Guess I should do some explaining first.

Bella lived in Phoenix with her mother who was killed in a horrific accident 6 months ago. She left Phoenix to get away from the ghosts and to spend time with her dad in Forks. The reason that Bella doesn't mention her mother that much in the beginning is that she is trying to move on and not dwell on the fact that her mother is dead. She doesn't really want to talk about it just yet with her friends. She is slightly out of character, a little more open about some stuff, just not her mother. All Human.

As for the singing, it is coming soon I promise.

Someone is gonna help her come out of her shell….

Disclaimer-I do not own Twilight! Stephanie Meyer does.


It had to rain here every day didn't it? Bella and rain don't mix. Ever since I got here a week ago from sunny Phoenix, it never stopped raining. I moved up here because my mother died in an accident 6 months ago. According to the police report, a semi had slammed into her car when she was on her way to get me from voice lessons. Now I don't sing because I know it was my fault. I made her come and get me when I could've easily taken the bus home. It didn't help that 3 weeks ago I broke my foot tripping down the stairs and was now in a cast and crutches for another week until I got a boot to wear. At least Charlie, my dad was nice enough to use some of the life insurance money from my mom and buy me the car I wanted; a 2008 Dark Blue Honda Civic 2-door with a sunroof. I love that car. It is the best car ever. Thank god I broke my left foot so I can still drive to school tomorrow. Trying to navigate a new school with crutches though, should be interesting.

The next morning I got up and ready for school. I said goodbye to Charlie who was leaving too. He left about 5 minutes before I did with the instructions on how to get to school. "Just go down the highway for 2 miles and its right there." Wow, real specific Dad. I brushed my long blonde hair straight and left for school. It was really windy and cold and I had forgotten a jacket. I forgot that it was 50 degrees here on a normal day unlike Phoenix's 80. All I had on was a thermal shirt, jeans and my cast. When I got to school, the wind was blowing and the rain was blowing in all different directions. I stayed in my heated car for as long as I could before I had to get out and meet the person who was showing me around all day. When I hobbled to the office shivering I was greeted by a secretary who gave me my schedule and told me to wait for the girl that was going to show me around. Just as she said this, a short pixie-like girl with dark spiky hair breezed into the office. "Hey, you must be Isabella Swan. I'm Alice Cullen; I'm here to show you around since we have the exact same schedule. Isn't that great?" she exclaimed. "Yeah it is and you can call me Bella." I said. We started walking to our first class, English while she talked about the school and I shivered because of lack of jacket. "My brother Edward and I go here with our best friends Rosalie and Jasper who are twins. Rosalie is dating Emmett who is our cousin and is staying with us. I am dating Jasper and Edward is single. You can meet them at lunch and we have Biology with Edward. Emmett, Rose and Jasper are seniors." By this time we had gotten to English and sat down. The period went by really slow; we were reading Romeo and Juliet which I had already read in Phoenix. The next 2 periods went slow too until Lunch which Alice practically drug me too. "Alice, slow down!" I huffed as I tried to keep up hobbling on my crutches. "Sorry" she said apologetically. "I keep forgetting you're on crutches." I laughed at this and shivered. We walked up to a table where four of the most beautiful people I have ever seen were sitting. "Guys, this is Bella Swan, Bella this is Rosalie" a tall blond haired girl who looked like a model. She mumbled a "hey" before turning her attention to the big burly guy sitting next to her who I assumed was Emmett. "Emmett" Alice confirmed. He waved and kept shoveling food into his mouth. "Jasper" Alice sighed while gazing lovingly into the eyes of a tall blonde boy who looked just like Rosalie. "Twins" I thought. "Last but not least, Edward." She said pointing to the last person at the table. He was like a Greek god. His bronze colored hair was artfully messed up and his eyes! Oh his eyes were so green! "Hi Bella" he said pulling me out of my trance. "Hey" I said softly. "Here sit down Bella." Alice said. "I know you're tired from lugging your cast around all day and-Hey! Where's your jacket?" I looked down at myself and shivered. "I am so not used to the cold that I walked out of the house without one. I feel like an idiot." Alice just stared at me. "Here you can have my sweatshirt." Edward said to me handing it to me. "Oh I don't want to take your hoodie, aren't you going to be cold?" He looked at me and said "I have a jacket and you have nothing on, please take it." "Thanks" I said gratefully putting it on. As my head was in the hoodie I inhaled. The scent that hit me was so amazing, I can't even describe it. How one person could smell this good was beyond me. When I sat down next to him he smiled at me. I smiled back and then was interrupted by Alice. "Bella, how did you hurt yourself?" she asked. " Umm, I fell down the stairs and broke my foot. I get the cast off in a week and get to wear a boot for 2 months after that." I admitted. "I am a big klutz, and trip over thin air. I've already broken a wrist and leg." The whole table went silent. "What?" I asked. "Nothing" Alice said laughing. Soon everyone was laughing and I joined in. Lunch was over and we made it to Biology with Edward in tow. I could tell he was excited about something but I didn't know what. I went into the classroom and was greeted by a teacher. "Mr. Banner" he said. "You can sit here next to Edward. I see you've already made friends with his sister." I hobbled over to the table where Edward was sitting and sat down with a sigh. "Something wrong?" he asked. "Nope, just tired of being on crutches, thanks for lending me your hoodie by the way." I said. "No problem" he said "I could tell you were shivering." Mr. Banner started class and I moved in my seat to get more comfortable and accidentally brushed up against Edward. A jolt of electricity shot through me making me jump. I'm pretty sure he felt it too judging by the look on his face. He stared at me for a moment and then looked down. When Biology was over, I went to get up and knocked my crutches over onto the floor. Edward grabbed them before I could move and handed them to me. "Thanks" I said my cheeks turning red. "No problem" he said smiling. Next was gym which I don't have to participate in, then the end of the day. Alice walked me out to my car chattering on about some party that was happening this weekend. "Do you want to go?" she asked. " I don't know… I trailed off. "I don't want to go with crutches and be tripping over anyone but I will think about it" "YAY!" she exclaimed. We got to my car and I got in. "Do you think you could give me a ride to Edward's car? It's all the way in the back lot." I motioned for her to get in and she squealed and jumped into the car. "Wow this is niiice." "Thanks" I said. "Let's go find Edward!" she said. My heart sped up as we pulled out of the parking space.