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2. Chapter


Let the game begin


'Hng… it hurts… everything hurts inside of me. What happened?'

Cold… that was the first thing he felt, he was laying on something hard and cold. The young teen clapped his hand over his eyes as he slowly woke up with a moan. His head hurt and was spinning around like hell, and every time he tried to make a move, every fibre in his body hurt. What had happened? Had a group of elephant run over him carrying ships on their back? It sure felt like it. Muffled noises and voices were heard in the background, but he didn't cared, he just wanted to roll over on his side and go back to that sweet sleep. A scream in the distance woke him up completely and he sat up at once, but the movement was too fast and the room he was in started to spin around like hell again. He got dizzy and fell back down to the floor, but his body never hit it. Hands had grabbed him and hold his body tight into their own warm body. He opened his eyes and looked up; grey eyes were staring back, worried eyes, a look he wasn't used to seeing from their owner. "Zo-Zoro?" his voice sounded rusty and his throat hurt when he spoke, dried out like thousand deserts. A smile formed on the others lips, a weak one, but a smile.

"Hey, Sencho," the swordsman said quietly. "How are you?"

Luffy pulled a smile as well, almost filling his whole face. "M'Okay!" he lied and was about to sit up, but the swordsman kept him down, and held him tighter against his body. He looked up; the grey eyes had turned into dark, serious eyes. The young captain knew that look; the first mate didn't believe a single word of what he had just said. He sighed and laid his head back into the broad chest behind him, humming at the warm sensation it gave his body from behind, staring out into the space in front of him. Only now he found out of where he was. A huge cage was surrounding them, placed in a dark room with only a candle on a distant table for the only light in there. He sighed as he started to remember it all again, or at least a part of it. The slave ship, the smell of blood, the same smell there actually also hung in the air in this room, the slave traders, finding Sanji, they fought and… lost? It was still a bit cloudy in his mind, but as he made a movement he remembered being shot from behind and from in front of him. Moving his feet he remembered the broken ankle… shot again. It hurt… everything hurt so much. He had never been shot before, well, yes multiple times, but never had a bullet been availed to pierce through his rubbery body… not until now. It was also long time since he had had a broken bone, about thirteen years ago? He was pretty young when he was thrown into the woods by his grandpa, where he should try to survive… when he fell over a stone and tumbled over a cliff when he was being hunted by a big bear; it was only pure luck that he had survived the fall with only a broken leg and that he was found by his brother, who had taken him to Makino and Shanks… Makino had gotten furious at his grandpa, who had been so careless to throw a child into the dangerous forest, but his grandpa had just shrugged it off and called him a weakling… two days later he left. Makino, Shanks and his brother Ace had been taking care of him, until he could jump around them again like a crazy little monkey, as the red haired captain had called him. He sighed as he spoke to his first mate again, said person's eyes had never left him. "It just hurt a little here and there," he explained as he moved his hand to show where it hurt… one new thing he found out: those huge manacles where gone, but was now replaced with two new some kind of black bracelets. But at least he could move his arms to each side now.

Zoro nodded in confirmation as the raven had finished showing him where it hurt; it was practically everywhere on his body. No wonder, after being shot, those fuck-heads dared to beat him up, right in front of his and the chef's eyes… he would never forgive them for that! "Just rest now, you need it," he said and leaned back against the bars, placing a bandaged hand on his captain's head to pull him with him down, but Luffy resisted his movement and kept sitting right up.

"Where's Sanji?" he asked simply. The swordsman looked over his head and was about to answer him, but a scream ripped through the air and cut into their minds. Luffy's eyes widened, he knew that scream, but never had he heard it in so much pain before.

"It's the third time he has been in there," the elder teen said and nudged his head in that direction where the scream had come from. "Third time, third day. Don't know what the hell the fuck-head is doing to him." Another scream ripped through the air, leaving the message of pain and sorrows.

