange though, after two days he began to feel a deep loneliness that suprized him.

'Hm, It smells like something is burning,' Misaki snapped out of his daze from the smell of burnt eggs.

"Waah!" the boy quickly turned off the stove to try to save his breakfast. Fixing the remains of his meal, he sat the kitchen table and dined in silence while staring at the chair facing his at the end of the table.

'Where Usagi-san usually sits...' thought Misaki. Uh-oh. He shoke his head vigorously. 'What's wrong with me, he has only been gone three days!"

He didn't want to admit it but he has been very frustrated lately. Sexually frustrated, yup, he was horny. Of course living with Usagi-san with his libido, he never went wanting for sex, until now that is exactly how he found himself. Last night he dreamed that usagi-san was holding him in his bed teasing him like this...


"'Misaki, were would you like me to touch you?'" Usagi-san whispered in the trembling boy's ear. The poor boy gasped and shuddered under his cool touch.

"'Here?'" Usagi nipped at his neck gently eliciting a soft moan from Misaki. "'Or here?'" He bit the boy's collar bone which rewarded him an even louder moan, maybe louder than Misaki would have liked.

"'Hmph. If didn't know any better, Misaki. I'd say you've been holding back.'" Usagi smirked down at him causing him to turn red, naturally.

"'Usagi-san... please,'"Misaki begged. Begged. Large cool hands slip down Misaki's pajama bottoms while the other hand pinced his rosy nipple.

"'Aah! Aaaa...Usagi-san..more..'"


Misaki's face heated up like a kettle. He angrily devoured his breakfast then proceeded to clean up the table and the mess in the kitchen.

'Maybe, I should do the laundry. Usagi-san would be glad to have clean clothes for him when gets home,' Misaki thought while smiling. Then Misaki found himself growling at his thoughts, how dare Usagi-san dominate his thoughts.

He began gathering laundry in his room first then he went Usagi-san's room.

Suzuki-san sat in chair on left corner of the toy infested room. He was holding Usagi-san's laundry. Misaki dodge the incoming choo-choo train and took the clothes from the teddy bear.

Misaki inspected the bundle of clothes, they were the usually outfit Usagi-san wore. A vest, pants, a tie, and a...

"Shirt.." Misaki murmured. Usagi-san's blue shirt to be exact, he changed out this shirt when left three days ago.

"Usagi-san.." the boy was now clutched the wrickled shirt while the vest and pants slipped from his grasp. Oh, that smell..its cigerettes and..

"Usagi-san's smell," He dipped his nose into the collar. The fabric felt soft against his skin. Misaki felt himself getting incredibly hot. 'Whats wrong with me..I feel so hot..' He was getting dizzy, the smell of Usagi-san was intoxicating. He collapsed on the bed, red faced and panting heavily. His body was on desire auto pilot, his hands traveled to bulge in his now very tight jeans. His body got even hotter.

He stripped of his t-shirt. Shirt. He looked over at the abandoned shrit and tie beside him. He didn't know what came over him but the smell of Usagi-san was making him this way, but it was also comforting, and he needed that comfort. He slipped on the shirt, what the hell, and the tie too. The boy then unizpped and stripped himself of his jeans. He hissed at the cool air exposed over his fully grown glistening erection. He took himself into his hands and stroke himself gently. He groaned loudly. Its been a long time since his touched himself. He bit his lip to control the sounds he was making. Dammit, he can't control himself anymore. His mind kept flooding to images of Usagi-san making love to him, touching him, calling his name in that oh so sexy voice.


"U-usagi-san..aah," clutched his erection like Usagi would, causing hips to buck and his hand reached for his nipple, tweaking it.

"'Aah.. Ngh..more.." He abandoned his nipple to gather the tie into his hand, he then brought it to his flushing face inhaling Usagi-san addictive scent. He pressed his lips against the silky fabric gently imagining Usagi's soft lips instead.

"'Misaki..I love you.'"

"Aa-ah, Usagi-san!" His hand sped up, the heat and tightness in the pit of his stomach was sign of reaching completion. He clutched the tie tighter and thrusted hips into his hand. His legs squirm slightly causing the bed sheets to become unmade.


"Ah! Aaah!"


"Usagi-san! Usagi-san!" He chanted breathlessly rapidly approaching his climax."I-I'm going to!"


Takahashi Misaki's hand stopped dead. The half naked, blushing, madly horny teenager opened his at the sound of that voice. His voice. Usami Akihiko. He standing in the doorway, riveted, shocked, turned on and..blushing?

Part 2 coming soon...but I'll post it on LJ first.