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Chapter One: Issues

Hermione Granger sat at her desk looking spiritless. Advanced Potions, the name was very misleading. How could it be advanced if even Ron Weasley had make the grades to take it? She didn't hate potions, in fact, it was her favorite subject, although no one knew. When she first started attending Hogwarts she had wanted to train to be a Spells Mistress but now, after seven years, she wanted to be a Potions Mistress. She sighed remembering that this was the second last year she had of potions. You were only supposed to attend Hogwarts for seven years but, due to the war with Voldemort, the school had been shut down for a year.

She looked around at the other students. Pathetic, all of them. None of them matched up to her intellectually and she hated it. Her eyes drifted to the clock. Professor Severus Snape would be there any minute. He would charge in, black cape flaring, and demand attention. She loved his authority but he was so rude and cruel. She could only imagine what kind of stupid, wishy washy potion they would brew today. A love potion perhaps, seeing as it was just so advanced, or maybe a healing potion, lord knew they were hard to make. Why couldn't advanced classes really be advanced?

The door to the class flew open and, just like Hermione had imagine, Professor Snape came striding in with his cape flowing behind him and a scowl on his face. The class went instantly quiet.

"Today we will be brewing the Vampiritis potion. It is used to cure vampirism." Professor Snape announced.

Hermione, usually one to respect her teachers, snorted.

"Is something the matter Miss. Granger?" Snape asked her coolly.

"With all due respect sir...vampires don't exist. They are a figment of your imagination." Hermione announced.

"That is where you are wrong Miss. Granger. Vampire's are very real." Snape replied hotly.

"About as real as your personality." Hermione huffed quietly.

"That comment will earn you detention Miss. Granger. Now, I know it is hard for you to keep quiet but please try to do so." Snape told her icily.

Hermione would have protested but she knew it would be in vain. God she loathed her potions teacher. Why couldn't he pick something more interesting to brew? He was explaining how to do the potion but she wasn't listening. He would put the instructions on the board and she would just follow them, like usual.

"Miss. Granger, can you please repeat the step I just explained?" Snape asked her, shaking her from her thoughts.

"No I cannot professor." Hermione told him with a bit more attitude then she needed.

"That will be ten points Miss. Granger and another detention." Snape announced with a cruel smirk.

"But it's the weekend Professor." Hermione complained.

"That will be another one Miss. Granger. It seems you will be spending the weekend here. Now, leave my class. You will brew your potion later tonight in detention." Snape told her, loving that she would be humiliated by being thrown out of class.

Hermione could have screamed. She grabbed her books and stood up.

"Divination is more useful than this." She commented hotly before exiting the room and slamming the door behind her.

How dare he? Throwing her out of class. She was Hermione Granger, smartest witch in the school. And a full weekend of detention? God she didn't want to spend her weekend with him. Well, that was a lie, she didn't want to spend her weekend with him brewing potions. She'd rather participate in a more...sexual encounter.

She cursed herself and continued on towards the common room. She was almost there when she was stopped by her head of house Professor McGonagall.

"Miss. Granger, what are you doing out of class?" Professor McGonagall asked her.

"I was asked to leave my potions class by Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall." Hermione told her, hating the look of disappointment that crossed her head of house's face.

"Whatever for?" Professor McGonagall asked her, her hand on her heart out of shock.

"For making a comment about his lack of personality, Professor." Hermione told her, trying not to smirk.

Professor McGonagall couldn't help but let a smile grace her face. It was true, Snape didn't really have a personality. But who would if they had suffered as he had? Serving the order as a spy and being beaten and nearly killed by Voldemort for it. And then, after the war was over, not even getting a thank you but rather almost being sent to Azkaban for being a death eater. Surely no one could be happy after that.

"Miss. Granger, I can only assume that you are being punished for your actions." Professor McGonagall announced.

"Yes Professor, a weekend of detentions." Hermione told her.

"You better make that full day detentions Miss. Granger. You should know better then to insult a teacher. I am disappointed in you." Professor McGonagall replied before walking past her.

"Full day." Hermione groaned, wishing that she, for once, had kept her mouth shut. "Stupid Snape."

Hermione trudged on towards the Gryffindor common room. She muttered the password, walked in, and flopped down on a couch. Three days of detention! Two of them being full day detentions! Surely her comment hadn't been that bad. Snape took pride in making people suffer. Why should her comment effect him. Still, she did feel bad.

She sighed and looked around the empty common room. She let her thoughts wander and bit her lower lip as they rested on her favorite, and most hated, subject...Snape. For all the things she hated about him there was something she loved about him. His eyes, so cold and deep; they sent shivers down her spine. His skin was pale, smooth and silky. She remembered his touch from third year when he had stood in front of her to protect her from Professor Lupin when he had transformed into a werewolf. And his voice, gods his voice. She was sure he could ensnare any woman with voice. But, out of all the things she liked most, she loved his dominating ways. She often wondered it would feel like to be pinned under him, completely at his mercy.