"No, dooon't AAARGH!!" they heard their chef cry out from the opposite room."Stop it, stop it hurts! My head hurts you damn fucking-AAAARGH!! …Stop… please… please stop… please…! NNNGAA-AAARGH! " Luffy's hands were shaking when he started to hear his chef's begging to stop whatever that was happening to him. He clenched his hands, so hard so the knuckles turned white, his eyes darkened and his mind thought only one thing: to kick the fuck-head's ass, who was torturing his friend so much, that he would never be able to sit down ever again… if he ever would survive it. Another cry made him jump right to the bars in front of him and grab them, pushing away his first mate's warning to not touch them. An electric shock sent him right back to the floor… he had never felt that before, not like that! He had fought Enel, but he had never could feel his electric attacks, since his body was made out of rubber.

"Those bracelets have the same function as those black stones manacles you had on earlier," the swordsman explained with anger in his voice… he was slowly but surely getting more and more pissed about all of this. Luffy lifted his hands and looked at them. "Since they are out of the same stuff, you'll feel the same as 'normal' people do. They will drain you from power if you try to pull them off and your Devil fruit-powers are already drained out of your body… until you'll get those off again. Like the manacles."

"Shit…" the raven haired boy mumbled and clenched his hands so much that his nail dug into the flesh and tore the skin, blood started to run down from the new opened wound and down his arms. Another cry… another pleading to stop... it angered him to hear it… it angered him to hear his chef ask for mercy… Sanji would normally never do that. "Sanji…" he mumbled and bit in his lip. Zoro kept his eyes down on his captain, never had they left him, surveying him closely, taking in all those feelings there was crossing the younger teen's face. Luffy sighed. Hating to be so… useless! His nakama needed him, and he could do nothing to help him… just lay there and listen to his every scream of pain. 'Sanji,' he thought and sat up, keeping a close eye on the door in front of him. 'What are they doing to you?'


Sanji rested his head back in the seat, panting, shaking like hell. Every fibre in his body hurt, hurt from the fight to get out of this chair that was holding him from moving any muscles, hurt from the visions in his head. He knew that it wasn't true what he was forced to see, that every picture there was running through his mind was only build on his biggest fears. He knew that it was the drug in his blood that was doing all of this too him, and that it soon would be out of his system again… but all of it looked so damn hell real! The vision of Nami standing in front of him, all covered in blood, after being tortured in front of his eyes, after her beautiful skin had been pealed off her body… after hearing her scream of pain and begging him to help her and he had just been standing there… watching it all, never doing anything at all… the vision of her walking up to him on shaky legs, leaving a trail of blood behind her, was still clear to see and would never leave his memory. The vision of seeing his adopted father being beat to death, shot, tortured in front of him, and seeing him sink deeper and deeper into the ocean, staring lifeless at him, would stay glued in his memory as well, like when he saw the Baratie being burned down to ashes, the cries and the screams of pain filling his ears from the suffering chef's, waiters and guests captured in the flames… seeing Luffy being slowly killed in front of him, listening as his heartbeat got slower, and slower, and slower, until it finally stopped. The question filled look in his eyes never left him, not even after his death.

He couldn't take it anymore; he didn't want to see anymore of it. His hands that were strapped to the armrest, like his legs was strapped to the chair's legs, were still shaking uncontrollably. His heart was racing and his head hurt from all of those thoughts and visions. Ouron came up to him again, holding a new needle with some other kind of liquid in it. He knew that red liquid all to well; it was the same he had got yesterday and his first day here. The blonde shook his head tiredly. 'No, not again.' He thought. 'I can't take that one again.' "No, not that one," he said, almost defeated. He knew that he couldn't do anything to stop it though; he could struggle as much as he liked to, but it never would help.

The older man stopped right beside him and smirked down to him. "Oh yes, this one," he said with his rusty voice and played with it in his hands as he glanced down at the panting teen, "or would you rather prefer that I try this one on one of your other 'nakama'? It would be rather… thrilling to see that, don't you think so?" Sanji looked down at his lap and shook his head… he was too tired to even speak. It ran down his spine as that dark laugh was echoing in the room. 'Shit!' he thought. 'That fuck-head gives me the creeps with that laugh of his.' He barely could sense his sleeves being rolled farther up at his arm, exposing the many marks from the earlier 'visits' of those damn needles. Ouron strapped a rubber band around his arm, exposing his pulsing veins and dug the needle down in it, squeezing it all out in the chef's system. Sanji hissed and bit hard down on his lip and fought to keep his tears back as the liquid stung like hell when it got forced into his system… the mere thought of what would come now made it hard to steady his heart and nerves as well.

