Hello everyone!

I can't believe the last time I updated this story was two years ago. I've only just noticed how many reviews this story has (shows how much attention I'm paying these days huh).

I've seen that people have wanted a sequel to this story, and I just want to explain why I won't be writing a sequel.

First off, I don't have heaps of time (which really sucks). Secondly I really think that if I write a sequel it'll ruin the original story. Anyone ever read one story then read the sequel and get excited but it's actually a disappointment? I have and I don't want to ruin the story for anyone. Thirdly, I don't have that much inspiration to write anything right now (though I would like to be writing again…that would be nice).

Anyway, I hope this is enough of an explanation of why I won't be writing a sequel to this story.

I'm glad you liked it and if I write a new story, I hope you'll read it.

Thanks for your support everyone.

Much love,