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Summary: Naruto sends a video message Sasuke's cell phone. Just a little sumthin' sumthin', so his husband has something to do during his boring meeting. Let's just say Sasuke will enjoy it, yeah? SasuNaruSasu


Video Phone

December 11, 2008

By: Cherry Jade


On ya video phone
Make a cameo
Tape me on your video phone
I can handle you
Watch me on your video phone
On your video video
If you want me you can watch on your video phone

Video Phone By: Beyonce


Uchiha Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his black bluish hair. This was so boring. Sitting here, listening to his to each of his mangers in the various departments go over their earnings for the month. He sighed again. Why was he here again?

Maybe he should listen to Naruto more often. The short blonde had said it was going to be boring.

The last time he went to one of these, he had complained that he was terribly bored. So what he do, he went to another one. But on the bright side, he at least knew what his company was up to. Downside, he was bored like a motherfucker.

Feeling his phone vibrate once in his pocket, Sasuke took out his black cell phone, he flipped it open to see that he had one message. Pressing some buttons Sasuke went into his inbox.

It was from Naruto and it was a video message.

What could his sexy dobe have sent him? It had better be something good or else. Opening it, a side note appeared. 'Do you wish to play in silent mode?'

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out some headphones and plugged it into his phone. Then Sasuke pressed the button for yes. There was a slight pause and then Sasuke saw his Naru-chan's face on the screen.

"Hey, Sasuke-sama, I know you're bored, but your uke is here for you. Watch." Naruto backed away from the screen and Sasuke's eyes widened…

…There was Naruto, kneeling on their bed, wearing his shirt (he could tell it was his, because of the giant Uchiha fan on the back) with no pants or underwear. Suddenly, two small fingers were slid easily into that tight entrance. Sasuke moaned quietly.

Fuck… that was hot.

"Oh, Sasuke-seme," said man raised a dark eyebrow and bit his lip to stop from groaning out loud, "You are so good with your fingers. Please take me, I belong to you, Sasuke-seme-sama." The video cut off after a breathy moan that sounded like his name.

Shit, he was going home.


That damn dobe was good. That sweet blonde knew about his possessiveness streak and used it. Pulling out his headphone and he shoved them into his pocket roughly. Sasuke was so hard right now. Uchiha Naruto was going pay by not walking for a week.

The Uchiha cleared his throat and the person speaking stopped. "I have an emergency to attend to. This meeting will continue tomorrow morning at ten, sharp. Meeting adjourned."

Getting up quickly so no one saw his erection, he exited the conference room. Sasuke walked quickly (because Uchihas do not run in the presence of others) to his private elevator that would take him to the garage. Hearing the 'ding' sound and seeing the door open, Sasuke Uchiha walked in the elevator and smirked.

"Naru-chan, I'm coming," the Uchiha whispered to himself. The doors soon closed after that.


Sasuke slammed the door the closed and speed up the stairs. He slowed his walk when he reached their bedroom. Kami-sama, he hoped Naruto was still in there. He was going to molest his dobe.

Opening the door, the Uchiha heard music playing softly.

Sounded like hip-hop.

Before he met Naruto, Sasuke didn't like any kind of music, except classical. But when he saw Naruto moving to an upbeat song and shaking his ass, the Uchiha was willing to make an exception.

Closing the door behind him, he walked further in the room and smiled. There was his dobe dancing all seductively and watching him from their full length mirror.

The small blonde spun around and still poppin' his booty, sang, "What? You want me naked? If you likin' this position, you can tape it on ya video phone…"

Sasuke took two swift steps and pulled Uchiha Naruto into a passionate kiss. He ran his hand down his dobe's back to cup his ass, making Naruto moan in the kiss. The Uchiha moved down to the other Uchiha's neck and mumbled, "Dobe, you don't know how hot you are. Mmm, I definitely record you on my video phone."

Blue eyes opened lazily and Sasuke could see the lust in them, making him groaning softly. "Glad to know, teme. Now, how about you show me how naughty I've been, ne?" A small tan hand moved up Sasuke's arm, up the broad shoulder pass his neck to grip his hair and pull him down for another kiss.

"My pleasure dobe."


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Here's a preview of Love Deeper chapter 6:

He sighed and leaned back in Sasuke's chair.

Yes, that's right.

Sasuke's chair.

Before the Uchiha left for a meeting, he told Naruto he could conduct business from his office. Naruto didn't even waste a second sitting in the Uchiha's very expensive and comfortable leather chair, letting out a breathy sigh. Sasuke had just raised a dark eyebrow in amusement.

Naruto had met the look with a grin and said, "Now, I'm in control. Muhahaha! Go to your meeting, now. Bye!" Sasuke had approached his desk, more liked sauntered, really, and leaned in close to Naruto. He pressed a kiss to the small nose and smirked when the blonde scowled cutely. "Don't get too comfortable, dobe. I'll be back." The smirking Uchiha walked out the door and the Vice President hadn't seen him since.

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