Seconds, minutes… one minute left… he could start hearing the humming noise in his ears, slowly getting louder and more irritating to listen to. He shook his head in reflex, like to shake the sound out of his head, well knowing that that never would help him. He watched Ouron walk back to his chair from the other side of the room, where he 'enjoyed' watching his little 'show'. As he sat down he crossed his legs and arms and smirked at him. "Only thirteen seconds to go, am I right, Mr. Blackleg?" the named person didn't answer him, only kept staring at him, though he was in some kind of a pain, his blue eye became more fierce the longer he kept looking at him. The annoying sound was getting even louder than before. "Five seconds to go."

"Shut the fuck up!" the chef said through gritted teeth. "I well damn know when –AAAAAARGH!!" Sanji screamed up in pain as the man in front of him started to whistle quietly… in his ears the whistle sounded ten times louder than normal, and then it kept stuck in his head, the tones in it changing from a deep tone to an unbearable high pitch tone. He struggled in his chair, forced his arms to move up and cover his ears for those noises, but those fucking straps held them stubbornly on the same spot. Ouron whistled even louder, making the tone sound as high as possible. The blonde teen screamed in pain as he threw his head backwards and stretched his body as much as possible, but the straps kept holding him down to the chair. It hurt! It hurt so fucking much! The high pitched sounds in his head got even louder than before, echoed through his mind, twisted and burned through every brain cell in his head; he couldn't think, he couldn't move, he couldn't do anything at all, other than just sit there and press his body up from the seat, twisting in pain. His own screams became a torture for himself; they cut through his brain like a sharp knife, scratched against every bone in his body, so he couldn't stop shaking. 'Shiiit! Fucking stop this!' the chef thought as he felt tears threatening to release from his eye. He bit even harder down in his lip, trying to focus the pain to another place, focus his mind on another thing than the sounds around him, but without any luck. The sounds around him slowly started to falter, the only sound to hear was now his beating heart, there hammered so much inside of him that he honestly thought it soon would explode. "Stop this, you fucking shit-head…!" he panted as he starred up at the tall man sitting in front of him. Shit he was tired. Every limp, every muscle was almost weak and exhausted from all this shit.

Ouron lifted a finger in front of his own face and wave it back and fourth as he slowly shook his head. "Ah aaaah, my dearest Mr. Blackleg, you didn't ask nice at SQRIIIIIII-" how the hell the fuck-head could manage to scream with such a high pitching voice, was beyond Sanji's mind, the volume of this one made him to release another painful scream from his throat, echoing through the whole room, and in the same time being another painfully torture for himself. "No, dooon't AAARGH!!" he screamed and banged his head back in the chair… his brain felt like it was slowly being shredded into pieces by the high scratching noises. He couldn't even sense the things there were happening around him any longer. The screams, the scratching noises, he started to get dizzy… he honestly couldn't take this much longer. Send him thousand bloodthirsty pirates; send him Don Kreig, Arlong, Crocodile… God…! Send him Kuma as well, those he could fight against… but he could do nothing against the noises, the screams that were torturing his mind, slicing everything inside of his head. "Stop it, stop it hurts!" he said with a tired voice, already hurt and hoarse from screaming so much.

The dark haired man smirked and shifted in his seat. "Why?" he asked simply, loving to play with him like this. This slave was more fun to play with than all the others he had played with before. They only lasted for a week or so and already on the first day they gave in to him. But this one, this one fought to stay sane, this one fought to get free, he wasn't easy to break, but even the strongest men with the strongest will are easy to break, if you just handled them a special way. "Why should I stop?" he asked calmly again. Now it came, he knew the young chef's temper would now kick in again, he could already see it in him, though he was as tired and exhausted as he was.

