This is a fanfiction about Sam and Leah - the hidden couple. Their relationship is a complete mystery, and all we know is the post-Emily situation. NOTE: My Sam [this all is divided Sam/Leah POVs] is a kind of guy that thinks halfway, and only his dialogues can give you the decisions he's you enjoy...much more up-and-down compared to the traditional Eddie/Bella relationship.

This chapter is FIRST SIGHT so about the first time Sam and Leah met each other.


I grumbled in a low voice as I sloshed to the mossy gates of the Quileute school – and my umbrella was just embarrassing me a tad too much. Mom had gotten Sue, the new lady in town and his new acquaintance, to buy me an umbrella as he had predicted a heavy monsoon – and so it was. The thunderous downpour would probably trigger a flood by afternoon.

This is why I was walking to school under a bright pink umbrella dotted with roses and hearts.

When I would reach school, of a few things I was sure – Jonathan and Ronson would blow their heads laughing at the stupid umbrella…and if I walked around with it….I would probably scare off Leah.

I heard about Leah day before yesterday, for the first time in my life. Her family had moved from a not-well-known inner state city of America to Forks. I hadn't seen her, but many people kept on babbling about her. As usual – in no school would a new girl go unnoticed. To see the proof of her "beauty" I needed to see Leah and if all these rumours about her character were true, she was the very girl I needed to spice up this wannabe-lover's life. Oh, and a pink umbrella would be a PERFECT lure for her now, wouldn't it.

Remind me to thank Sue….

Gladly, the gates were closed, so I had to use the sheltered hallway to get into the school. The rain was heavier than ever, and I was glad that, after entering the security's office, I could close the umbrella for good and stuff it in my rucksack. I gingerly folded the pink instrument before it embarrassed me and shook off the rain drops – and then roughly stuffed it into the front of my bag. I then made way to the Admin, walking through the dimly lit, but well carpeted hallway and heading north-west……as a route I had taken a lot of times when the principal had seen me arrive late to the school.

I arrived at the opening of the hallway – facing a small, open yard, through which I could barely decipher the Admin gates on the other side – the downpour was fogging the air and it was nearly impossible to make out the scenery.

Looking for an excuse not to reveal the pink umbrella, I ran as fast as I could across the yard and over to the other side.

The automatic doors opened right on time – or else I would have smacked into them. Luckily, only the collar of my parka showed any signs of drizzle – and the top of my black hair.

I skidded to a halt at the reception, and the lady looked up.

"Yes, Sam Uley?" asked Mrs Benson, curtly.

I smiled roughly at her. Her tone was only too open about her mood.

"I want to give attendance…"

"First lesson has already started, Sam." She smiled evilly. "Of course, the principal will be told about this."

Darn it. Not another detention – mum would go hyper.

"I believe there was a reason for this lateness," she smiled wider, fetching a piece of paper and a pen, poising it in a writing position of top of the scrap.

I had actually slept in through the morning, and had ended up walking to school. School was only a five minute walk from my house. So I racked my head for a reasonable excuse.

Dog ate my homework? No that was too stupid.

The aliens kidnapped my family and I had to save them? No, not that.

I slept it? No….that was only too true.

The rain? Yes, that was a good reason. The rain was too heavy, and she had to admit that this rainfall, the thunderous downpour, had to slow a walker down, in this dismal town of forks.

"I walked to school ma'am." I stated clearly. "And the rain was pretty heavy, I had to get umbrellas and all, and I ended up nearly hurt and lost. I finally managed to find my way into the school – gladly the security let me in through the out-of-bounds passage instead of walking up the paths at the entrance and through the orchards-"

"Clear!" Mrs Benson said, not wanting to hear a rambling. "But if you come this late ever again, Uley, suspension is on your records." Her eyes flashed warningly.

I rolled my eyes and walked to English.

The rain hadn't subsided at all, and it was nearly time for lunch. The English double period had gone by fast, and Economics had too. Now, I was stuck in German.

The German teacher had given us a pop quiz and we all had finished, but this have us an excuse to stare out the window while lolling back on our chairs. The German teacher – Mr Graf – had taken out the time to make us all individual tests, so that none of us could really cheat. I had finished mine with ease and was now just staring and my fingers, twiddling them around, rocking on the hind legs of the plastic chair.

The shrill sound of the bell rang in the distance and I jumped from my chair, swinging the bag over my shoulder, and submitted my test onto the pile. Then, pushing the wooden door, I ran outside, under the breezeway and I walked towards the lunch hall.

"Hey Sam," said the perky voice of Ashley, the cheerleader with russet skin and blonde-caramel hair. She fluttered her eyelashes provocatively and I smiled back, while rolling my eyes on the inside. She could do whatever she wanted, from getting a collagen job to plastic surgery, and I still wouldn't like her.

"Sup," I said, without stopping and I strutted forward.

"Ay!!!" a blow came to my back and I gasped. "What's up, my man?" said the husky and drawling voice of Jonathan.

I rubbed my shoulders where he had hit me. Jonathan ambled up to my pace and shook his short, black hair.

"Life's good," I said slowly.

"Good to know. Oh yeah," jumps Jonathan, "I saw the new chick – Leah – and she is what – the sweetest thing in the world!"

"Excuse me!!" I halted for a moment, stunned. I might have been the "cool" guy at this school – but this blatant embarrassment of Leah behind her back was NOT nice….as Jon knew very well.

"Sorry, Sam," he grinned. "But you have NOT even seen her!!"

I just didn't get this excitement over her. What was the point? I didn't even want to see her. New person – big deal, I should just go with life…

Soon as I had finished thinking, I saw my reflection on some glass.

"You wanna………keep staring at yourself or relieve our hunger inside?" Jon pointed to the lunch door, right opposite to the glass.

I snapped out of the reverie.

"Sure," I said, and we walked towards the doors.

As soon as the door opened, a wafting smell of cheesy lasagne hit my nose.

As soon as it is, Jon and I grinned, and walked as fast as we could to the lunch serving area.

I started drooling as I saw the lasagne, the cheese, the fried rice, the Italian melange and the mixed vegetables coated in cheese. Today, I would go home satisfied and maybe even skip the messy meal mom has to make…..

I miss her cooking though. Before she and dad got divorced, and before he died, she used to cook like an iron chef – her food full of vibrant flavour and luscious colour. Her muffins and other bakery products were just to-die-for. If I ever met a baker like her again…I swear, I would marry her regardless anyway.

I loaded my plate with everything, and then turned around.

In my brief moment of thought, I realized that everyone had come for lunch.

I looked around…..

All the tables were filled with random people – not one was left empty….and no one I was friends with was sitting on a table with a space left.

I turned to face Jon, who was talking on the phone.

"- Yeah?" His face was full of joy, "I'll be right there!!!" He shut the phone and grinned.

"I gotta go, Sam," he patted my torso, "Good news from home!"

With that, he ran out.

Well that was just clever….I thought morosely.