Professor Snape sat in his classroom watching the students work. He had to admit, Granger had made a very humorous comment. He didn't think she had it in her. He knew he didn't have the greatest personality but he liked how it was. He didn't need anyone around him. Still, the long, cold nights proved lonely and the only comfort he had was his fire whiskey. Damn he loved fire whiskey. Hermione's comment had made him smile, for the first time in a long, long time. He was a bitter man at the young age of thirty two. He hadn't been with a woman in nearly six years, that didn't help much either. Still, he knew the only reason why he was so hard on Hermione was because she had so much potential. He had no doubt in his mind that, at her graduation, she would accept his offer of letting her become his apprentice. He knew she wanted to be a potions mistress and who better to teach her than him? He longed to show her the works in his private collection. Potions that would challenge her, really challenge her. He wondered how much she hated him at that moment? He looked around the class, disinterested, and decided to find out. He muttered a spell that would allow him to see into a persons thoughts and urged his mind to find hers. What he found inside her mind wasn't what he expected.

Hermione's mind wandered aimlessly for a moment before locking on to it's common task, fantasizing about Professor Snape. In her mind she arrived for detention. The dungeon was cold and barren, no one around, save her and Snape. He locked the door after she came in and set his eyes on her. He stalked toward her and forced her up against the wall, capturing her lips in his hungrily. His tongue forced it's way into her mouth, searching greedily to find all the hidden treasures she held.

The bell rang loudly in Professor Snape's classroom and jerked him out of Hermione's thoughts. He watched as the students filed out, leaving their potions behind for him to grade. He closed his eyes, trying to will the erection he had down. It was the end of the day and he had nothing left to do but mark papers, eat dinner, mark papers and make Hermione suffer in detention. But what he had saw in Hermione's mind made him think. She was of age, he was sure of that. She was a virgin, he was definitely sure of that. And she was infatuated with him, he was sure of that as well. But what to do about it? There were no rules against student teacher relations. It was better not to participate in them, so your morals and ethics weren't called into question, but he had never been one to care about what others thought. He let a devilish smirk grace his face. So she liked being dominated did she? She wanted to be ravished by a man, not a boy. He could do that. Oh yes, he could do that. But she would have to earn it and want it more than anything else. He needed her to be begging for him to take her. Yes, that would be bliss.

His mind wandered to her again. That cute smile, tight little ass and wonderful curves. Gods, she would be heaven to take. He would have to be discreet about it though. She would have to come to him with her desire. It had been six years since he had bedded a woman and none of them had ever been nearly as beautiful as her. His erection twitched painfully. Gods, one little hint of desire and he already wanted to possess her. And possess her he would. She would never seek out another man, if he had it his way. He could just imagine being able to fuck the hell out of her tight little pussy whenever he wanted, however he wanted. His anger flared when he thought of another man even attempting to touch her. He was a Slytherin after all and slytherin's always get what they want. But how could he make her reveal her true feelings?

A knock at the door brought him out of his musings.

"Enter." He announced in his usual cool voice.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore walked into his room with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Ah, Severus, I was hoping to catch you before you retired to mark. It has come to my attention that you have Miss. Granger in detention all weekend. I was wondering if you could possibly allow me to pick her punishment." Dumbledore told him.

"What do you have in mind headmaster?" Snape asked, cursing him for ruining his plans, rather his would-be plans.

"It seems that our beloved Madame Pomfrey needs another batch of truth serum. Seeing as she in a potions room for detention I can only imagine how easy it would be for her have access to the ingredients. With so much marking to do I would hate to draw you away for something that Miss. Granger could easily do herself." Dumbledore explained.


"Why headmaster that is a simply brilliant idea. I will have her start the potion tonight and have it ready for you by Sunday night." Snape announced.

"Thank you Severus." Dumbledore replied.

Dumbledore turned on his heel and walked out of Snape's classroom, closing the door behind him. Snape could have jumped for joy. This was just the thing he needed. He leaned back in his chair and let out a small sigh. For once, things were looking up for him. His plan was simple. Hermione would brew the potion over the course of the weekend and, on Sunday when it was done, he would have her test it. He needed to make sure there were no mistakes. And, of course, he had quite a few personal questions in mind for her. He could just imagine her face when he asked her the questions he wanted answers to. Of course, some were just for her embarrassment. He needed to maintain his cruel and dominant nature, after all, she was attracted to it. He smiled to himself but suddenly frowned as his erection throbbed again. He looked at the time and decided that a quick cold shower was needed before dinner in the great hall. With a wave of his hand the secret panel that led to his private quarters opened and he headed for his shower.

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