Sanji gritted his teeth and yelled at him. "My head hurts you damn fucking-AAAARGH!!" he shook his head back and forth, wrenching his body in pain as the dark haired man once again whistled on his highest level. "Stop," he said weakly, tears forced its way out from his eye, slowly sliding down his red strained cheeks.

Ouron held in and looked at him with a smirk. "Tired?" he asked playfully, but with a low voice, knowing that every sound that he was making would double in the kids ears and mind. The blonde hesitated for a moment and then nodded. He rose up from his chair and walked towards him as he rummaged through his left pocket, searching for something. Then he found it and held a little bottle right in front of the teen's face, who looked tiredly up at him and then at the bottle right in front of his nose. "Want this?" He hesitated once again, panting hardly as he thought. It was the antidote against the Blue Headed snake's poison in his blood system… Ouron once told him that. Said man smirked. "Then ask nice and you'll get it."

"Like hell I wou-" he was cut of by a slap on his cheek. The sound of the impact echoing through his mind, making his head spin… no… the room he was in was spinning around him. Oh yeah, that poison-thing also made his head more sensitive than normal. The slap still rung in his head, he closed his eye tightly together and bite in his lip once again. That damn shit head…!

"I said: ask nice!" the dark haired man said, his own patience slowly slipping up.

Sanji sighed with a mixed feeling of being defeated and irritated. "… please…" he said quietly.

"What? I do not think that I could hear you." The man teased him and poked hard to his head… what felt like a hammer there was slamming against his temple. This was too much; he couldn't take it any longer. He turned his face away from him, never opening his eye.

"Please… please stop… please…! NNNGAA-AAARGH!" Ooron grabbed his blonde hair and ripped him back in the seat, slamming his head against the back of the big chair the kid was sitting in. He smirked by the sight and the scream of pain it caused. The poison from a Blue headed Snake, depending on how much you got of it, was making every cell in a human's body double sensitive, so even falling over a stone, if you hit your head in the ground you could even die of it.


The chef turned his head in the direction where the call came from. "Ah, looks like that one of your 'friends' has woken up." Ouron chuckled and leaned his face down to lick the sweat away from the chef's temple and cheek, still grabbing tightly to the blonde hair. Sanji winced, the tongue felt like sandpaper against his sweaty skin. But he was too tired to even fight against him. Ouron pulled a bit away and smirked. "Hmm, not bad," he licked his lips "I wonder if 'you' taste as good as well."

"What…?" Sanji asked tiredly, but then got almost chocked when the other man forced his tongue in between his lips and down to his throat. He fucking swore that that tongue was inhumanly long. He almost got choked as that 'thing' of a tongue slipped down his throat and licked the inner side of it. 'I can't… breath!' he squeezed his eye shut and tried to forget the things there was happening with him right now, but the lack of oxygen made him to remember all to clearly. God! He could swear that the 'thing' almost got all the way down to his stomach. What was he? He twisted his head from one side to the other and stretched his body as much as possible, but the straps kept holding him down to the chair. He almost got cramp in his fingers and his neck hurt like hell, not to mention his throat and head. Air! He needed air, and that was now! As could the 'thing' behind him, no in him, read his mind, the tongue was pulled up from his throat and out of his mouth and licked the chef's lips before pulling all away from him. Sanji couldn't take it any longer. He only got one mouthful of air as his stomach suddenly turned around and he vomited down at his own legs. 'Fuck! Those pants weren't cheap at all!' he thought and hung his head, tired and defeated. 'No more, please…! No more!' "ARRGH!!" he slammed his head back as Ouron suddenly had stuck the needle right into his arm and squeezed the antidote right out into his system. Did he say that it hurt like to get a fucking sword stabbed into his arm? He slowly doze off out and into a dangerous sleep. He barely sensed the straps being opened and he barely sensed as the man grabbed his hair once again and pulled him up from the seat and up to his disgusting face one last time, smirking like a maniac at him. He only moaned in displeasure as an answer.

"SAAAAANJIIIII!!" they heard Luffy yell desperately once again. Ouron's smirk turned into a thin, evil smile on his pale face. Sanji didn't like that smile at all.

