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Weeks went by so fast – school was now like this fast train I kept catching, and it travelled time. Homework was fine too, because I had company, and with company, time flew by really fast as well. Chores – who cared? I had Seth's help and company was with me to help as well.

Hey…company? I keep calling him company. That's just bunk. He's not company. He's the freest man I've met ever. He's an angel, a boy, a handsome epitome of looks and a package of awesome personality in just one little body. A very well sculpted, hot body, of course. But that's okay, because I love him for who he is. Yeah, you heard right, for WHO he is, not whether he's my Hugh Jackman or something.

Sam and I were really good for each other, we really were. At school, I would enter the gates and then be swivelled by my hips to face Sam, his russet skin glistening in the dim light from the sky. He would smile a dazzling smile and then he'd steer me to school, and at class, we'd do everything together. After school, he's walk me home, and after a quick kiss, we'd depart. Any homework? Sam would come over and we'd do it all together. Any chores? Mom let Sam come and help me finish them, and Seth helped too, and dad too just loved Sam, so the blokes would go and play soccer in the backyard and mom and I would go berserk shopping down at the markets.

So, all in all, no one hated that I was with Sam.

Except for Ashley…

So, today of all days, I woke up to the wonderfully flowing sun, which hadn't been out for like a LONG time. Today was going to be a very awesome day; I knew it, because I could just read all the signs. Sun, for one. Sam, for another. I had to go to school, but it would be partially free the whole day, for another. And of course, the biggest thrill overcame me as I went downstairs and saw my dad prepared with a nice breakfast, holding a few roses, chocolates, and in an immaculate suit, waiting for mom. I looked at the calendar when I saw him dressed eccentrically, and there was a tiny heart near "February 14th" and that explained daddy's weird behaviour.

"Oh my god!!" I squealed. "It's Valentine's day!!

So okay, I felt sorry for all those people out there who hadn't found their true love. Okay. I'm not fair. But come ON. Sam and I were both fifteen, and this was like an anniversary of our close-as-close-can-be friendship, or rather shy relationship that had blossomed terrifically. I mean, I referred to it that way because I believed that I kinda was too young to think about these things – but mom had drilled me into studies, but I just did better because I knew that Sam was with me. There was nothing wrong in dating. It just meant that I had found my life partner, and that all I had to do was to start the fire, and then keep it burning until the day I could finally find my position in his life. And of course, it's better to "suffer" young, so you don't make the mistakes once more in life.

But all that pish-posh was way back now, it was V-day and I was going to have a ball. I hoped.

The gates were looking shinier than usual, but it was definitely the effect of the sun. I dropped Seth off to middle school and set off to the building right beside it, senior school. Seth had his best friend as his valentine – he had bought a small tube of Ferrero Rochers already, and two small roses that were just absolutely cute.

I didn't have much, except for my best lip gloss and a small tiny box of chocolate gateau mom and I happened to have baked last night. Yeah, so it's for Sam and moi only.

The doors opened as per usual, only the guards were better dressed today, and very cheerful. The school behind the gates looked very cleaned and tarnished as it has never been before, but nevertheless an improvement. Some traces of snow were there from three day's previous snowfall. But this was clear and pretty and glimmering.

I walked in through the doors and was immediately grabbed by the waist, then turned around to face a russet-skinned, dark eyed, flawless lipped man who smiled back at me.

Sam whispered in my ear, suing his most seductively sensual voice.

"Hey, babe."

He steered me to school, and I was expecting something, my smile plastered to my face, but my heart sinking with each step. He seemed indifferent. He even dressed like normal. I was dressed to suit him today, or suit him as he would have come, today. I was in my tight fitting corset top, with gold spaghetti underneath the brown corset. I was also in the cocktail denim pencil skirt, with a split on the left from where dark blue satin lace frills started and circled my bare legs from there. I was also wearing my slightly heeled converse – one of the newest designs at the moment, and the heels were okayish, long enough for me to walk in and long enough to suit my clothes. I had also tied my hair in a really pretty style; part of my hair from the front middle flipped back and pinned, so that the rest cascaded down my face on its respective side.

He didn't even eye me once as he smiled and snuggled me, steering me to school.


All around me, there were couples hugging and kissing, and everyone was just looking at me because Sam and I seemed normal and indifferent. I wanted this to be a great Valentine's Day, as both of had actually got together after last year's. I was tottering around in my funky converse heels, and he was strutting like a tall man in his shoes…

Officially a bad day. The lunch had started, and this time it was a buffet on the field. Apparently, school was officially over for the term – we were getting a few holidays because the tweflthies had to go on a study leave, and the rest of the school was off school too, because the teachers had to depart on a teacher's union conference someplace. So, it was officially 3 in the afternoon, and I hadn't received so much a card nor a chocolate, because most the boys were stopped from asking me because of Sam, and Sam as it is was very indifferent.

