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Warnings: some language

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Chapter 2

"Damn it, Moyashi. Shut the fuck up!"

The white haired boy didn't hear, as he was busy panicking. "What is this?! What's on my head? Why are they moving?!"

The loud screaming was giving Kanda a headache. He studied the white appendages on Allen's head. They looked fuzzy and rather soft. His hand itched to reach out and…the Japanese teen stopped thinking there. He was eighteen years old, a man. An exorcist. A soldier. He did not want to touch the fuzzy, soft-looking ears on Moyashi's head. He was above such indignities.

Even if the younger boy did look a tiny bit cute with the ears, not that he was ever going to say that out loud.

Which led to another issue. Why did Moyashi have extra ears on his head? Was it the Innocence? Wait. The Innocence.

"Oi! Moyashi, shut up. Where's the Innocence?"

Allen quieted down and blinked a few times. He had his hands covering the ears atop his head hoping that hiding them will make them disappear. "I don't know. I think I dropped it."

Biting back a long string of curses, Kanda turned to look around for the missing Innocence. Why was it so hot? His exorcist coat felt tight and uncomfortable, restricting him. He fought back a growl as he unbuttoned the coat and shrugged it off, tossing it to the side.

He frowned a little as he noticed something else. Had his vision always been so clear? If he remembered correctly, the cave had been darker before…right? It couldn't be the lotus because it healed his wounds and kept him alive, it couldn't make his vision better. Was this a side effect of the Innocence?

Meanwhile, Allen had been slowly inching towards the Japanese, towards the object that had caught his attention. Once he was close enough, he crouched down and pounced, grabbing onto it.

Kanda had been minding his own business, wondering if there was something wrong with his eyes, when he felt a harsh tug then an excruciating pain race up his spine. An odd sound, suspiciously like a yowl, was torn from his throat.

Allen yelped at the sudden sound and accidentally tightened his grip.

With a hiss, Kanda spun around ready to claw whatever was hurting him to shreds. Seeing the white haired boy, his vision went red and he attacked.

They ended up in a hissing, growling tangle of limbs.

The dark haired teen found himself straddling the smaller boy with his face buried in the mop of white hair. A familiar, pleasant scent reached through the red haze and calmed him. His muscles relaxed and a soft rumble started in his chest.

Allen had no idea what was going on. He had just wanted to play with that interesting object. Next thing he knew, Kanda was hissing and attacking. Now, he was on the ground under the older boy who was sniffing his hair. And…what was that odd sound? "Kanda? Are you purring?"

He wasn't sure about what was going on, but he didn't want to move away from the pleasant scent. He reluctantly pulled back a little and opened his eyes. Blue eyes met silver eyes. The soft purr stopped as Kanda slowly came back to his senses.

They stared at each other for a moment, then Kanda leapt up and stumbled back, away from the other exorcist. "What the fuck, Moyashi?!"

Allen scrambled to his feet and backed away, his new ears flat against his head and a light blush covering his pale cheeks. "Don't blame this on me! You were the one who attacked me."

"You were the one yanking on my…" Kanda trailed off. What had Moyashi been tugging on? Though he didn't want to, he looked. A long black tail entered his vision. A tail that was attached to him.

Swallowing the rising panic, Kanda tried to reason everything out. He didn't really have a tail. It was probably some sort of hallucination. Either that or his faulty vision. Right, his vision. There had to be something wrong with his vision. After all, hallucinations were beneath someone of his caliber.

As for attacking Moyashi, he hadn't been getting much sleep lately. His subconscious could have wanted to get rid of the annoying beansprout once and for all. The lack of sleep could also explain the…purrs.

Kanda's eye twitched. The supposed explanations made little sense. Him having a tail was more realistic than him having faulty vision. Besides, the lotus would probably fix any vision problems.

"Hey, Kanda. Is that a tail?"

His back automatically tensed. "No!"

Well, there went the hallucination theory.

"But it looks like—"

"Get your eyes checked, Moyashi."

"I can see just fine! You have a tail."


"You do, Bakanda!"

"Hmph. You have extra ears, Moyashi."

Allen flinched and covered his ears with his hands again. "That's not very mature."

The dark haired teen snorted. "Says the kid that hasn't even started puberty yet."