"Should we pull your little captain into our little game as well?" he asked in a sweet full voice, so sweet that the blonde teen could had thrown up at it. But he shook his head and mumbled. "What was that?" the grey haired man asked and shook him a little.

"Noo… please don't…" Sanji said in a low, tiredly tone and sighed. Ouron smirked.

"Now, let's see if he will behave himself at first, if he is nice, I might let him go off it, but if he isn't then you know what will meet him."

"Don't… please don't, hurt him… please…" Ouron's smile went bigger and thinner and the next thing Sanji knew of it he was tossed to the only bed in the room, landing on it like a rag doll. His arms were pulled up over his head and the next thing he knew, he was dangling from the ceiling, right next to the bed.

"Or perhaps I should try playing a little with that green haired swordsman of yours. Hmm… thrilling…!" He looked back as he heard something. "What was that, my little 'toy'?"

Sanji took a deep breath and stared at him with a piercing blue eye. "Don't. Fucking. Touch. My. Friends. You monster!!" The taste of blood suddenly filled his mouth as Ouron's fist connected with his jaw.

"Hush, my pet, hush!" and then the blurring shape of his torturer disappeared out through the door. 'Shit!' was his last thought before he lost consciousness.


Luffy kicked the bars with his healthy foot again and again; not caring about those electric shocks that went through his body every time he hit them. Zoro had already given up on stopping him from doing it and had joined him in this madness of an escape. Finally, the bar's lock broke and the steel door or whatever you could call it, shot out and flew across the room, hitting the wall beside the door that slowly went open. Zoro froze, waiting on to see the beaten up chef hopping out through that door, like the day before, and the day before that day. But he never came out this day, instead he saw the grey haired man, the man who was delivering them to Kuro, the man who was doing those inhumanly things towards their chef. If Luffy just knew the half of what that shit-cook have been put through, he never would have been able to stop… not even a thousand of himself could stop him from killing this Ouron-guy and the rest of the ship, not even caring about that he himself would drown afterwards. Luffy cared for all of his crewmembers; he loved them all and would die for to safe them all. Zoro knitted his brows as his dark gaze met deep black eyes. What the hell had that fuck-head done to him this time, so he wouldn't come out?

"You!" Luffy shouted up and jumped out of the cage, pointing at him with his shaking finger… shaking of anger. "What have you done to Sanji?!" Ouron smiled that fucking evil smile of his.

"Why, you can just go in and say hello to him," he said with his disgusting sweet voice. "If you can walk in here by your own."

"The hell I can!" Luffy yelled at him and marched up to him, limping a little as he did so, as he made it up to Ouron's side, Zoro saw something in the man's hand.

"LUFFY NO! It's a trap!" But it was too late. Ouron exposed the needle in his hand and stuck it into the arm of their young captain. Luffy yelled up in pain and in surprise, and stumbled a bit away from him, into the room. Zoro was soon by his side and just in time grab him by his shoulders, before his legs gave up under him. "Luffy, are you all right? Luffy?" But Luffy didn't answer him. He could feel how his shoulder got tense and the body froze under his hands. Then he looked up and froze as well, as he saw the same horror before him. Sanji was hanging by his hands from the ceiling, not moving, completely beaten up. Luffy pushed himself away from his swordsman and walked hesitantly towards his chef, who was hanging lifeless before him. Was he too late to save him? Was he already…dead? He touched his blood stained shirt, looking down at his legs where vomit was smeared all over them, then he looked up, lifting his hand to rest it on his heart. No. He wasn't dead, not yet. His heart was still beating, slow, but it was beating. His breathing was low, unsteady, and raspy.

"Sanji…" He said with a low voice and touched his pale, sweat covered face. "Sanji, can you hear me?" A sigh from the chef, and a tear falling from the one visible eye was his only answer. Luffy dried the tear away with his thumb and leaned his head into his chest for a moment, then turned around and faced his swordsman's dark and horrified glare resting on the man, who had done all this... the man who now suddenly was standing on the other side of the bed. "You!" he now said in a dangerous low voice, if looks could kill this man would have been dead on the spot right now. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SANJI??!!"

