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note: if you are currently reading tite kubo's manga, note that I began writing this at the beginning of the Turn Back the Pendulum miniseries, thus I was not aware of any fights, new characters etc that were going to come up. everything you read here is totally fan made by myself, so please, enjoy it as...say, an alternate ending. also, the rankings of the top three espada are complete speculation, as no one knows what they are.

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Continued from Bleach 315…

Bleach 316: The Menos Gate

The sky was littered with floating people. There were two groups. The good guys and the bad guys. Or the Shinigami and the Hollows. However, each side believed different. The Hollows believed they were fighting for their right to devour souls to live and grow in strength. Whereas the Shinigami believed defeating the Hollows would be the best thing for all souls.

The Hollows were lead into battle by traitorous Shinigami, Sosuke Aizen, who had recently betrayed Soul Society to create an army of stronger Hollows called Arrancar. Now he stood, facing some of the Shinigami captains, preparing for battle. With him he had brought his two commanders, fellow traitors Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tosen, and his top three Espada, Stark, Halibel and Barragan.

'Sosuke Aizen!' bellowed Shigekuni Genryuusai Yamamoto. 'This is but your last warning! Repent what you have done, and take your execution with a cleansed soul!' Aizen tilted his head a little.

'Tch. Really, you Soul Society dogs are quite pathetic. You just need to look at things from a different perspective.' He said calmly.

'Times have changed Aizen. You can't expect a warm welcome if you come storming into Karakura Town' stated Kyoraku Shunsui, tilting his hat to get a bit of shade.

'Who said I ever expected a warm welcome Kyoraku?' Aizen sneered.

'I don't know Sosuke…' Shunsui began.

'But that smug look on your face really backed it up!' Jushiro Ukitake stepped in next to Shunsui.

'Such power…the Gotei 13 captains, most of you are here…such a waste to see you all die…' Aizen forced a sigh.

'Such a compliment Sosuke. But we are not interested.' Sajin Komamura unsheathed his zanpaktou.

'I cannot believe the wisdom of the captains still compels you to put up a resistance. Fine. You will all be crushed.' He took a step forward. 'Gin, Kaname. Reveal to these fools.' Gin and Kaname stepped forward. They held out their swords and slashed the air. Suddenly there was a loud whirring sound and a large black hole quickly ripped through the sky and appeared behind Aizen. There was nothing in it but a swirling vortex, like a gigantic Garganta. Toshiro Hitsugaya leapt forwards.

'Sit upon the frozen heavens! Hyourinmaru!!' he swung his sword forwards and the scaly ice dragon burst forth. It lunged for Aizen who merely moved aside as it crashed into the large vortex. It disintegrated as it reached it and Toshiro was cast backwards.

'This is the Menos Gate. For those who do not know, it is designed to allow hundreds of spirit particles through at one time.' He turned to it. Inside, things were beginning to form. Red eyes were emerging, followed by long, black bodies.

'Menos Grande!' gasped Chojiro, Yamamoto's lieutenant.

'Yes, Menos, by the hundreds!' Aizen laughed. They marched through the gate. The captains and fellow Shinigami drew their swords to face the onslaught.

'Oh my, that is flashy.' Gin smirked. He drew his dagger and faced Kaname. 'You may want to do the same.' Tosen looked at him solemnly.

'Why…they won't reach us. They will be cut down…torn apart…more bloodshed…' he shook his head and drew his sword. Gin stopped smiling for a second before turning away.

'This looks bad…' Ukitake muttered to Shunsui.

'Don't worry. If anything we'll be too busy with the Espada to worry about them.'

'Joy…' Soi Fon sighed.

'Where'd you come from!?' Shunsui exclaimed.

'I've been here the whole time.' She said a slightly sad look in her eyes.

'Riiiight.' Shunsui turned away.

The Menos had all appeared now, like a thick black shadow and began to storm through the town. The one at the front unleashed a Cero at Yamamoto who deflected it with his hand. It flew at the Menos, crashing into the front one, sending it tumbling down.

'Impressive. But we shall see how long you last.' He turned to look at his Espada. 'Stark, Halibel, Barragan. Destroy them.' The three Espada vanished instantly with their fraccion and reappeared in the crowd of Shinigami. The fight was on.