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Chapter Two: That Burning Feeling

Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table looking nervous as hell. She had noticed him the minute he had walked in, his eyes had locked with hers. That was almost a half hour ago and his eyes were still on her. It was creepy, like he knew something about her that he shouldn't know. She shuddered, thinking that he knew about her secret desire to kiss him, fuck him, love him. She looked up at him every so often, just to check if he was still looking. His gaze was piercing and intense, it never faltered.

"Detention every night this weekend with Snape. How horrible." Ron announced abruptly, shaking Hermione from her thoughts.

"A full weekend of a detention with Snape actually, thanks to McGonagall." Hermione sighed, picking at her food.

"Come on Hermione, eat." Harry urged, concerned for his distraught friend.

"I'm not that hungry to be honest." Hermione replied, giving her friends a small smile. "I just want to serve my detention and go to bed, I am quite tired."

"Maybe he won't make you stay the full four hours, just long enough to finish your potion." Harry told her, trying to cheer her up.

"Either way my night is ruined." Hermione replied, getting up and heading out of the hall without another word.

She cast a backwards glance and, as she had expected, Snape had disappeared. She walked out the doors with her head turned to look at the teachers table. Without watching where she was walking she bumped into a very firm chest, causing her to fall back on her ass. She never expected to see Professor Snape when she looked up. Who knew he was so toned?

"Miss. Granger, you should be more conscientious of your surroundings while walking." Snape announced icily.

"Well no one is usually lurking around the doors to the great hall, Professor." Hermione told him as she stood up.

"Indeed." Snape started, narrowing his eyes at her. "It seems that Madame Pomfrey needs a new batch of Vertiaserum for interrogating drunken students. The headmaster has instructed me to make you brew it as your punishment. This is not your average potion and, since this is your first time brewing it, you will be required to watch it for the first three days fully."

Hermione could have screamed with delight. She settled for a smile though.

"But, Professor, if I must watch it for a full three days when will I sleep?" Hermione asked, her smile faltering slightly.

"You will be taking a stamina potion of mine. I suggest going and getting anything you will need for the weekend. Meals will delivered to my room." Snape told her, loving the way her face had lit up.

"But what about showering?" Hermione asked, trying to find anyway to get out of his classroom for even a moment that weekend.

"I suppose you will be permitted to use my personal facilities." Snape replied, rolling his eyes to keep up his facade but secretly wondering how Hermione looked naked. "Now, you have ten minutes to get your things and get to my classroom."

Hermione watched him walk away and, when she was sure he couldn't see her, danced in a circle happily. Vertiaserum wasn't in the Hogwarts curriculum and, thus, was more complicated than anything she would do in her regular potions class. Although the Vertiaserum took a full moon cycle to mature the first three days were the most crucial. After that, its effectiveness varied on the length of time it was left to mature. She looked at the time and squeaked, she didn't want to be late for detention. She raced up to her bedroom and packed two changes of clothes, her brush, her toothbrush, her homework and a few books to read while watching the potion. She raced back downstairs and was almost out of breath when she reached Snape's room. She knocked on the door and waited for her signal to enter.

Snape had laid out Hermione's supplies on the desk closest to his, so he could watch her closely. A knock at the door brought his attention to the small vile in his pocket. The stamina potion that she would take would keep her up for, exactly three days. At the end of those three days she would be very, very tired and would be excused from her classes in favor of sleep.

"Enter." Snape called.

Hermione walked in with a smile on her face and a small duffel bag in hand. She approached the desk, a small bounce in her step. She was obviously excited. He wondered if one day she would walk towards him with such excitement.

"Your ingredients are laid out on the table in front of you, as well as the instructions. This is a very advanced potion Miss. Granger. Now then, are you ready to take the stamina potion?" Snape asked her, walking towards his desk.

"Yes professor but...aren't you supposed to take a stamina potion with something to drink?" Hermione asked, walking towards his desk.

"You are correct Miss. Granger. I happen to know for a fact that you are of age to drink and, thus, have decided to dull the initial sensation of the potion with a shot of fire whiskey. Have you ever drank fire whiskey Miss. Granger?" Snape asked her, pouring the fire whiskey into two shot classes and motioning for her to join him behind his desk.

"No, I haven't professor." Hermione told her, curious to see what it tasted like.

"I should have known. You are far to...modest to drink." Snape replied, keeping up his cruel nature.

"Actually, I have been drunk once before. But it was off of muggle vodka and only happened so I wouldn't chicken out of getting a tattoo with my cousin." Hermione told him matter-of-factly.

Snape turned to face her, handing her one shot glass, with an odd expression on his face.

"What in the hell is a tattoo?" Snape asked her, curious.

"Oh, right, wizards don't have tattoos. Well, it's done in a studio. Ummm...basically you take a needle with ink on it and draw a picture on your skin. It breaks a few layers of skin and is permanent." Hermione explained.

"Kind of like a dark mark, only they are removable. Although the process is painful." Snape snapped, making Hermione wince. "Either way, I do not believe your story."

Hermione was outraged. She could let loose once and a while. To prove her point she pulled up her shirt and pulled down her pants a little. On her hip was the image on a snake, about the size of a playing card. Snape looked at the snake with interest. So she really had let some guy mark her. It made him angry but he knew that it wasn't a possessive mark. The fact that it was a snake brought a small smile to his lips.

