I wrote half of this on my phone last night. My thumbs were so sore.

Disclaimer: I am not a millionaire. I have not been number one on the New York Times "Best Selling Authors List." I do not have a movie out. Hence, I am not Stephenie Meyer.

It was after lunch when I started thinking about Edward, and Emmett, and the bet they made at lunch. I couldn't believe it. They wagered an insane amount of money on something so ridiculous. Okay, maybe I was being a bit harsh. Edward has been a bit more overprotective lately and that is a reason for Emmett to make fun of him. Maybe it was because we had just gotten back from Volterra, and he was so afraid of loosing me again. I don't know if I'll ever be sure of what goes on inside that gorgeous head of his. Anyway, the bet was that Edward couldn't go two days without saving me. This excluded saving me from falling, because in Alice's words, "It was just too adorable." Edward said if I called him on his cell, he could help me. That was the only time though. Emmett wagered three hundred dollars, and Edward must have a lot of trust in me, because he wagered the keys to his Volvo. Alice joined in and put in one of her credit cards for Edward, and Rosalie put in the keys to her BMW. Jasper thought it was stupid, but still put in his bike in for Edward. I would have started thinking about the bet sooner, but Edward is very good at distracting me. Speaking of Edward, he had managed to snap my attention back to the present situation at hand. And that situation was gym class.

"Bye, love." Edward sighed as he let go of my hand and kissed me on my fore head. It was time for gym class. The only class I didn't have with Edward. The only class I didn't have with any of the Cullens. My purgatory. When I walked to the doors of the girl's locker room I saw a white sheet of paper.

Too muddy to go outside today. Girls don't dress out.

Meet in the gym.

Coach Clapp.

"Yes!" My mind screamed. I had just gotten a new book to read. Edward and my father were very happy when I told them. They both didn't know why I liked Wuthering Heights so much. To be honest, neither did I. This new book was by William Shakespeare. It was a collection of sonnets that had been compiled into one book.

I hadn't gotten to start it yet. I got it yesterday afternoon with Edward and Alice, and then we had to go back to my house to work on homework. By the time that was done Edward had to go back to his house and drop off Alice. Then he had come back just in time to help me clear the table, and watch a football game with Charlie in efforts to befriend him again. I wanted to start it then, but Renee had emailed me and I knew how frantic she got when I took too long to email her back. Then the football game was over, and Edward, of course, stayed the night.

I walked into the gym and saw a group of girls and guys standing by Coach Clapp.

"Hi Bella! How are you today?" Mike said excitedly as I walked over to the group.

"Fine Mike. How are you" I said back casually. Mike wasn't so bad. He was a good friend for me a little bit ago time. I winced thinking about it. Of course, it went unnoticed by Mike.

"I'm great Bella!" God, did the boy ever run out of energy? He was like the guy version of Alice!

"Well that's good Mike." I said simply, then walked away. Hopefully he wouldn't follow me. Unfortunately he did.

"So, Bella. Watch ya doing?" He asked me as we sat down on the bleachers.

"Well Mike." I said, gritting my teeth. I was loosing my patience. "I'm going to start reading. Now." I said, hoping he would get the hint. He kind of did, and kind of didn't. He shut up, thank God, but he was still sitting next to me. I think he figured out that I wasn't going to be talking to him, because he took out his cell phone and started texting someone. About thirty minutes had went by, and the period was almost over. Thank God. Mike had started playing Pacman on his phone, and he would scream like a girl every time he got eaten.

When in the chronicle of wasted time

I see descriptions of the fairest wights,

And beauty making beautiful rhyme

In praise of ladies dead, and lovely knights

Then, in the blazon-

I suddenly looked up when I felt a hand on my knee. I looked at the hand, hoping to have missed the bell, and see Edward's snowy- white hand. I didn't it was Mike's calloused hand that I saw covering my knee cap. I looked over at him, with a questioning look, and my eyebrows raised.

"So Bella," He started saying with half of his lips pulled up into a lousy attempt of a half smile that Edward always gave me. Instead of taking my breath away, it almost made me gag. "Are you nervous?" He questioned me with his eyebrows raised.

I wasn't that nervous. I knew Mike had no guts as to try anything else. "No." I answered back casually. The bell hadn't rang yet. I looked at the clock on the wall, and saw that we had five more minutes left. Great. I looked back down at my book, hoping to finish this sonnet before the bell rang. Then, I felt Mike move his hand about an inch farther up my leg. My breathing picked up a little bit, and I was actually getting nervous. His hand was about halfway up my leg, and his eyes kept on flashing to my chest. Not even Tyler Crowley did that. He was to afraid of Edward, and even Jasper and Emmett. Apparently Mike had gotten some guts over the night.

"Are you nervous?" He questioned again. I was getting nervous, but I would never admit it. And, I was determined to prove to Emmett and Rosalie that I was not a baby, and I knew that Edward would be devastated if Emmett got a hold of his Volvo, even though he would never admit it.

"No." I answered again. I was getting the feeling that the saying Pride comes before the fall would apply here. Mike raised his eyebrows in a surprised way, but he looked happy. My heart was beating so fast, I was sure the Cullens would be able to pick it out, out of all the Student Body.

Mike then moved his hand to where it was covering the top of my thigh, and I heard the bell ring. I think I was too paralyzed by my nerves to stand up, or walk anywhere.

"Are you nervous now?" He asked enthusiastically.

"Uhh Mike, the bell rang." I stammered trying to distract him from what he was doing.

"I know." He said with a smile that said, you aren't going anywhere until you answer my question.

I was about to answer a bashful yes, until I saw my savior standing behind him with a murderous look in his eyes. His amber- from the hunt last week- eyes were colored a charcoal black. Mike still hadn't noticed the presence of another person behind him, so I felt the need to inform him.

"I'm not nervous Mike, but are you?" I questioned him. After I finished asking him, he got a confused look on his face. Edward must have read his thoughts and found this out, because he laid a hand on Mike's bony shoulder, and asked in his musically murderous voice,

"Yes Mike, are you nervous?"