"My my, those blue and green marks there are on his arms and legs he did to himself," Ouron said in a rusty, fake saddening tone and shook his head. "I don't have anything to do with that. The kid just couldn't take more of the pressure right now so he-" Before he knew it, the raven haired kid was right before him and slammed him into the wall, eyes promising him a painful death.

"I. Fucking. Didn't. Mention. His. Blue marks, you damn, fuck-head! WHY IS SANJI IN SUCH A STATE?!"

Ouron smirked. "You really wanna know?" he whispered back, the pressure towards the wall gave him the answer. "Five seconds…"

"What?" Luffy said confused but still angry.

Ouron's smile went bigger. "Four… three…"

"No… Lu…Luffy…" a broken voice suddenly spoke up. Luffy turned at once towards that voice and stared at that single blue eye that looked sad and defeated back at him. He had never seen that look in his chef ever before, the gasp from his side indicated on that Zoro had neither as well.


"Two… One…" Luffy took one step towards his chef, reaching out to him as he suddenly felt a sharp object cutting through his flesh in his stomach. His hand searched down to it at once and felt something wet, as he pulled the hand back up, it was all smeared in blood. He looked down at himself and saw the blood spread more and more out on his red west and forming a red pool at his feet, all coming from a huge gash on his stomach. He turned around to look at the man, time felt like it went slowly, seeing him standing with a huge, knife where the red liquid dripped down from. 'Where, did he get that knife from?' was all he could think of before the man suddenly stood behind Zoro, lifting his blooded knife. 'No… Zoro… Move… why don't you move?' Luffy froze as he saw the look in his swordsman's eyes… lonely and defeated. No… this wasn't right.

"Zoro!" he suddenly cried out, the forming red spot on the elder teen's white shirt, showed that it already was too late. Ouron stabbed one more time and the big knife went all the way through his body, showing out through his chest. "Why…?" Luffy asked simply as blood ran down from his first mate's mouth, his face getting even paler. Tears started to form in the corner of his eyes as Zoro just stood there and stared back at him. He let out a scream as the knife was shoved farther up, slowly cutting his heart in two. "WHY?" Luffy this time screamed, not even being able to stop himself from crying. "Why did you just take it like that? Why didn't you do anything to stop him? ZORO?!" Another thrust and the swordsman jerked his head back, leaning it on his killer's shoulder.

"Because…" he slowly said, his pain strained face turning into a peaceful smile, as he slowly was closing his eyes "…there is no hope…!" He took a deep breath; the younger teen swore he could hear his heart beating slower and slower and slower, as he gasped for air. Ouron pulled the knife out, making Zoro spitting more blood up, and pushed him away. Zoro stumbled, took a few steps towards the shaking captain and then fell on his knees, eyes never leaving his captain. Luffy fell down on his knees as well and grabbed his first mate and best friend before his head ever hit the floor. He pulled him close; not caring about his own wound, listening to the swordsman's breathing getting slower and slower… listening to his heart beating. "I'm… sorry… Luffy…!" Zoro whispered but Luffy shook his head. "I'm sorry that I… never could satisfy you… living up to your hopes… my promises… captain. HNG!! AHH!"

"No, no… Zoro, no… there's nothing," he squeezed him a bit more. His salty tears running down his eyes, dripping down in that green and oh so soft hair… he only found out of that now. "…there's nothing to apologize, Zoro… nothing… nothing at all…"

"Sorry…" he breathed out, tears releasing from his eyes, running down his pale face. "So…sorry…" Luffy held him tighter, listened, only listened to his hearts beating…. Dodok, dodok, do-dok… do-dok… do…dok… do… dok… do…

He never thought that he ever would cry this much, feeling so alone and cold, as there were no more sounds coming from the cold body in his arms. No smiles, no sneer, no warm… all of a sudden he missed that warm… all of a sudden he found a new feeling deep inside of him… a feeling that he newer thought he would have to anyone than to the woman he one day would share his life with… this warming feeling… it was all too late… all too late. "ZOOOROOO!"

He loved him… but now he never could tell him…


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