"A snake Miss. Granger?" Snape asked her, wanting an explanation. "I thought snakes were associated with Slytherin, not Gryffindor."

"I don't know. It just caught my eye." Hermione mumbled, covering the tattoo up and blushing. "I should get to work though professor, may I have the potion?"

"Ah, yes. A toast, to a successful potion." Snape replied, handing her the stamina potion.

Hermione drank the contents of the vile and winced, it wasn't the most pleasurable sensation. She remembered the fire whiskey and drank the shot down all at once. It definitely dulled the sensation. It wasn't bad tasting either, in fact, she rather enjoyed it. At least now she knew why everyone liked it so much. Although, she doubted she could handle more than a few shots. She gave Snape a quick smile and handed him the empty vile and shot glass before wandering over to the desk and starting the potion.

It was ten o'clock when it happened. Hermione had been sitting quietly reading, her potion bubbling. Snape was sitting at his desk, marking papers, groaning every so often at the stupidity of them, when the door to his classroom burst open loudly. Hermione was startled and jumped in her chair, whirling around to see what the commotion was about.

Lucius Malfoy walked into the room looking absolutely pissed. His cane make small thuds on the dungeon floor as his cape flared behind him. Also behind him was his weasel son Draco. Their matching platinum blond hair gave Hermione a headache to look at.

"What is the meaning of this Mr. Malfoy?" Snape demanded, obviously pissed.

"I have just been informed that my son was denied early admittance to your potions class next year. What the hell are you thinking, Severus?" Lucius demanded, walking behind Snape's desk so he was eye to eye with him.

"Maybe if you son payed more attention in my class he would have been accepted." Snape told him hotly, hating the Malfoy's with a passion.

"How dare you! My son is the smartest child at this school." Lucius sneered.

"Ha! That's funny. Malfoy isn't half as smart as I am." Hermione snorted, laughing quietly at Draco being referred to as the smartest child at Hogwarts.

"How dare you speak in me mudblood?" Lucius demanded.

Hermione loathed that word.

"I'd rather be a muggle born than a pure blooded, egotistical, asshole." Hermione snapped.

"That is enough. Mr. Malfoy, leave my classroom. If you have a problem, take it up with the headmaster, not me!" Snape announced hotly, although he admired Hermione's comment.

Lucius glared at Snape and turned around. He walked past Hermione without a backwards glance. Hermione sat back down and wished she hadn't. As Lucius left the room he pointed his wand at her potion and muttered something. Suddenly the cauldron spilled over, burning her abdomen and thighs.

"Fuck!" Hermione cried as she jumped up,in a serious amount of pain.

She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, cursing and crying. She wouldn't give Malfoy the satisfaction of making her cry. Not after everything that had happened. Snape was at her side instantly.

"Hermione are you alright?" He asked frantically, not caring about using her real name.

"It hurts, a lot." Hermione chocked out, her eyes closed and her fists clenched.

"I have a healing potion that I have been working on in my study. If you will allow me to, I will use it on you. I am almost positive that it has no side effects but I will need your permission to use it. Otherwise you are excused to go to the infirmary. Mark my words, Malfoy will pay." Snape told her.

The door to his room opened and Professor McGonagall ran in, Dumbledore behind her.

"Oh my! Miss. Granger! Are you alright? Of course not. You need to go to the infirmary at once." Professor McGonagall rambled.

"Yes, and I will be dealing with Mr. Malfoy personally. Now, off you go." Dumbledore told her, his voice shaking with anger.

"No!" Hermione cried, starting the two professors. "What I mean is...Professor Snape has just informed me that he has been working on a new healing potion. I trust Professor Snape completely, as well as his work, and have agreed to let him use it on me. It would be more convenient, seeing as I have to restart my work."

Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore looked at each other, a knowing smile crossing their face.

"Very well Miss. Granger. We leave you in Severus' capable hands." Dumbledore announced, winking at Snape before leaving with Professor McGonagall.

Snape took the wink as an indication that his pursuing of Hermione would be alright, if kept a secret. He was ecstatic but didn't have time to dwell on it.

"Come with me Miss. Granger." Snape told her, waving his hand and opening a panel in the stone wall that lead to his private chambers.

"What happened to Hermione?" Hermione asked, trying to lighten the situation as she walked behind him, each step sending shots of pain through her.

Snape smirked, perhaps it was alright to call a student by name in private. Especially her.

"Well, Hermione, I am going to need you to undress." Snape told her, a little excitement in his voice.

"What?" Hermione asked, stopping in her stride and blushing.

"I would like to see how the potion works on burns. I cannot do any observations through your clothes." Snape told her. "Unless you don't want me to use the potion on you."

Snape heard a bit of rustling and turned around, almost dropping the potion. She was more beautiful than he imagined. He felt his cock grow hard as his eyes roamed over her body. She was wearing his favorite color, dark green. He visibly grimaced when he looked at her burns. There was a small burn on her lower abdomen but it was mostly on her inner thighs. And it was a damn shame. Her thighs were perfect. His eyes met hers and he noticed her blush and quickly returned to the task at hand. He handed her the potion and watched her drink it down, eager to see if it worked.

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