~Unsanctioned Savior~


Happy first anniversary—was what the slip of paper inside the first edition leather bound copy of Jane Eyre said. I smiled lovingly at the neat scripture on the slip as I admired the amazing book. I glanced up, trying for the hundredth time to see out the tinted window of the carriage. I glanced to my side where Edward sat—his fingers laced with mine. He brought our joined hands up to his lips and kissed the back of my hand. I couldn't believe it had been a whole year since the wedding. It seemed like it had been just last month that we'd taken our honeymoon in Ireland.

Both Jess and Marcus were still rotting in jail, and Charlie flew in from Washington to walk me down the isle. Renee and Phil sat in the front row of our small family wedding on the beach. Edward and I stood under an archway laced with honeysuckle and jasmine with Carlisle before us. He had himself ordained as a minister in order to perform the ceremony himself. Esme and Rosalie stood by my side as bridesmaids, and Alice was my maid of honor, keeping my nerves together all through the preparations. Emmett and Jasper stood behind Edward as the best men. It had been the epitome of perfection, and the ceremony ended just after Twilight. I took a semester after graduation to myself, and Edward and I spent the time in Ireland, renting a small house on the shore in the rolling hills. It was the best time of my life. When we'd returned to Jacksonville, I'd enrolled in the local university, majoring in Literature and taking philosophy as my minor. I had finished my freshmen year of college just two months ago, and Edward had taken me back to Ireland for our anniversary. We rode in the back of a closed-in carriage he had rented, leading me somewhere for the surprise he'd been waiting to reveal to me for over four months. The carriage stopped moving, and Edward leaned over me, unlocking my carriage door.

"Wait here." He ordered, sliding out his side of the carriage. I heard him talking to the driver, and then the purr of a car engine before it drove off. We were alone… excellent. I waited impatiently, tapping my fingers on my thigh as I listened to Edward round the carriage and stop in front of my door. The door opened, and Edward beckoned me out of the carriage, holding my hand as I got out so I wouldn't trip. He covered my eyes with his free hand, keeping my other in his as he guided me somewhere, pressing his chest against my back as we walked together. I laughed as I stumbled slightly and he caught me before I could go far. He pulled me to a stop, whispering in my ear to keep my eyes shut as he lowered his hand. He wrapped his arm around my waist, keeping me against him, and left a lingering kiss on my neck before telling me to open my eyes. I was buzzing with excitement and curiosity, though the surprise didn't really matter. I was ecstatic to just be here with him again. I loved Ireland.

"Edward!" I exclaimed breathily once my eyes opened and I'd gathered my surroundings. We were in the hills, miles away from the nearest village, hours away from the nearest city, and exactly where I'd been wishing we'd return to. The two-story stone house that sat on the incline not far from the rocky shoreline was just how I'd remembered it, only better. It was grey stone, with large bay windows that looked out over the shore. The wrap-around porch was railed with white oak. And the driveway was cobblestone. The wind was strong today, whipping our hair around, making it dance, my chestnut mingling with his bronze. His hand still clasped mine tightly as his eyes watched my face intently, smiling crookedly at my excitement. He'd done well and he knew it.

"You really are in love with this place, aren't you love?" Edward whispered easily in my ear, and I nodded vehemently in affirmation. I spun around, locking my arms around his neck, and throwing myself in his arms as he lifted me up off my feet slightly, holding me against him as we kissed.

"You know I do." I exclaimed breathily as our lips parted for a moment. Edward smiled, pleased by my reaction, and his eyes lit up as he set me down on my feet.

"Good, because it's yours." He told me matter-of-factly while I rushed towards the house. I stopped, turning around to look at him, still standing in the driveway, watching me amusedly.


"It's yours Isabella. I got the deed last month." He told me proudly, catching up to me in front of the porch steps. I kept glancing between his face and the house. No way, it couldn't be true. He really…

"Oh my god," I breathed out in disbelief. Edward closed the distance between us, sliding his arm around my waist, and pulling me into him for another kiss. When he paused in the kiss, pulling back slightly, he murmured against my lips.

"Happy anniversary, my love…" his velvety voice caressed me in synch with his lips. And I completely blanched with happiness.

"Oh Edward…" I swooned, sagging in his arms as he continued to ravish me. He chuckled against me, sending tingles through me at the feel of his chest rumbling against my own. He scooped me up in his arms, cradling me to his chest, and leapt up the steps, rushing into the house and straight up the stairs towards the master bedroom we'd claimed as our own last year, during our honeymoon. I briefly worried that my heart would give out from perfection and I would die of happiness right there, but then all-encompassing lust coursed through me as he threw me down on the bed and covered my body with his own, and I knew my heart could take it.

The End

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