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Usami Akihiko stood in the doorway of his bedroom, completely taken in by this sight. His young lover Takahashi Misaki, caught in the act of pleasuring himself while calling the novelist's name. Not only that he was wearing his worn shirt and tie. His face heated up and he swallowed thickly.

"Misaki.." he rasped.

"Usagi-san..please-ah!" Usami pounced on the boy, gently taking his erection into his hand stroking it. He captured his lips but before he could make the kiss deeper, Misaki pulled away.

"No..ah!" he gasped.

"No? How can you say no when your like this..."

He stopped his hand. "No I-I need you inside me.." he pleaded his body trembling in desire. Usami swore for a second he was in a moment from one of his BL novels. No matter, wasting no time he brought his fingers to Misaki's panting red lips. He eagerly sucked on them. He withdrew his finger and then placed at his entrance, diving in a finger. Misaki moaned softly in reply. He added a second finger inserting deep within him, stretching the inner wall carefully not to hurt Misaki. He repeated the action a few times so the boy was fully prepared for what is to come. It took all of his will to control himself .

"H-Hurry, Usagi-san its okay-ah! Do it please!"

He couldn't deny the boy plea. He carefully withdrew his fingers from him causing Misaki to whimper at little. He quick work of his clothes taking off his suit jacket and unzipping his pants taking his fully masted erection into his hand. That is when Misaki did something unexpected. He roughly grabbed Usagi-san by the collar flipping them both over.

"I can't take it anymore" He positioned himself over Usagi-san opening his legs spreading his entrance slighty lowering himself. He groaned loudly while he slowly impaled himself.

"Ngh..ah! Usagi-san!" He began to ride Usami who blushed and groaned at he sight. Pants and moans filled the dark room. Many times this boy had turned him on with the littlest things and most of the time unconsciously, but the sight of a horny Misaki, flushed, panting and riding on top of him had to be the most erotic thing he had ever seen. The two groaned loudly as the he began to speed up.


He grabbed the boy's bouncing hips. Misaki began to stroke his painful erection. Usami swore if he were any more turned on he would die. He slapped the boy's hand away to replace it with his.

"Usagi-san! Usagi-san!" He chanted. Waves of pleasure began to wash over the both of them. "I-I'm going to!"

Usami grabbed Misaki bringing him flush against his chest stopping his movements. Misaki groaned in protest but he inhaled the authentic scent of Usagi-san, igniting his desires to a new high. Usami flipped them back to their orginal postion gazing at him lustly.

"Do you really think I let take control like that Misaki?" He genly nipped on his rosy buds eliciting and a loud moan.

"Please! Usagi-san!" he begged. Pleased that he made Misaki begged a least, he stopped his torture.

"That more like it" He began to thrust mercilessly into Misaki hitting his prostate every time. Misaki wailed gratefully wrapping his legs around the man's hips hoping pull him in deeper.

"Usagi-san! Ahh!" He wrapped his arms around Usagi-san. The waves pleasure hit again, his stomach tightening he climaxed calling Usagi-san's name. At the same time Usami came groaning releasing his seed within him. Two collapsed, completely spent and breathing hard. Now Usami could ask what brought this on.

"Misaki..why were you.." He lost words when Misaki smiled sweetly at him.

"Okaeri-nasei..I missed you.." And with that he cuddled next to Usagi-san fell asleep. The novelist smirked and closed his eyes as well. 'What better way to greeted home,' he thought.


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