I refused to eat. No one really was eating…the food was just fresh under the tarpaulin cover propped up by fancy poled. Everyone was full of the bloody chocolates their boyfriends/girlfriends had gotten them.

I sat down in a pretty empty-ish spot, and I started on the lovely mud cake gateau all by myself, and I was savouring the second sticky and sweet bite, wondering what was the deal with the HUGE tent at the edge of the field, way away from me. The pink curtain flaps were billowing, but I couldn't see past it, and it seemed massive, like one of those marriage marquees. But I was consumed in my welling grief of no valentine, not even from my boyfriend.

Speak of the devil.

Sam suddenly burst behind me, and he jumped and landed beside me, hugging me.

"Oooh that looks delicious – can I have….?" He asked.

"Whatever," I said, and he eagerly scooped a bit, and then his face puckered in delight.

"Yummy." He said. I smirked.

"What's wrong, Lee-lee?"

"Oh nothing," I improvised sarcastically. "Just a wonderful da when I was ready to celebrate and then the tool I have for the celebration decides to not notice it."

"How stupid, that tool," Sam smirked.

"That tool is you, fool!!" I got up and snatched my cake away from him. "And that's the valentine cake mom and I baked for BOTH of us. And you don't think it's a big deal, this valentine shit, but it IS, okay! It's my first, and I'm damn pissed at you for making this the WORST."

I turned around after yelling at full volume, and everyone in five metre radius was staring.

I walked away, huffing, to the other side of the field to go home. Everyone in town who was celebrating was here, and everyone was now watching me walk away. Little did I care. That stupid bastard never bothered to care for me, so be it.

He caught me surprisingly fast by my hand and turned me around and looked me full in the face.

"Leah, you've got to watch what you're saying." His voice was calm.

"Oh yeah? Well I ain't watching this: You are the worst BOYFRIEND VALENTINE EVER!" Some "oooooooooooh"s went off in the crowd.

I walked away, happy with his humiliation and I was near the tent now. Without watching, I walked through it, and it turned out to be just a veil thing, with more people here. Everyone from the other side of the veil, who had just watched my scene, now followed us in, and I huffed past everyone, not bothering to meet my mom's eyes, which I caught staring at me from the corner of my eyes. I walked past.

"Would the worst boyfriend/valentine do this?" Sam's voice was loud and clear.

I turned, to see him with an immaculate tux on him, a rose in the pocket, his dark wash jeans sexily clinging onto him. He was kneeling on one knee on the floor, the other leg bent in a proposal position.

"What now?" I asked him.

"Will you be my valentine?"

Of course, it was too late, bub, I thought in my head.

But then the people cleared back a little, and I saw that I was on a dancing floor, and from behind me, My Immortal by Evanescence started playing. Just the Piano. Then I saw him clap his hands and then I gasped.

Some of the drapes fell of the poles supporting the pink veils. And they revealed a huge, ginormous banner with the most amazing calligraphy styled into beautiful words.

"Happy Valentine's, Leah. Would you like to be my Valentine? Love, Sam."

And beside the words was a picture of us.

Teary eyed, now. I looked at him kneeling and walked to him, and placed my hands on him.

He smiled cheekily, and I gripped his hand tighter, tears spilling from my eyes.

Then his hand clenched, and I felt something solid in my hands.

A rose.

I sniffed and put the rose in my skirt pocket, lifted Sam, and hugged him.

All I could stutter out were "yes"s.

And everyone started clapping like crazy.

Sam hugged me, and he held my hands in a preposterous position. I was too dumb to realize how he was holding me, just too absorbed in his eyes, when he started to move.

Oh god. Ballroom dancing.

My heels were perfect.

We both started dancing the waltz and people clapped; it wasn't long before more couples started to join us, and started to waltz.

He did this for me? That was too sweet. I loved Sam. I loved how he knew me.

I loved him so much. He was….

He was….

He was….

He was Sam, one of the best people I had ever known.

And I just loved him for that element of unpredictability.

I hadn't noticed the song we had now, at 4:30, started to dance to, and I was glad that as we looked into each other's eyes and the message that flowed was of love and "Can we rest?", we stopped, and I quoted the last line of the song in my head.

"And we danced on into the night….."

Well there we are, not so heartbreaking, but I was bored and a Vday idea hit me. I had to make a french oral presentation on it *shudders* luckily i;m good at french.

The last line was from the song "Into the Night" by Santana ft Chad Kroeger. I love that song. Its super.