Offended, Allen crossed his arms over his chest. "Hey! Don't go around making assumptions like that. I did go through puberty. And I'm not that short, BaKanda."


The white haired teen sighed. "Okay. I'm guessing the Innocence is the reason why we have…extra parts."

"And you dropped it."

Allen growled as his fuzzy ears pricked forward. "Well, sorry I can't do everything perfectly like the great Kanda."

Kanda found himself beginning to bare his teeth at the sprout. He stopped himself and turned away. There was seriously something wrong here. He normally had much better control over himself, hence why the annoying sprout had yet to be impaled on Mugen. But now, he could barely keep himself from attacking the white haired boy again. The only thing stopping him was his refusal to start purring and cuddling with the sprout again. Though, he could still catch a faint whiff of the pleasant scent emanating from the younger boy. Shaking off the fog that clouded his head every time he inhaled that scent, Kanda set his mind back on track.

The Innocence. Even with his new improved vision in the dark (he did not want to think about how or why he could see so clearly), he couldn't see any sign of the Innocence. No random chains lying around. Nothing glowing in the dark. Just an empty, previously wolf-inhabited cave. "Fuck."

Allen, who had been sulking a few feet away, sullenly glanced at the unsettled Japanese teen. "What?"

"Where the fuck is it? Innocence doesn't just disappear like that."

Ears quivering with interest, Allen stopped paying attention halfway through Kanda's complaints to stare at the sleek, elegant black tail twitching side to side with agitation.

Kanda continued to grumble to himself. What the hell would he tell Komui? Softly growling, his gaze swept across the cave again. He hated failing missions. Hated this situation even more because the Innocence had been in his hand, if only for a moment before it knocked him out and left him with a tail.

Thinking of it now, he wondered why his mission partner was so quiet. Kanda turned to see if the sprout was still there. Every muscle tensed when he saw the white haired boy a little too close for comfort and still inching forward with silver plated eyes locked onto his tail. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise as his back arched slightly. A dangerous warning sound rumbled in his chest.

Allen froze, ears flattening against his skull as he instinctively recognized danger.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Bean sprout?"

Unable to tear his eyes from the fascinating tail, Allen stumbled for a somewhat believable answer. "Uhh…I was…looking for the Innocence?" He mentally slammed his head against a wall for making it sound like a question.

"Che. Stay the hell away from me, sprout. Get within ten feet of me again and I'll slice off all that old man hair of yours."

"My name is Allen, BaKanda. You said you couldn't find the Innocence, so I thought I'd help you out a little since you're obviously having problems finding it in the dark."

Kanda softly hissed. "I can see just fine, Moyashi. Besides, what makes you think you can see better than me in the dark?"

Allen was prepared to retort when the thought crossed his mind that he could see Kanda perfectly. He saw the slight furrow between Kanda's brows complimented by the vicious scowl. He could even make out tresses of ebony hair tightly tied back. Not just a waterfall of black silk but actual individual strands with such clarity that he could probably start counting them one by one despite being several feet away from Kanda.

"What the hell is wrong with you now, Moyashi?"

Allen thickly swallowed. "I can see you."

Kanda slowly blinked, wondering if the white haired boy had finally lost his mind. "…So?"

"I mean I can really see you. In perfect detail. Earlier, I could barely see your frown, but now…did you know that your left eye is twitching?"

Kanda silently processed the new information. The sprout suddenly had improved vision as well, which meant the lotus had nothing to do with it. Shit, they really needed to find the Innocence and get it to Komui. Despite being an annoying, irritatingly loud sister-complex, Komui might be able to get to the bottom of this entire mess and even reverse it.

But, with the Innocence missing…

"Che. Let's go, Moyashi."

Allen's new ears twitched. "Go? Where?"

"Where else, idiot? Headquarters."

"But, the Innocence."

"You said you can see perfectly now, right? Do you see the Innocence anywhere?"

Allen dejectedly looked around. "No…"

Kanda grabbed his coat and began making his way out of the cave. "Then we're leaving. That sister-complex might be able to tell us what the fuck is happening."

Ears drooping, Allen followed.


Kanda ended up having a weird thought process and Allen...has a small obsession with Kanda's new tail.

I'm having trouble deciding about Allen. Should he be a puppy or a kitten? Either way, BaKanda's going to have very uninnocent (is that a real word?) thoughts about Moyashi.