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Summary: Naruto sends a video message to Sasuke's cell phone. Just a little sumthin' sumthin', so his husband has something to do during his boring meeting. Let's just say Sasuke will enjoy it, yeah? SasuNaruSasu


Video Phone

December 16, 2008

By: Cherry Jade


On ya video phone
Make a cameo
Tape me on your video phone
I can handle you
Watch me on your video phone
On your video video
If you want me you can watch on your video phone

Video Phone By: Beyonce



Blue eyes opened lazily and Sasuke could see the lust in them, making him groaning softly. "Glad to know, teme. Now, how about you show me how naughty I've been, ne?" A small tan hand moved up Sasuke's arm, up the broad shoulder pass his neck to grip his hair and pull him down for another kiss.

"My pleasure dobe."

Sasuke deepened the kiss by tilting his dobe's head back and ravishing his mouth by brining running tongue on the roof of Naruto's mouth and the sides. Naruto moaned and gripped the Uchiha's suit jacket tightly. He loved the way Sasuke kissed him, always giving him pleasure before his own.

Just wonderful.

The blonde Uchiha unbuttoned his husband's jacket, which Sasuke shrugged off quickly, going back to that sweet mouth and tasting his dobe. Running his hands up those strong arms, Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck and pulled the Uchiha even closer, not getting enough.

They continued kissing passionately for a few minutes before Naruto became inpatient. Soon Naruto pulled away, he wanted his husband, Sasuke, naked damnit. "'Suke, more. Don't you want to fuck me? I made the video it so you would," Naruto said coyly and smirked like a true Uchiha. After all that smirking that Sasuke did, no wonder Naruto picked it up.

Sasuke growled and started tearing at his shirt, but the small blonde stopped him. "Allow me, Sasuke."

With that said, Naruto slowly loosened each button, pulling the rest of the shirt out of his husband's pants, his hand brushing Sasuke's erection, a soft moan was his answer. The blonde opened the shirt and walked behind Sasuke to help him out of it.

Then he traced those broad shoulders with his smooth hands, and then gently messaging Sasuke's neck, enjoying the man in front of him shudder with pleasure. He pressed a kiss to the tattoo on the shoulder, which said 'Uchiha Naruto.'

Moving back in front Sasuke, Naruto undid the belt, while staring directly into obsidian eyes. The small blonde could see the lust making Sasuke's eyes appear even darker than normal.

Sasuke looked so handsome.

Pride swelled inside of Naruto. He was so damn glad that Sasuke was his and only his.

Slowly, Naruto pulled the zipper down, his hand dipped into the pants and into the boxers, where a hard cock was waiting. "What do we have here, Sasuke-sama? Does someone need some attention?" Naruto cooed softly, licking his soft pinkish lips. Dropping to his knees, Naruto pulled down the pants and the boxers together. The hard cock sprang free and jutted out proudly.

Both Sasuke and Naruto moaned when the blonde touched his lips to the dripping sex.

Sasuke ran his hand through Naruto's wild blonde hair, caressing the scalp and groaned when he felt a hard suck at the tip. "Fuck, Naruto…"

Naruto smirked and moved away a bit. "How 'bout after this, I take a ride on your disco stick? (1)Sound good?" And then Naruto took the huge cock into his mouth, immediately deep throating him.

Sasuke moaned again and could only watch as Naruto's head moved back and forward, slowly, so very slowly. "Mmm, so good, Naruto."

Stopping completely, Naruto just swallowed, his throat muscles almost making the dark haired man cum violently. The blonde Uchiha felt hands pull him up and then he was kissed harshly.

Sasuke loved when his dobe was like this. God, it was so fucking hot. Picking up the light blonde, Sasuke stepped out of the pants and moved over to the bed. Placing his dobe gently, he spread those tan thighs and lay between them, grinding their cocks together, causing both of them to moan loudly.

"You've been so bad, Naru-chan," the older Uchiha whispered, "Taking my dick in that sweet mouth of yours and almost making cum, you were so naughty…" And a hard thrust made Naruto cry out. The blonde went to take off Sasuke's large shirt, but was stopped by his husband. "Oh, no, Naru-chan. I'm going to fuck you with it on."

Sasuke spread the legs even wider and kissed both thighs, before lining his cock with the tiny entrance. He was surprised to see Naruto's hole was still a bit slick with lube. He groaned at the thought of Naruto still prepared for him The older Uchiha pushed in till his was half way and in and then stopped completely. Naruto tried to move but his husband was holding his hips.

"Please, 'Suke? Pretty please with me riding your cock?" While the words were dirty and made him wanted to pound into the tight ass, Sasuke didn't move.

"Naruto, look at the mirror. Watch me fuck you." The dark haired man growled lowly, with a hint of a seductive promise.

Obeying Sasuke and turning his head to the side, he saw the Uchiha half way inside him. Fuck, that had to be one of the hottest things he had ever since, except for the time when he and Sasuke had made that porno and watched it. Both the memory and the sight made Naruto groan loudly. Then the dark haired Uchiha slammed in quickly, and then pulled out again, turned Naruto on his hands and knees and thrust in again the same way as before.

"Oh, Sasuke, you're so good!" The blonde moaned wontedly, gripping the sheets.

"Hn." A hard grunt and another forceful thrust. "How good, Naruto? Tell me. "

"You're the only one who can fuck me like this, Sasuke-sama. Only you. Oh!" There was a loud cry as Sasuke's nudged the bundle of nerves. Sasuke panted loudly as Naruto's hole tightened painfully. He stopped completely and with a well aimed thrust, hid the nerves again. He stopped again and repeated the action.

He did this until he heard Naruto sob out, "Please, 'Suke, no more! I can't take it!"

Sasuke began to smirk as he gave shallow thrusts. "Are sure, you want me to stop, Naru-chan?" As he said this, he left hand slithered down to Naruto's cock and began to stroke firmly, but gently, "Because, I can, if you want."

Naruto furrowed his brow as he glared at the bed.

Stupid, Sasuke-teme, making him this needy.

He'd show him. Naruto began moving with the hand, "But if you stop, I can always have someone else to finish me off…" The blonde Uchiha could practically feel the possessiveness radiate from the dark haired man and smirked.

The tides were back in his favor.

Sasuke moved quickly, wanting to finish this so he could mark his blonde. He couldn't bare the thought of someone else touching his blonde. It almost made him want to stop fucking his dobe love and go kill someone.

Almost being the key word.

With a rough thrust both Uchihas came with a loud shout. Naruto collapsed on the bed with Sasuke on top, still inside him. The larger man didn't waste anytime before he found the energy to move his husband shirt to the side and start nipping at the declious tan neck.

"Mmm, Sasuke, that's nice," the blonde said drowsily. Said man grinned into the neck, while leaving another mark.

Its damn shame Naruto didn't realize this was only the beginning.

Later…as in 6 hours later…

"Oh. My. Fucking. God. Stop it Sasuke! Ah!" Naruto heaved out, tiredly. With a thrust, they came for like the millionth time that day.

"Never, dobe. I will never stop."


Disco Stick equals Dick. It's from a song called Love Games by Lady GaGa.

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